A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Darius Black

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"Yes, my sins are something I must atone for." Cheung Po mused, his eyes going to the middle distance between them. His fingers tipped with long nails twirled about in his braided braided beard. "For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children." There went that versing again, continued as if he had not stopped. "I am seeking like-minded people to help me in my cause, Mr. Black. Those who have seen the wickedness of the 'Verse, in particular that of the Anglo-Sinho Alliance, and wish to see all evil wiped clean. The revelations of the government's devilry on Miranda have awoken in me my true purpose." His eyes lit up with danger and he stood from his chair, knocking it to the ground. "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee." He smiled, the volatility only increasing in his demeanor. A glance to Yang Gao would indicate he, too, had the fervor, and likewise, the rest of the crew. Cheung Po knelt at Darius's knee and looked up at him with crazed, imploring eyes. "Will you accept God into your heart, Mr. Black, renounce your sins, and join our Holy Crusade?"

Darius Black

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As the Pirate Captain continued to speak, it became increasingly clear to Darius that the he'd been mistaken in his suppositions.  The man was unhinged.  Did Po have family who'd died on Miranda?  A lover?  Beloved friends, killed by Reavers?  Whatever his motivations, declaring an intention to wage a one-pirate war on the Alliance, while standing here in the Eavestown docks, was not the act of a rational man. 

"Captain Po," Darius spoke his words carefully, keeping measured tones, "It sounds as though you have set yourself to a noble purpose.  But I regret my warfighting days are behind me.  I must wish you well on your endeavor, while I walk a meeker path than you have set for yourself."

He bowed, and then stepped back, watching for any sign of violence.

It was time to get the hell away from this landing pad before some switch activated in this man's head and he decided Darius was an enemy, or a potential snitch.


Yang Gao frowned and his hand went to a knife tucked into the sash around his waist. The rest of the crew reacted as one, all eyes on Darius, weapons within reach. Cheung Po raised a hand, halting any further movement. "Mr. Black. I beg you to reconsider." A slight shift in his seat and the crew of the Ching Shih all moved slightly closer and froze again. The tension hung heavy in the air as they coiled and waited for the signal to strike. "If you are not with us..." He paused, as if for dramatic suspense. "You are against us."

Darius Black

Darius froze.  His gaze swept over the people present.

He could probably kill Po. 

Possibly Gao. 

But by the time he pulled the trigger a second time, he'd be a leaky bag of guts.

Was this most-wanted lunatic truly prepared to have a shootout here on the Eavestown Docks?

Yeah.  Darius was pretty sure he was.

"You honor me with such determination on the issue of my employ," Darius said, "I was sure that my days of glory in the battlefield were over.  But now... with your insistence... I wonder if a second life awaits me.  Perhaps I, too, can be a Shepherd."

He gestured towards the Eavestown Transit Hub, where he had rented a locker which contained his personal possessions. 

"If you are offering a full share, I will join you.  Allow me to get my things, and then I'll take my place among your noble warband."


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Cheung Po considered this for a moment, twisting at that beard of his. Then a soft smile. "Very well. I am glad you have changed your mind." He said, somewhat smug about the state of Darius' rethinking. "Please, by all means, collect your things. Do hurry back, the Lord's work cannot wait." And with that, Darius was dismissed with a hand wave. Before he could get too far, however, Po's voice called out once more. "Yang Gao will accompany you, of course. So you do not get lost on your way back."

Yang Gao was at Darius' side, a wicked, rotten smile and a hand at the large knife in his sash. "Shall we?" He said, allowing Darius to lead the way.


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