S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay

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Rian Carpenter

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Location: Galley

Everybody was starting to make their way into the galley. As Barnaby wandered in with his eyes glazed, Rian asked of him quickly as he passed:

"Hey, Barn. Come find me after dinner when you get a minute."

He poured a little of the winter warmer into a cup of cocoa and handed to the captain with a nod. The security chief quickly switched back into his role as the cook and directed his attention to the stew, checking that the leftover meat (which he assured Tabby definitely wasn't a cute deer he shot then put in the freezer) was at the right level of tenderness. He made a face as he poked it with a wooden spoon. Not quite there, he fretted slightly then went to get himself a cup of cocoa. Somehow he missed the first step and just poured some of the bourbon straight into a mug.

Carpenter took a long sip just as the aristocrat arrived. He nearly spit it out suppressing a laugh at the sight of him with a fresh bloody nose.

Did he get ambushed? He'd look more alarmed and less like he was waiting for a servant to bring him a flute of champagne if he had...

Well now he'd have to check the CCTV footage of the cargo bay later. While he could enjoy the shaudenfraude, Buckery Buntington the VII was still a member of his crew. Rian grabbed a clean rag meant for the dishes and tossed it over to the Anglo-accented crew-member.

"Been meaning to try blood pudding, Arlo. Glad you could make it."

Next came the hot chocolate and offer of a little alcoholic enhancer if he so chose.

Tabitha Haemish

Location: Med-Bay

Once their patient was gone, the darling's cargo doors had been closed up (the echo of which moved through the ship like a satisfied purr), and the captain's account had been properly compensated for this mission (including the 'double payment' their Mister Potter had promised), the ship itself seemed far warmer and at ease than it had just a few minutes before. Tabby began moving to the door of the med-bay, eager to get another cup of cocoa, when Viktor's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

The bubbly doctor turned to look up at their preacher with wide, curious eyes, her brows aloft in question. "Miss Tabitha...what would you think about spending some time and teaching me a bit about your skills here? ..." With every word, Tabby's eyes lit up and her expression became more and more excited. When he'd finished, she clasped her hands together and popped up onto her tip toes.

"Oh! I'd love to!" she exclaimed, giggling happily and wrapping her arms around the shepherd's waist, her face burying itself enthusiastically against his chest. Tabby pulled her face away and grinned up at him with the light of a sun, "I know you'll be absolutely amazing at it, you're a natural, after all!" she assured him, releasing his torso and taking his hand. She tugged him warmly out of the med-bay toward the tantalizing smell of food and drink, still talking along the way, "I was thinking we should try something hands on, for the crew's moral? Maybe a puppy? Or put a little herb garden somewhere in the cargo hold so they can work with some earth while we're in the black? Or we could all knit a giant blanket, a crew blanket. I just think everyone could use a little cheering up," she noted, looking up at him and beaming.
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Mattie Rooney

Location: Galley

True to his word, Rian didn't actually need her help, so Mattie took the role of a passive observer, leaning on the counter as she watched him work his culinary magic. It still felt strange seeing her commander-in-chief be so at ease in the kitchen. Mattie herself hated cooking. It reminded her of home, of the mundane slog that life was back on Lilac: put food on the table, clean up, rinse and repeat until your back hurts too much to stand in front of the stove. But she was grateful that what felt like an off-putting chore to her seemed to provide some kind of relief for him. If left to her own devices, her meals would consist of nothing but bland protein gruel and artificial cheese on crackers.

There was a tenseness to Rian's demeanor which Mattie attributed to the stressful day, but the silence between them was not uncomfortable. It felt nice to have someone you could communicate with through meaningful glances alone, as they did when Bowler Hat popped by. Bret and Serg had been such insufferable blabbermouths. Not to mention complete bastards.

"Uhhhh..." The captain wandered mindlessly into the galley, something resembling a thousand yard stare in his eyes. This time it was Mattie who shot Rian a look, but he was way ahead of her, addressing the captain in between his bustling about the galley. As the security chief turned his attention back to the stew, Mattie helped herself to a cup of cocoa (a hefty helping of spirits included) and approached the captain.

"So... Is the old gut-bag finally gone?" she asked, echoing Rian's phasing from before and immediately regretting it. Way to read the room, Temperance. Before she could dwell on her poor choice of words, or correct them, she was distracted by the sight of a bloody-nosed Arlo. Unlike Rian, Mattie she did not have to choke back laughter, although a wicked grin passed over her face. She hid it by taking a sip from her mug and turning away from both the sight of Arlo and whatever the captain's reaction to her lack of tact was.
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Viktor Söderberg

Location: Hallway/Galley

At his words, Tabby's naturally bright personality turned up to 11. She beamed with the energy of her own internal sunshine.

