Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors

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Joakim Soong

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"The moon told me not to sleep. But I am pleased you are rested, for there are enemies all around us."

"Mhm." Jo raised his head from the pillow, his black hair tousled by a night of tossing and turning, and squinted at his crewmate through half-closed lids. After a long night of helping Alan go over the technical details and make preparations, Jo had been too tired to climb back on the Revenge and had instead collapsed on the floor of the cabin with some spare cushions and a blanket. Usually he had no trouble working until the early hours of the morning, getting a few hours of sleep in a chair or the floor, chugging some coffee and continuing to operate like a half-way normal human being. Somehow Doctor August's cozy rustic cabin, of all places, had proved to be too unfamiliar of an environment for him to have a restful night's sleep.

With some effort, Jo managed to get up and head for the kitchen. It helped that his sleeping spot on the floor wasn't very comfortable to begin with, so the temptation to stay in bed wasn't really there. The scent of breakfast also helped; it was a nice change of pace to get some fresh eggs instead of scrambled protein paste, which seemed to be the go-to breakfast for space pirates. Once in the kitchen, however, he was quickly reminded of who their host and provider of breakfast was. He eyed the dishes with hunger, but also slight apprehension.

"This is just... you know..." His sleep-addled brain struggled to find a polite, diplomatic way to say it, but was coming up short. "There's no drugs in this, right?"
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William Breene

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Willy Breene normally wasn't a breakfast person. Typically he liked to just force down a protein bar as he hate-scrolled through the news headlines and did his morning bathroom business. He called it his morning trinity. A daily indulgence in a bit of masochism, eating something he hates while getting mad about news he can't change, and then a third thing we don't really have to get into detail about.

But it wasn't a big cabin and Breene had opted to sleep right outside it. Ricardo was more lucid this morning. And loud. Which was good, that meant he probably got the spirit visions he was looking for last night and could stay a bit more focused on his alchemy rather than his magic. Breene loved altering his state as much as anyone but when he was fairly certain that the Russo's were still looking for them, he couldn't quite unclench yet. Listening from inside his sleeping bag which he'd pulled up nearly all the way around his face in the morning sun, the crook groaned. His brief slumber had been interrupted.

The rumbling in the hills woke him throughout the night. Sleep only found him in the early hours of the morning. While Breene had successfully resisted the urge of drug and drink, he felt the sort of hangover one gets from never fully resting over the course of a night. You're awake. Annoyingly awake, but oh so tired. A feeling of exhaustion just sitting in the background, pulling at you from a distance. Then he smelled real food. In his rush to get up he dismissed that the comm unit he'd swiped from Revenge was suddenly on a dead battery...

"I could chop that up and snort it my god..."

Willy mused as he strolled into the cabin as if he'd had his morning cup of coffee already. Still totally unaware he'd been trasmitting every bit of heavy breathing and random shouts of "Don't overcook the nachos again, Macho Man Randy Savage!" in his fitful bouts of sleep through the night and early morning. He walked straight past Jo as he questioned the contents of the eggs and shoved a fork straight into the eggs on the pan, plucking out a chunk of his scrambled concoction.

He chewed for a second with no expression, then looked up as if thinking... pondering the different flavors and then wondering aloud:

"Is that..."

He chewed a little more and Doctor Ric nodded affirming it was indeed the ingredient William hadn't specified yet. He let the worry grow on Jo's face for a second.

"Just a little milk to make the eggs fluff up good.."

He clapped the tech specialist on the shoulder and then grabbed himself a scoop of the drug free scrambled eggs.

August laughed.

"Don't be crazy! We've got work to do!"

Then the good doctor put down his spatula, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a joint that looked like it could be used as a club in self defense, and popped it into his mouth as he strolled over to a window to be "mindufl of the guests" before sparking it up.


Mel looked up as Missy emerged from deeper in the ship, somehow looking fully rested and completely put together. The pilot squinted at her suspiciously. How did she do that? With a shake of her head, she gestured out toward the cabin, then followed the doctor down the ramp, the door shutting behind them with a loud thud.

When she arrived at the building, Mel let Missy go in first before taking a couple of seconds to stand alone outside, her gaze scanning the horizon before taking one last glance back toward their ship. Her ship? Their ship. Her hands slid over her face, rubbing at it with a frustrated grumble. Keep the Doctor company, let him do whatever he needed to make the space calculations do...something... then get their pay and head out. Go back out  into the black where things made sense and find another job to keep them swimming. Isa was better at this part than she was. Keeping her crew together, making sure everyone felt they had a voice, finding tasks that were worth while. Her hands lowered from her face and she sighed. Then, she composed herself and entered.

