Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors

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Twenty minutes after the explosion of the Atkinson, their guest William Breene had called everyone to the galley. The ship was now a safe distance away but drifting aimlessly through the vast emptiness. So there everyone was, all seated and ready for the man who'd just gotten them into a big ol' mess of trouble to spill it. And he wasn't there yet. He was late. To his own meeting. So the crew had to sit there with their thoughts, and each other for a minute. Some questions probably came to mind.

Questions like: Where the hell was Breene? Why did their missing captain set up some kind of deal with him? What was up with the guy who couldn't feel pain? Why does the ship kind of smell like popcorn now?


Mel had taken five minutes to shower, hurriedly scrubbing the flame retardant goop and human bile of of her body and out of her hair while inventing some interesting and rather adult phrases in her mind, most of which were directed toward either their new guest, or their missing Captain. She'd spent another five minutes dressing in a black tank top and black cargo pants, halfheartedly attempting to dry her mass of hair before leaving it damp and down, and strapping her pistol back onto her hip. That left her ten minutes to walk grumpily toward the galley, sit with a muffled groan into a seat, and stare angrily at the doorway with her arms crossed securely over her chest.

Another five minutes of alone-time before the rest of the crew started to trickle in, then another five minutes of waiting. For the idiot who'd called the meeting. Her jaw clenched and a vein in her forehead began to make itself visible. Forcing herself to relax, Mel leaned back in her chair and put her heels up on the table, attempting to smooth out the snarl that was wrinkling her nose. The edges of her vision stopped being black and full of static and Jo came back into view. The pilot turned her head to stare at him, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she did. Her blue gaze was focused, stern, and unyielding.

Finally, "You did well. Saved us all from exploding. Thanks," she told him, nodding her chin curtly and reaching out as though to pat him on his shoulder. However, her hand only extended halfway before it patted nothing, then awkwardly returned to its place wrapped with the other over her chest. She looked a little pained by the attempt, but chose to clear her throat and look toward the door again.
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Holger Heyerdahl

Boarding the Revenge...

Stinking of sick and debased with decelerant, Holger attempted to go straight to the galley (or if we're being ironic, "the Mess".) but was cut off by a snippy Missy. Who shouted about polluting the place up and not being his mother. Well Holger knew that she wasn't his mother. His mother had been dead for more than thirty years. But Missy kept shouting and Holger didn't care so he found himself not in the showers, but in the cargo bay, and Missy holding a powered hose. "Okay." He said with a smile, and stripped down to his underwear. Unfortunately for Missy, he rather enjoyed the harsh, cold spray.

Twenty minutes later and cleaned to Missy's satisfaction...

Holger entered the Galley, still dripping from his bath, but clean and smelling fresh. Of course he had stopped back in the uniform area and found himself an Alliance-issue robe from the Captain's clothes to dry off in. He looked rather cozy, but was less than careful about concealing what was underneath when he sat. "That was fun." He said to whomever had already joined. Whether he was talking about his hosing or the mission, it was unclear. "Buck Stanley broke at least three of my ribs!" He said, as if bragging like he'd gotten a celebrity's autograph.
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Izak Archer

Step one of their job was a success. A bit of sideshow, but a success. The return to the ship was just as much of a sideshow as well. Cleaning, scrubbing, slipping, sliding, and Missy's hollering. It was all somewhat absurd.

Izak slipped by the 'mad' doctor to his own quarters and slipped into a change of clothes and grabbed a clean pair of shoes. Heaping his flame retardant soaked clothes in a pile, he made note to clean them later. For now, he was content just to clean his boots in the 'meeting' they had planned. He grabbed his brush and cleaner from his bag, then found a bucket in the kitchen filling it with water he trucked into the far corner of the lounge then pulled over a chair and started scrubbing while they waited for Breene to start talking. Not like there was much for him to contribute at this point. He fought the urge to chuckle as Melody thanked Jo and as Holger triumphantly discussed faced off against a fellow strongman.  They certainly were an odd bunch.

But for the moment, Izak just wanted clean boots. He did not want to be tracking that sludge into his armory. It's the simple things in life after all, so the thought was anyway.

William Breene

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"Cuddle, huddle, befuddle, puddle, muddle, scuttle... butt-le?"

One of several William Breene's hopped down the hallway of the former Alliance vessel one legged, as he pulled his pants on and simultaneously tried one of many relaxation techniques his shrink had taught him. This one was obviously just a distraction exercise in rhyming. The forty something spacer didn't have a career ahead of him in hip-hop. That was for sure.