"I was thinking we should try something hands on, for the crew's moral? Maybe a puppy?"
Viktor's face wrinkled at the mention of a dog. He and dogs never got along too well.
"No dog. Too rowdy. I think something more peaceful is in order."

"Or put a little herb garden somewhere in the cargo hold so they can work with some earth while we're in the black? Or we could all knit a giant blanket, a crew blanket. I just think everyone could use a little cheering up," she noted, looking up at him and beaming.

"I think Rian would enjoy the benefits of an herb garden. I know I'd like puttin' my hands in some dirt every now and again."

In the Galley, his mouth practically overflowed with saliva at the smell of the stew. He couldn't remember the last time he ate. He was sure it's couldn't have been that long ago, but suddenly he was starving. An effect of the cold and adrenaline rush for sure. He poked his nose in the direction of the pot and breathed in deep.

"That smells heavenly! I think I could eat a whole deer by myself." He gave a side-look to Tabitha. He didn't think she'd known there was venison in the stew. Oops. Well, he couldn't do much about it now except fill his mug full of hot cocoa and wait for the food to be ready.

Barnaby Goodweather

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A chill didn't just go down Barnaby's spine. It stayed there and wouldn't shake loose. The walls of the Darling Francine, his home of fifty years, seemed wobbly and unsafe. Ghosts of the past echoed in his ears and... a cup of chocolate milk with a kick was thrust into his hands. Barnaby downed the whole concoction with a couple of pained gulps. "Hot." He said with a grimace. The bourbon warmed his cheeks and, before Arlo could accept Rian's offer, Barnaby pulled the bottle for his own self and plopped down at the head of the table. The Captain's seat. His seat, supposedly.

It felt hard and uncomfortable to him then, as it had a time or two when his self doubt filled his back pockets with pebbles. Another cup of bourbon might help. What could it hurt? The amber liquor poured. He didn't see his crew. Didn't notice Arlo with his bloodied face. Didn't notice the jokes and good humor. The requests for attention. To them, the job was done. Over. Behind.

To Barnaby; it wouldn't leave. Or at least, their cargo. He looked down at his wrist. The one that Potter had grabbed in desperation. Was that a mark? Had the old codger branded him with his damnable, indecipherable, terrifying metaphor of trains or being on trains or being a train or... Barnaby felt like he was losing all sense of himself. He emptied his cup and filled it again. His spine felt warmer. That was a good thing.

A bowl of stew was placed before him, but Barnaby wasn't hungry. He ate anyhow, best not to worry folks. Get your head straight, Goodweather. These folk need you.

He looked at them, forced a smile, and wondered if they did. "Oh, dear." He said as the conversation came back into focus. Maybe getting a laugh would help.

This mood would pass, it always did. Barnaby swallowed another cup and chewed on the venison without tasting it. It usually passed.
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Rian Carpenter

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Rian confirmed Potter's departure:

"Yeah the organ peddlers collected their human bratwurst."

He too regretted his phrasing as he went to scoop more of the venison stew. Pausing from eating he noticed the Captain was still spaced out. He shot Mattie another glance and nodded, confirming her concern shared earlier. It was a look he'd seen before in the mirror. The jobs had been going sideways and the ship had seen more turmoil than she had in years. Barnaby, her Captain, included.

The captain snapped to in time to make a pun about the venison. Rian chuckled but he could see the thousand yard stare in Barnaby's eyes.

"It's uhh... artificial Venison..."

Tabbie had seen him drenched in the blood of men but somehow he worried she'd think him a monster for slaying the cute but delicious animal they were enjoying. He knew for a fact nobody made decent cultured protein that could masquerade as Venison yet. Carpenter tried to propel the conversation to a new topic, and try and see if a little normality would snap Barnaby back to their universe.

"Any leads on our next gig? Finger's crossed it's a milk run. I dare to dream."

It was odd for him to long so dearly for a simple cargo hauling job, but he'd already soured ferrying high-roller passengers. Well except for Arlo. Mostly.  He almost laughed again thinking about him faceplanting, then suppressed it.

Tabitha Haemish

"That smells heavenly! I think I could eat a whole deer by myself." He gave a side-look to Tabitha who looked back up at him with a curious tilt of her head. Luckily for him, she didn't seem to connect his hyperbole with the soup sitting in their galley.

Her attention shifted to the Captain, her lips parting to say something, although upon seeing his faraway look she closed her mouth once more. Her brows furrowed, hands grasping at the fabric of her clothing, lips puckered in concern.  "Oh, dear," he finally said. "It's uhh... artificial Venison..." Rian quickly noted. She moved around the table and wrapped her arms around his whole head, pressing his eat against her chest so he was forced to listen to her heartbeat. One hand gently patted the top of his head, her eyes closed and chin nodding up and down slowly. "There, there, Captain," she muttered, the sentiment entirely genuine.

