Rhiannon "Junior" Pool

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Rhiannon "Junior" Pool

Age:  17 and a half.

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Salvage and Reclamation 'Apprentice'.

Appearance:  Still a bit short, waiting on that promised growth spurt, Rhiannon stands at an average 5'4" with a wild mass of red curls that she's learned to beat down into submission over time. Freckles run wild over her cheeks and nose, both from her genetics and her time working with her parents under the sun. She's got an athletic build, from honest labor, and bright blue eyes like her father's.

Faceclaim:  Emily Browning

Initial Personality:  Like her father, Rhiannon can come across as brash and quick tempered, and has no problem saying what she means when she means it. She's a go-getter, with fire under her belt and a can do attitude no matter the situation. There's a wildness to her that seems like it's held at bay with twine and tape.

Underlying Personality:  Beneath all that, Rhiannon Pool is actually pretty calculating and deliberate. She learned patience and steadfastness through her mother and can (when necessary) be the diplomat between her father and a third party. She might not be a tomboy but she does struggle with being overtly 'girly' or 'feminine', although she is never against trying.

Known History:  Born: 2502. Beylix.
Parents: Reinhardt Pool and Charlotte Maurier
Siblings: Twin brother Roquefort Pool
Academic records:
K-12 Schooling completed from Higgins Academy, a publicly funded school.
Occupational Record:
2518-19 Apprenticeship at C&R Salvage and Reclamation
Military Record:
Criminal Record:
2517. Rhiannon and Roquefort Pool held for parental pickup post detainment for Vandalism. No charges filed.

Other History:  Rhiannon and Roquefort were born two minutes apart, during an emergency landing on Beylix. That hadn't been the intended location for the birth of Pool and Chuck's children, but they'd been eager to see the 'Verse and nothing could stop them. What followed was a simple and honest life, or at least as simple and honest as they'd ever known. They were raised by their no-nonsense parents, in a home that was akin to a forest of ship parts for them to play in.

While Rocky took after their mother in his temperament and interests, Rhiannon was very clearly a daddy's girl. She followed her father around like a duckling, picking up his nuances and personality traits and finding a joy in his craft. Her best memories are of getting into less than legal/safe hi-jinks with her brother and father, despite their mother giving him what for one they'd returned. No matter how many times she scolded them, Rhiannon was already ready for another adventure with her dad. Some things were worth the trouble.

Despite it not being entirely 'allowed' for her to work at such a young age, Rhiannon helped her parents out at their Salvage and Reclamation yard as much as she was allowed. She wasn't necessarily a tomboy, but she was no fancy lady either and enjoyed nothing more than being elbows deep in a salvaged part or dewy with the sweat of probably honest labor.

She learned a lot from her father (other than their family business), despite her mother's protestations on the matter. He was pretty clear on not wanting her to turn out like he had, but that didn't seem like such a bad thing to her. He could take care of himself, and his family, and no one messed with him without being immediately punished for doing so. He wad respected in their community (in her eyes). After getting into several tussels on her own (and losing quite a few of them), her father finally gave in and taught her how to fight, not because he wanted her doing it, but because he didn't want her doing it poorly and suffering the consequences. It was with this same kind of mentality that he then taught her how to use a gun, clean it, and take it apart. Better to do it under his watchful eye than to do it wrong on her own and get herself hurt. She quite agreed with that logic, no matter how often her mother yelled at them for it.

Skills and Strengths:  Light/Self-guided engineering
Shuttle piloting (short distance, small vessel)
Terrain vehicles(short distance, small vessel)
Reclamation machinery (short distance, small vessel)
Charisma, to combat and/or aid with her father's typical crassness.
Creative and quick thinking.
Can handle herself in a scrap.
Is able to use, clean, and disassemble most rudimentary guns.
Can curse with the best of them.

Weaknesses:  She did inherit a bit of her father's temper and her mother's stern demeanor.
Has a penchant for getting into trouble.
Has no concrete knowledge of the high-class intricacies and rules of life.
While she has worked with her dad for years at the yard, she has had no real experience out in the 'Verse and is running on hypothetical knowledge and imagination.
Cannot pilot anything bigger than a small shuttle/mules/etc. She's more than happy to try but be prepared to land somewhere you didn't entirely intent. I.E the side of a wall, another planet, that asteroid system, atop another vessel.
She can scrap and assemble with the best of them, but when it comes to the computer portions of repairing ships or devices, she's lost. That's her brother's forte.

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Darling ~ Iscariot

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