S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather

Started by noseatbelts, April 28, 2020, 01:48:53 pm

Cooper Brown

Cooper too was curious about the lawman who'd followed them openly after the kerfuffle. But he let the old martial artist do the questioning. He'd come off more benevolent than he would asking those questions. Partly because it'd be his instinct to ask with his hammer if he didn't sound truthful. Interrogation wasn't his specialty anyway. Neither was combat technically. It was never supposed to be his primary job, even in the army. But things kept turning out in such a way that Coop kept having to put hurt on other men. Well, he could have taken that job with the cruise company. But everything about that gig seemed objectionable to him except he couldn't articulate why.

So here he was. Getting the blood spatter wiped off his face by his aristocratic smuggler of a captain. As wildly different as they were he respected her courteous nature and the manners didn't feel like they were all show. He winced slightly as she cleaned him up but couldn't help but make an embarrassed smile when she was done.

"Cheers, Cap."

Coop looked around the group to find Francis and meandered over to him as they waited for someone to answer the door. He was about as relaxed as he normally seemed but his eyes did betray him. He was looking at every nearby building, the street, just looking for any sign of a trap or something being off.

Mr Brown cleared his throat and confided to his workplace proximity associate in a slightly hushed tone:

"Yeah. Give it 'bout fifty-fifty odds somebody's gonna try and pull our trousers up over our heads again."

Akhsar King

Quote from: Jedikiah Rembo on August 18, 2020, 11:50:45 am"Does anyone require immediate medical attention?"

King ignored Jeds question. His foot would definitely require medical attention, but not the kind they could do on the move out in the open. Plus, King was pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to get his boot back on if he took it off now, what with the swelling that was undoubtedly starting. The best thing he could do was cinch his laces up real tight and pray he didn't need to kick anyone else today.

While Jed attended to the others, King hobbled around and retrieved the pieces of his sidearm. He reassembled the weapon and holstered it, with a round in the chamber. If at all possible he would avoid using it before he had a chance to clean it, but at least he would have one shot if it came to that.

King kept his eyes in motion as they walked, constantly looking for new threats. Thankfully he was able to hide the severity of his limp, but the ache in his foot was getting worse. As they moved farther from the scene of the fight he could see Charity relax, the tension leaving her shoulders and face. She absent mindedly brushed the front of her gown, dislodging most of the dust from it. "Do I look alright?" She asked a whisper, her cheeks reddening slightly. "You look every part the fearless leader." He said, matching her hushed tone. "Also you missed a spot." He gave her a wry grin, obviously teasing.

The house that Francis let them too was like many King had seen growing up. It positively screamed Money. King felt the weight of the "ration pack" tucked against his side under his coat. He'd wanted to surreptitiously open it and take a look inside, but hadn't risked it with Francis so close, not to mention the self proclaimed "former lawman" escorting them.

Charity looked up at him with furrowed brows. He shrugged in reply. She spent a few moments dusting everyone off and making them as presentable as she could given the circumstances. She brushed off Kings torso, and gave him an apologetic look for his foot. He gave her an appreciative nod before his eyes resumed scanning the surrounding area for threats. "All right," Charity mummer to herself as she pushed the call button.

"Yeah. Give it 'bout fifty-fifty odds somebody's gonna try and pull our trousers up over our heads again."

King barely made out Coops hushed comment to Francis, and grinned. He was thankful someone else shared his own apprehension. Coop had proved to be quite good in the fight earlier, and apparently had good instinct as well. A good man to have around.

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