Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley

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It had been two hours. Nothing but scrambling, ducking, shattering glass, splintering wood, and ricocheting rounds. Words were hushed or shouted. Tensions were high. So was Professor August. Alan was still hiding in the closet, attempting to proof calculations and check the real time mapping data as it came in. It was a massive amount of raw data. Distance between random rocks orbiting them. Some big, some small. Some were satellites and derelict vessels.

The data wasn't just a gold mine for spacers and scientists, the ability to every precisely locate the orbit of derelict vessel in range of the sensor array could be a BIG payday for scavengers. Especially those who might not care if the cargo still technically belonged to someone else. Doctor August was thrilled and couldn't help but get up and pace around as he flipped through the data on his handheld computer. Alan shouted for fresh sets of printouts to be shoved through the crack in the closet every fifteen minutes.

Connected to their network Jo was plugged into all the data coming in. Additionally, he would be able to log all the protocols necessary to try and replicate the program if he ever wanted to. The scientists were certainly eccentric, and getting them into deeper danger than advertised, but they were being open with their data as promised.

There were still lingering questions. Like how did those two Russo mercenaries convince the locals to call up their militia? Promise of pay? Or perhaps there was something else. Maybe there was more to the relationship between the academics from the university who's campus was hundreds of miles away, and the people who lived in the outlying mountains? The autogyros started to peel off one by one, but were shortly replaced by fresh aircraft. The locals, and their outside agitators/allies were ready to settle in for the long-haul.

It was now up to the crew of the Revenge and their dubious guest star to decide how the Siege of Echo Valley would end.


"Well, this is fun."

Melody crouched next to an overturned table pressed against the back of a couch with her side arm drawn, her free arm idly keeping Missy and Jo huddled together like a mother hen protecting its brood. Of course, she'd never have seen it like that, but an argument could have been made for such a visual. The pilot sighed heavily and looked around, listening to the cacophony outside and taking stock of their current situation. Two hours of this. While it was tedious and grated on the nerves, it did tell them that the attacking forces were more keen on a ranged victory than they were at getting into a dog fight or tussling up close. For now.

"Any ideas? This is your territory," she asked, looking over in Holger's direction and raising her brows. Mel was a pilot, she dropped bombs, fought other aircraft, and ferried his sort here and there. This sitting in a trench, hiding behind a barricade, and waiting for the opportune moment to strike...this was all Holger's wheel house. Going outside seemed like a big no-no, but waiting for them to shoot the lodge into a poor excuse for cover didn't seem ideal either. And their constant barrage was keeping her from getting to the Revenge and Her guns.

Melody, Holger, Breene, and Izak. She knew they could handle themselves in this situation. But it wasn't just them. The doctor and Jo were stuck in here as well. Alex and the other one... well those two she didn't find herself caring much about, if she was honest, but her non-fighters did matter to her and she needed to either get them to safety or get to work on making the outside a little less hostile. "Oi, do you have a basement?" she asked Doctor August.
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Holger Heyerdahl

Melody was right, this was familiar to Holger. As was the wooden stock of the rifle he'd taken from Breene's offer and now had laid across his lap. He was no sniper, but there wasn't a gun that Holger didn't know how to use. There had been opportunities for a pot shot or two, but behind a table, behind a couch, at ground level was hardly a sniper's delight, which, again, he was not. "A basement would not be a good idea. You said this is my territory, Melody, and trenches are my territory. Trenches are below ground, like basements, but trenches have ways out. Basements do not have ways out. What we need is a way out." He stroked his beard thoughtfully, his eyes wild as he thought through the scenario.

"The real question is why they have besieged us. They have us outnumbered..." He counted on his hands everyone in the room and settled on a number, then his gaze went vaguely in the direction of their attackers and he seemed to be trying to count them as well. "Few to very, very many. They should just overrun us. It is what I would do. Or maybe blow us up." Holger spoke of his and the crew's demise matter-of-factly. This was war. People died. He would prefer not to, but the possibility hung thick in the air.

Without warning, he rose up from cover, took aim, and fired a quick shot, then ducked behind cover again. "I do not think I hit him, but I also want him to remember we are here." He smiled wickedly. He didn't want to say this specifically for his comrades, but he wanted to keep his adrenaline up. He might need it. "I think they want something. So, we must wait until we know what it is that they want or we have a way out." He redirected attention back to Doctor August. "Do you have a way out?"
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Joakim Soong

Two hours ago:

"Want me to take some back to the ship for testing?"

The inflection in Missy's voice was like a tractor beam, pulling Jo towards her gravity of juvenile bickering more suited for a high school setting than a conversation between adult colleagues. He had no desire to revisit that place after their last outing together, but his sleep-deprived brain found it difficult to resist the siren call of her mean girl snark.

He could already feel an uncharacteristically catty response forming on his tongue, but fortunately they were saved by a gunfight.

"Fortunately" and "saved" being very relative terms here.



Jo found himself huddled next his Stepfordian arch nemesis and their captain. Now, instead of being back in high school, he felt like he'd traveled even further back in time; he was on a first grade field trip, starring Melanie as the firm but fair teacher watching over her class and Missy as the bratty kid he had to sit next to on the bus. Even the tablet he was clutching felt suddenly oversized in his hands. He might as well be playing Pocket Beasts for all the good he was doing right now. Turns out, being fired at wasn't great for his concentration.

"Oi, do you have a basement?"

"Yes, that's where the research equipment is," Jo chimed in, finally seeing an opportunity to be helpful.

"A basement would not be a good idea."

Not so helpful then. Jo fell silent again, listening to the exchange between the military folks. He wished he could contribute somehow.

"I think they want something. So, we must wait until we know what it is that they want or we have a way out."

"Not to state the obvious, but they probably want the chip," he leaned towards Melody. "Or the research. Or both. Just an, uh, educated guess."

He turned his attention back to his tablet and pretended he was doing something useful on it and definitely not just waiting for the situation to unfold.
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