The XO of the exploded ship was running late because corporate had revoked their hot water as a punitive measure for how many of their shipments were getting surrendered to pirates without a fight. The anger at their employers was supposed to translate towards ferocity towards the crooks they faced. Instead the crew of the Atkinson just turned on each other faster and with less abandon. So he really enjoyed the Revenge's hot water. But he deserved to be pampered. At least he thought so.  Breene did start to relax realizing his former employers were probably going to assume he was dead given the destruction of the ship. The Russo gang however...

Willy came to a stop in the galley, having only just attained the status of only half naked. He smiled self consciously though he at least didn't need to be embarrassed about how he looked shirtless. It would seem his abs have abs. But reaching around to his lower back, he looked less attractive as he strained to pull at something. The sound of tape ripping revealed there had been a plastic pouch taped to his back. He ripped open the packaging then carefully placed the prize inside on the table everyone was seated around.

"Okay, sorry I was late. Needed to loosen up the tape and hose off all the... everything. So uhh I guess this is all the spoils we have left..."

He looked at the sea of blank faces looking back at him. Their captain really hadn't told them a DAMN THING. This was awkward. The crooked cargo hauler scratched at his stubble thinking of how to explain what was going on, or at least what had been arranged before things went south.

"So this is a guidance chip. What was supposed to just be a little bit for myself I skimmed off the top... Yeah I know it's kinda a dick move but we all knew I was a crook going into this... anyway. The deal I'd made with your captain was for you guys to take possession of our haul, and I'd get a small fee for arranging the transfer. Each of these things is worth around half a million credits to the people who made 'em. On the black market, not quite as much but I could call somebody and..."

He remembered these guys fancied themselves gentlemen thieves. Sort of pro-social pirates. The morally gray, and graying man rolled further back in his list of contacts in his mind. Somebody who'd use the chip for something good. He was out in the boonies... but it was the only way he'd get any payday and they'd at least send the chip off to a good cause.

"You guys like cabins?"

There was still the matter of the Russo gang, and the proverbial "beef" they may now have.

Missy Etheridge

Missy was confused and annoyed, and the two were perpetuating each other in a vicious cycle. The confusion caused the annoyance because she really, really hated not knowing what was going on, and the annoyance's name was William Breene, and he caused a hell of a lot of confusion.

Honestly, after the long five-minute wait and the first few words of nonsense he'd begun spewing, she hadn't really bothered to try and follow it; Missy could give less of a yī dà tuó dà biàn how successful or not the pirate crew's piracy turned out. Her job was just to patch them up afterwards -- and apparently clean up after them now, like the ung jeong jia ching jien soh they were -- which reminded her...

Missy waited until Breene wandered to an apparently irrelevant halt, put her hand up very politely in the air, and then immediately asked without waiting to be called on, "Is this going to take long? I apparently have 'at least' three broken ribs to attend to, and tian xiao de what else."
Talk less. Smile more.
Never let them know what you're against or what you're for.


"Buck Stanley broke at least three of my ribs!" Holger announced proudly. Melody grinned, watching him interacting with the crew, but slowly frowning at the reminder that he'd gotten his entire pi gu kicked because of the man who they were now all waiting for.

When their 'guest' finally decided to join them, her scowl only deepened, the vein pulsing in her temple as her teeth clenched hard against each other. "Okay, sorry I was late. Needed to loosen up the tape and hose off all the... everything. So uhh I guess this is all the spoils we have left..." Her eyes lowered from his face, to the item he'd procured, and then quickly zipped back to lock onto his face again. She could feel her lip twitch.

"So this is a guidance chip ... Each of these things is worth around half a million credits to the people who made 'em. On the black market, not quite as much but I could call somebody and..."

They'd come to rescue a man they didn't know, while pushed onto a mission they weren't briefed on, by a Captain that had abandoned them. And now this fool was standing in their galley acting a whole heck of a lot like he was calling the shots. He was a mutiner, at his core. No matter the reason. Was she going to have to worry about his gun drawing in her direction at some point if he decided he could benefit more from them being out of the picture? They'd risked their lives to go in there and rescue him from a situation caused (in her mind) entirely by himself, and now, thanks to that and thanks to Isa, they were stuck in another situation where they had no control and only a fraction of an idea about what they were getting into. She stood, arms uncrossing.

"You guys like cabins?"

"Is this going to take long? I apparently have 'at least' three broken ribs to attend to, and tian xiao de what else."

Her fist rocketed into Breene's face, her whole body twisting as she put her weight, strength, and training into the blow. Her bones reverberated with the force of the contact. Once finished, her hands lowered, her body relaxed, and she finally took a deep breath. "And that," she pointed out to the Doctor, not looking in Jo's or Missy's direction. Either because she didn't feel she needed to explain herself to them, or because she didn't want to see any disappointment or judgement from either of them.