"Any leads on our next gig? Finger's crossed it's a milk run. I dare to dream," Rian asked. A milk run would be splendid. She'd be more than happy to visit a rancher and his cows somewhere. She loved the way their eyes seemed to take up their whole face, and how dainty their long eyelashes made them look. Her expression brightened at the idea. That was when her gaze fell upon their fancy guest, Arlo and her eyes widened. She released the Captain's head and rushed around to the gentleman, her hands reaching up to grab his cheeks. "Why are you bleeding?" she asked him, genuinely confused and concerned. One hand lowered to reach into her pocket, a hankie pulled out and brought to his nose.
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Mattie Rooney

Mattie helped herself to a seat at the table as far away from the captain as possible. It wasn't an act of cowardice, at least she didn't like to think of it that way. It was just how she was. When there was a problem, she liked to put some distance between it and herself, assess it from afar. Maybe it was a sniper thing. Or maybe she was just making excuses.

Nah. Totally a sniper thing.

She stared at the captain from under a furrowed brow; he seemed to be unaware of her eyes on him, unaware of anything that was going on around him for that matter. When Rian placed a bowl of soup in front of her, she looked up at the cook and offered him a nod and a tense smile before tucking right in. She hadn't realized just how hungry she was, and even with the sour mood that lingered after the job, just having their unlucky passenger and his company off their ship was enough to restore her appetite.

"Oh, dear." Was that supposed to be a pun? There was something painful about it, and not in the way dad jokes typically were.

"It's uhh... artificial Venison..."

"What're you on about?" Mattie snorted and looked at Rian like he'd just sprouted two heads. "I saw you carve the damn thing myself!" There was no way their crummy little crew could afford some high class fake meat that passed for the real deal. Especially since they hadn't gotten paid for the last job. Which reminded her...

"Wait, we did get paid this time, right?" The idea of payment had completely slipped her mind when they'd been focused on getting back to the ship without turning into meat popsicles, and if it had come up once they were back on the ship, she'd been too distracted by other things to pay attention.

Mattie didn't echo Rian's wishes about their next job, but she didn't say anything. It wasn't really the stress of the situation itself that got her feeling down; it was the fact that it was the dull kind of stress with high stakes and few options to influence the outcome. The creeping doom and helplessness of it all, the waiting and hoping for the best. She was itching for a problem she could actually tackle. Maybe literally.
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Viktor Söderberg

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Waiting patiently for his food, Viktor looked around the table and savored the near chaos that came with everyone sitting down together for a meal. Jokes, questions, conversations and everyone trying to come down after a tussle. This was what he loved about being on the Darling. He didn't really have a preference of being planet-side or in the in black, but he would always love sitting around a table with people he cared about.
Among the chatter were genuine questions about payment, work and where they might be headed next. Everyone was banking for something a mite calmer and a bit easier on their minds and bodies.
Viktor looked to his Captain as the questions and comments circled. There is a man, he thought, who is in need of rescuing. Barnaby looked pale and wane with his eyes far away from their little group - whether in the future, the past or inside his own head, Viktor would never know. Even after Tabitha's comforting, he looked like he was lost in himself like a man adrift in the black with no tether.

The preacher tightened his grip on his mug, unfolded his long, lanky frame from his chair and stood facing his chosen family. He cleared his throat to gain attention from the babble and began to speak.
"I am inspired by being home near my given family to tell you all today how thankful I am for you, my chosen family. Though some of you may not know it, every time I come home I miss you all just a little bit more. And to our newest pair, don't think I'm discounting you here. I still consider you both family now and I'd love to make time to get to know both of you soon.
We all know we've been in a few doozies for our last few jobs and I hear that call to get to the next one and the hope that it is easy.... And Cap, I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds here - but I think we could all use a reset. A breather.
So once the storm passes I open my home to you. Those of you who wish can stay with my family and the rest I can make room and board at the church. There's work to be done if you want it, but I would encourage everyone to try to take the time to relax.
Rian, I can introduce you to a few local farmers to restock our pantry.
Tabitha, we can get supplies for that garden we talked about.
Mattie, Arlo... well... I'm not too sure what y'all would like to get up to but I bet my bonnet we can find something you'll like."

Viktor paused, only slightly too long, as he finally looked back at their Captain. His eyes were more focused but he was obviously still frazzled. Maybe because the preacher had taken over his Captainly duties to decide where they went next and whether or not he wanted a garden in his cargo bay!
Whatever was happening internally with Barnaby, Viktor felt in his heart that this was the correct course of action.
"And Captain, you could get some much needed rest. Get back your land-legs for a minute before we rush off to the next job. The port authority will take good care of your Darling and we'll take good care of it's crew - it's family - while you're here.
It may be a cold place here, but our hearts and hearths are warm and welcoming. If you want to stay a bit."

he laughed to himself, that last bit was kind of cheesy but it's true. I do hope they'll all want to stay. Lord knows we could all use a break.

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