Inside, her crew seemed to be getting along, the whole bundle of cats eating breakfast with their new friends. This gave her momentary pause. Was she supposed to feed their cat? It always seemed happy and healthy and its belly was plump...was it getting into the food on its own? Was she a terrible pet owner? Was she even a pet owner? Where the hell had the mechanic gone?

Clearing her throat to clear her thoughts, Mel sat down and pinched the bridge of her nose, eyeing each member of her crew one by one to gather a general gist of how they looked this morning. None of them seemed like the Doctor had done anything uncivilized to them...

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Missy Etheridge

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Missy was rather less chipper that morning than she had been the morning previously. She had desperately wanted to point out to the captain that it wasn't a doctor's responsibility to prevent crew members from injuring themselves in foolish ways to begin with, only to deal with the aftermath. There were limits to the hippocratic oath, beginning with the fact that she was nobody's babysitter.

But under the combined weight of a direct order, a please, and a thank you, however grudgingly given, she resigned herself to following after Holger throughout the night, playing minder and deftly removing everything he could possibly sicken or injure himself with the second he demonstrated an interest in it until he wandered on to something else.

She had, therefore, stayed up far later than she preferred to. She did not in the least feel like getting as made up and put together as she always did, but she did it anyway, expertly concealing the circles under her eyes and flicking cold water into her face until she was as shiny and bright as ever. Appearances had to be maintained, after all.

The breakfast that Mel announced over the comms was a relief, at least - all the moreso because it originated from outside, which presumably meant coffee that Holger hadn't had the chance to paw through yet. The idea put an extra, this  time authentic bounce in her step as she emerged from the ship, nodded cheerfully at Mel, and accompanied her to the building.

"There's no drugs in this, right?" Jo was asking just as she entered. Missy doubted it; August hadn't struck her as the sort of man who cooked his own breakfast, and that assistant of his seemed at least half sane. Then she saw the spatula in his hand and began to share Jo's concerns. Breene's less-than-reassuring reassurances aside, however, food was food and she was starving after that late night.

"Want me to take some back to the ship for testing?" she asked Jo ironically, giving the eggs a skeptical sniff even as she loaded them onto her plate.
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Izak Archer

Izak watched as the breakfast got off the ground, more or less ignored. That said, it wasn't like he was a plate of hot bacon and eggs. Who wouldn't pass up talking to him for breakfast. He quickly grabbed a scoop of eggs and a few strips of bacon and started eating. Pausing briefly to apologize to the doctor.

"Sorry for crashing on your couch last night, I was pretty exhausted," Izak said. He went back to his food then nodded at Breene.

"Where did you find the coffee?" He asked him, having not gotten a response when he walked in earlier. Satisfied all he had to do was wait for a response, he waited for his answer as the rest of the crew showed up, bewildered at the reality of normal food from the mad scientist that they had arrived to meet. It was an interesting mix of hesitation and 'well, food is food'. The best part was Melody's perplexed look as she couldn't seem to figure out where he was. Either that or she was still have asleep.

That aside though, the eggs were seasoned nicely and the bacon was perfectly crispy without being rock hard. It wasn't his sisters cooking, she ran a small diner back home, but it was definitely cooked well. Some sourdough toast would have tied it together however.

"Good morning to all of you too. Took you all long enough to get here," Izak said after taking another pause between bites. "You all did remember you bailed on me in the cabin last night right?"


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Doctor August realized he'd missed his guest's earlier inquiry for coffee and put out his joint. Hastily he procured a carafe from their refrigerator.

"A thousand apologies, I have been hearing this incessant buzzing noise all morning..."

Alan emerged coming down the stairs from his bedroom, dressed and ready for the day.

"Doctor, I hope you'll forgive me I already threw the metaphorical switch on the algorithm."

The doctor's assistant didn't want to wait through whatever pagan ritual his brilliant but mad boss had in mind before they got started. He spotted the carafe of cold-brew.

"Can I grab a cup of that too before we run out? It'll be a long day and.... can ANYONE else here that buzzing?"

Doctor August made an expression like "I knew I wasn't the only one!" and threw his free hand up and pointed at his astute assistant.

Breene stopped eating his eggs and started listening too. Anyone else who did would have heard it too. Not just coming from one direction, but coming from multiple points and each of those points of origin creating their own echoes throughout the valley. The Revenge's radar beeped intermittently, its systems getting momentary fixes on dozens of targets too small to accurately track.

Once the crew of the Revenge looked outside they'd just what looked almost like formations of birds in the distance closing in steadily. But what was approaching?

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