Melody jutted a finger out toward their guest, "We're going to get that piece of luh suh sold to someone who will get it somewhere not the Alliance, and then we're going to fill up, pay the crew, and the rest will go towards doing what we all came here to do. If Isa promised you a cut, then you'll get your cut. Your fair cut. And not much else. Will that be a problem, or are we zài tóngyī yè shàng?" the pilot asked, raising her brows in question.
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Joakim Soong

The main thing Jo was feeling right now was relief. Although the mission hadn't gone entirely according to plan, the entire crew as well as their person of interest had made it back to the Revenge more or less in one piece. Even Mel seemed to be in a surprisingly good mood considering the wringer she'd been put through.

"You did well. Saved us all from exploding. Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Saved myself from having to spend any more time alone with Doctor Horrible.

All in all, even with their guest of honor being late, Jo thought the meeting was off to a fairly good start... but, this being the Revenge, of course it couldn't last. As soon as Mel got up with That Look in her eyes, Jo's insides turned. He knew what was coming even before her fist made contact with Breene's face.

"Jesus Christ, Mel!" Jo's cry fell upon deaf ears as the captain proceeded to issue her angry and completely unnecessary ultimatum to Breene who, as Jo might have to remind her again, was still technically on their side. Against his will and without really thinking about it, he found himself glancing at the doctor with his mouth agape, the universal gesture for "can you believe this guy?!"

William Breene

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"Springsteen on Ice!"

Willy's head snapped back from the solid right hook to the cheek. He shook his head as if it would help instinctively and let the stars dissipate before rebutting the XO now bumped up to Captain of the Revenge.

"I think you'd like my shrink. 'Transference'. I get it though..."

He winced at the pain still echoing though his well chiseled facial features. He pulled on the plain white t shirt he'd thrown over his shoulder. The collection of scars and the visible seam between his left shoulder and the rest of his arm would indicate that he'd been through more than one scrap before. The jester couldn't totally change his stripes but he expounded upon the situation that got them there.

"It started as an easy grift."

He reached over to his left arm and twisted it slightly, there was a click, then a pop, and the man's human looking limb popped right off. Breene dropped it on the table next to the guidance chip.

"I lost the original protecting a shipment of synthetic explosives for a mining company. We got the shipment to our customer and what did I get for literally sacrificing life and limb? A big, rutting bill. So we started making 'arrangements' with some of the people who might hold us up. Why fight when we can just hand over a predetermined amount of the goods occasionally? Everybody gets paid. Everybody's happy..."

William laughed through his nose and shook his head.

"...But the Captain started to get greedy. Last time we were supposed to have a peaceful transfer of the goods we took the money, and Cap'n Hackenbruch... he pulled iron and then we had to back his play. Today, two hours before we were supposed to meet up and hand over the guidance chips, we had our own little plot twist as I brought us into orbit of that rock. Y'all were on your way but so was another 'buyer': the Russo gang. If you've heard of Buck you know how they built their 'company'. A shark doesn't make deals with a guppy."

He sighed and shrugged. The Celt grabbed his prosthetic arm off the table and snapped it back onto his shoulder.

"You wanna judge me, Purple Belly, knock yourself out. I stick by the deals I make. That's why we're all still here and Buck Stanley is hillbilly space dust. Drop me on Dangun. If I survive the first forty-eight hours, my contact can wire you the credits by the end of day three. Hopefully those corporate cut-throats will forget about your well crafted butts."

He looked around at the crew and left the option open for them to come along.

"I know somebody who can use this chip for some sort of physics experiment... but it'll take a few days and if I can keep the Russos off the doc's back you guys will be okay. I'm the one they really care about. Probably..."

Holger Heyerdahl

Wicked, sick glee flowed through his veins as Holger watched Mel, his first favorite person, launch a fist at his second favorite, the Handsome William Breene. Conflicted feelings about whether or not the punch was deserved; Mel was captain and his friend and he trusted her absolutely. On the other hand, to mar such a beautiful face? Holger was conflicted. But he enjoyed violence, both fairly and of the sucker variety and, having just dolled out and obtained some himself, Holger was positively overflowing. So much so, that he felt positively green with punching envy.

And then they all started talking and Holger lost interest. He took a deep breath in and listened to the wheeze in his chest, then exhaled looking for the same. Once more; his massive shoulders rising and falling as he tested the limits of his air flow. Didn't seem like he had a punctured lung. So perhaps the ribs were merely cracked. Miss Doctor would be sure to look at those for him. His eyes fell on Missy and he gave her a grin.

This was a good battle. And they had won! Holger had not thought that Izak would pull through as he had, but the Ginger Giant had to admit, he was impressed. He felt a sort of kinship that can only be found in those that share a front-line. This Izak was not so bad after-all. That punching-envy began to rear its ugly head again and, combined with the affinity he now felt with Izak, Holger had an idea.

