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The Story

What is the Alliance?
The Anglo-Sino Alliance is a 'verse spanning government that united the planets together under one government in the first war of unification. Due to the release of a video implicating them in the creation of reavers however, changes might be afoot.

Who are the Browncoats?
The term "Browncoats" refers to veterans and sympathizers of the Independent Army, a militant faction which represented separatist planets in the War of Unification, c. 2506.

I keep seeing the name Blue Sun pop up. Who are they?
Blue Sun is a mega corporation that has a monopoly on basically everything. They have nearly unlimited resources. They also have been suspected of doing illegal and immoral experiments.

What about Reavers. Are they used in this Roleplaying system much? At all?
Yes reavers are present in this roleplaying system. How often you run into them varies.

Where is the Serenity and her crew in all this? Are they involved?
They are not significant to the story.

Character Creation

How do I make a character?
With the Character Application Form!
Create a character following the stated guidelines. Your character should be a reflection of your own unique mind which has created it. In short, picture what you want your character to be and make it so.

What kind of character should I create? What's the main premise to follow?
Your character should
1. Not be a copy of an existing character from the game or show
2. Reflect qualities and behaviors found in reality. They should make believable human beings.

Can I post my character actions in more than one place at a time, or do I have to leave on thread to be in another?
This is actually a tricky question and depends.  Generally we do prefer that your character leave one main/ship area before posting in another. However timing is quite fluid on this site its not a stickler and as long as you aren't going from one spot to the other side of the verse in an hour IC time then we'll let it slide if you are in the process of wrapping up one thread to get into another.  Also with in a ship forum you can also have interludes with other characters at various points in time.  So as long as your character is not posting in two places at the exact IC time it is shiny.

Does my character have stats?
No characters have stats. This is not like role playing with dice.


When is the Roleplay Set?
Finding Serenity it currently set in the last quarter of 2519.  Approximately a year and three months after Mal sent the Miranda transmission to the wider 'verse.

I've never seen Firefly or Serenity, but this site looks awesome. Can anyone help me get started?
For help getting started you can message any moderator or Admin. The firefly 'verse is fairly easy to understand and one of our staff should be able to give you a brief summary.  We also have some handy information up in the Guidebook.  Though I will say if you get a chance to see the series (only 14 episodes) and movie its well worth a look.

Who can I message for help?
The Staff is your source for site information.

Is the site strictly forum-based?
Yes the site is completely forum-based.

What code is used on this forum?

How do I add a subaccount?
Profile > Modify Profile > Manage SubAccounts
There's a button "Create/Link"

My old account is no longer active! What do I do?
You will need to re-register an account - but most old account data is in the Archive site so it should be easy to copy and paste details.

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