The Ferret's Rejects

Started by Briar Williams, May 16, 2020, 11:08:33 pm

Briar Williams

May 16, 2020, 11:08:33 pm Last Edit: May 17, 2020, 01:21:59 pm by Briar Williams
So much for that good feeling.

Briar had had such high hopes for the Brass Ferret gig, and aside from the part where she'd almost gotten sucked into a black hole, it had been good -- too good to be true, as it turned out. Less than a week into her employment it came up that while her friend Airi had managed to talk Zeke Tapoa into hiring her, his associate was less enthusiastic about hiring someone with a spotty record like hers based on word-of-mouth. It didn't help that as a pilot she was redundant on a ship whose captain was also one, and her salary would be better spent on a medic. David, bless his heart, had stood up for her, but his superiors had shut him down. What a shame. It had been nice to like her boss for a change.

And so Briar found herself in the same place she'd started her short tenure on the Brass Ferret: sitting at a table in front of the Jolly Dog bar. Only this time she wasn't alone. The pilot looked up from her glass of pink lemonade at the girl sitting across the table from her. Freya's only crime, as far as Briar knew, was being underage and therefore unfit for the job, at least in the eyes of the Fractured Fields management -- Briar personally thought it was a total crock of gǒu shǐ. At Freya's age, she'd been co-piloting a ship and looking after its engine, and she'd never felt exploited.

It was quite a pickle Briar had gotten herself into. Not the getting fired part itself; she'd been fired plenty of times before, and the severance pay was enough to buy her one last drink from the company bar and treat Freya to one while she was at it. It should also be enough to get her off Beylix and keep her flying until she found another source of income. No, the pickle was Freya. David had voiced some concerns over whether she had a place to go, but Freya had assured him she had everything under control. Sitting here with her, Briar wasn't sure if that was entirely true.

A silence hung between the two. It wasn't an awkward silence, more of a melancholic one, neither of them knowing what came next. Briar decided that the mood could definitely use some lightening. She looked at the glass of milk in front of Freya and nodded her head towards it.

"You know, Wisp, you're braver than me. I dunno if I'd drink the milk in this place. Ain't no tellin' what animal it's from."

She shot a glance at the sign reading "The Jolly Dog", then turned to back to the girl, her face twisting into an expression of feigned dawning horror. Then she smiled tentatively, waiting to see how she reacted to the joke.


To the onlooker, it might have seemed as though the girl sitting with Briar lacked any visible emotion, or perhaps that she was bored with the situation or had checked out mentally. However, this was very much not the case. Her job with the Ferret had been a whirlwind and she was still struggling to catalog the whole thing in her head.

First, she'd been part of a ship looking to cultivate crops while sailing through the 'Verse. Then she'd been stuck in a shuttle launching herself at a star. After she'd been rescued, she had very briefly worked on the savior ship, and had almost allowed herself to begin growing little itty-bitty roots and to feel a connection with the crew. Fast forward to now, sitting in a questionable drinking establishment while the crew left without her. Her eyes rose slowly from her drink to glance at Briar. Well... without her or Briar.

One hand wrapped itself around the cold glass of milk while the other slowly rose to pluck at one of the braids tangled in her dark hair, gaze locked blankly on her drinking partner's face. She didn't look forward to hiding in another ship's cargo hold to get her to the next whatever, but if she had Briar hiding with her it might not be too bad...

The woman's voice focused her eyes and brought her out of her thoughts enough to look with her toward the sign, her brows furrowing thoughtfully and nose scrunching up along the bridge. Did dogs make milk? When Freya turned back to Briar, she just looked perplexed, and a little alarmed. Did dogs make milk!? Her lips pursed, hard, the skin around them turning pale before she set her palms down on the table and leaned forward to whisper, "Dogs make milk?"

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