He hopped to his feet as William Breene prattled on and stomped over to Izak. "Izak!" He hollered, and punched the former Purple-Belly playfully, but not softly, in the arm. "You may punch me back, if you like!" He hunkered down and offered the sailor his choice of targets. Holger laughed at Izak's return either way.

At the mention of Buck Stanley and the Russo's, Holger's attention returned to the conversation. "James Russo once tried to hire me. I did not accept. I don't like killing women and children." He said, settling back into his seat. He looked at Melony and remembered they first met. He had almost killed her that day, but Purple Bellies were not women.

Last but not least, as he lapsed into silence, Holger's eyes fell on Joakim and didn't know what to do once they were there. He hadn't bonded yet with the tech specialist. An awkward moment and then deliberate and measured avoidance of eye contact.
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"Jesus Christ, Mel!" This was why she hadn't looked back at the two more civilized members of their crew. She knew Jo would object and likely have something wise to say about their current position and how that meant she should treat their guest... wait a minute. Her brows furrowed and she squinted at Breene, staring at his mouth as it moved and hearing pretty much nothing. Why did she care what Jo thought? Why did she feel guilty for striking this mutineer? She didn't. Did she?

Eyes narrowed all the more and her chin tilted up. The pilot stared down her nose at their guest. She listened to their new Idiot's long winded story that she was fairly certain no one had asked him for. He was here. He had a product. He shot his old crew. He was a dick. And now he wouldn't shut up. She was liking him less and less by the syllable. She'd deal with that first and then maybe possibly never deal with the implications of her caring about what this 'crew' thought about her. Best to shove that train of thought right off the track.

"You may punch me back, if you like!" Holger exclaimed, after having heartily punched Izak in the arm. It was the kind of punch where it was clear that the brute was holding back for the sake of friendship and fun, but was going to leave the ugliest of bruises and a sore arm for days. Holger holding back was just any other man punching someone with fully viscous intent. She turned her head just in time to see Izak weakly tap Holger's arm with his own punch, perhaps afraid to anger the fire giant with something more interesting. Melody rolled her eyes and turned back to face Breene as he went on with his sassing and scolding. 

"I know somebody who can use this chip for some sort of physics experiment... but it'll take a few days and if I can keep the Russos off the doc's back you guys will be okay. I'm the one they really care about. Probably..."

"James Russo once tried to hire me. I did not accept. I don't like killing women and children."

Finally, she turned and moved back into her own chair, her feet lifting to rest on the edge of the table. "No one asked you about your life, Breene," she reminded him, head tilting to the side, "But. If you have a place for us to sell your stolen junk that'll benefit those without, then fine. Temporarily lead the way. Just remember. I have no qualms about dumping bodies out the airlock," she informed him, raising her brows and grinning as though the idea of shooting him into space pleased her greatly. And it did.

"To make this smoother, I'll make the introductions for you. If you plan on using this crew for your harebrained plan, best to know who they are. That's Jo. Tech Specialist. Probably a lot smarter than you. Better personality at least. That's Missy. I honestly have no idea why she's still here. She's spicy and probably an acceptable doctor. If you hassle her or give her more work, I'll look the other way if she decides to stick you with something out of spite. This is Holger, kicked more ass, Purple Belly and Otherwise, than anyone I've ever met. Only person I trust with my life," she paused and looked at the other members of the crew and shrugged, "No offense. Anyway, that's Izak, our knowledge bank on these Navy ships and my super best friend who harbors no grudges about anything I might have done to him in the past ever," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "And that's..." she paused, sitting up and looking around the room. Mel was silent a moment, then she snorted. "...we left the mechanic behind somewhere..."
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William Breene

"Wait, what happened to the mechanic? Did he just climb into the vents looking for his lost cat or something? That would explain the meowing I heard while I was taking a dump..."

He looked up and to the left as if reliving the memory, then snapped back to reality. He realized the Captain or XO he was dealing with, hated his guts, which wasn't an unusual reaction, and that for some perverse reason made him all the more tempted to hit on her. But he suppressed the urge. You usually want to wait a couple of minutes after a woman's punched you before you start wagging your eyebrows at her. And while she did seem to take an immediate dislike to him and the horse he rode in on, she was game for his scheme to offload the chip to the professor.

Willy grinned ear to ear, as if he hadn't just been punched in the face a moment ago.

"Well if I'm supposed to do business with you guys, we have to sanctify our pact with libation! That's why shit never worked out on the Atkinson. They wouldn't agree to a round of group-shots when I signed my employment contract... bunch of gāisǐ de prudes... Also the double dealing with criminals that were going to murder us was also a problem... ahh memories... of an hour ago... whoo... Where's the hooch?"

He directed his gaze to Holger and raised an eyebrow.
"I bet this guy know's where the good stuff is..."

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