Abigale Janet Layton[WIP]

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Abigale Janet Layton

Age:  30

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Alliance Certified Doctor

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Freelance Veterinarian (Not Certified)

Appearance:  TYPE HERE

Faceclaim:  Aubrey Plaza

Initial Personality:  Were there ever to be the perfect human personification of a cat, it would be Abigale. Aloof, cold, cynical, dark, and more than a little terrifying in her ideals and thoughts. She is anti-social to a fault, unless it benefits her in which case she has been known to begrudgingly allow some forms of social interaction. Abigail is also wildly mischievous, dangerously troublesome, and amazingly accident prone. Although typically the accidents happen to those in her sphere of influence rather than to her directly. She does not seem to be easily phased by violence or the bloody outcomes of violence.

Underlying Personality:  Mildly neurotic and extremely particular, Abigale has a perfectionist streak that is vastly harmful to her own self esteem. Despite being hyped up by her family regularly and excelling in everything she does professionally and personally, she suffers from intense impostor syndrome and anxiety. Being an older sister, she does have the capacity to be caring and kind, and although she doesn't typically express it, she is a strong guardian of the underdog. She expresses her affection for those she cares about via little secret gifts, hidden words of encouragement, and occasionally by sabotaging any of her loved ones enemies or bullies.

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Date of Birth: 2489
Place of Birth: Saint Lucy's Hospital, Ariel City, Ariel.
Father: Obediah Layton
Mother: Winnifred Layton (Maiden Name: Bonney)
Siblings: Ambrose Layton (35), Clementine Layton (32), Ethan Layton (26), Michah Layton (20).
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Official Education Transcript:
Completed 4 years of medical school at Shinei University in Ariel City.
Completed 4 Years of Residency Training at Saint Lucy's Hospital in Ariel City.

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Charity ~ Melody ~ Tabitha

Darling ~ Iscariot

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