S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather

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Charity took her time getting to the cargo bay, (because she wanted time to think, not because she didn't know where it was...), and by the time she sashayed into the room, she'd run into Pele and they'd been able to walk in together. It was like someone carrying two bouquets of flowers into a dingy depressing room. Bright colors, excellent fashion, and although the two women were very different in terms of particular style and personality, they both had an air of refinement and class about them that was hard to dull or hide.

"Captain!" Charity's steps faltered for a moment as the man shouted at her across a room like a savage. Her brows rose slightly and hands moved from her sides to clasp at the front of her waist, holding the pink monstrosity that was her hat carefully, not wanting to ruffle or crush the lace. "You and I should synergize about the, um, deliverables before we arrive. I have an agenda, sorta-" The aristocrat remained where she was, watching him attempt to have a conversation while there was a world of space between them. Her shock at his lack of manners eventually melted into a slow smile filled with amusement, although she continued to watch him from where she stood. "did you, I can't- I'll come to you." There you go.

"Hi. I have an address for Lady Sun. We're supposed to bring the goods there," he informed her, from a much better distance. She nodded and lifted a hand to push a stray (but intentional) dark curl away from her face, letting it frame her features instead. "Marvelous," she replied, offering him a little downward nod of her chin and another smile, "Thank you for your assistance with this," she added, her attention moving away from him to settle first on Jed, who she gave his own nod of greeting, and then onto Mister Cooper. As he worked, she tilted her head very slowly to look around Francis and watch, a curious, albeit impressed, look on her porcelain features.

"Thank you, Mister Cooper," she said, moving around Francis to offer Cooper her hand, palm faced downward. "I'm glad at least one of us knows how to use all of these fancy tools," Charity continued, laughing musically at that. "I think I can figure out the coffee machine, I'd imagine it's closer to what I'm familiar with." She slipped her hand around his elbow and stood beside him, grinning up at him with the full brightness of a sun. "I'm sure we have enough time before we land for some coffee and biscuits. Hopefully there are biscuits..."


Coffee was made and distributed. There were, in fact, biscuits, though they were a generic surplus variety, as opposed to the fine tea cookies Charity might have preferred. But refreshments were refreshments and complaining never got anyone anywhere. Time passed, preparations were completed, snacks munched, and it was time. Evie returned to the cockpit to get them safe and landed at Eavesdown, which went without a hitch. She was good at what she did and Eavesdown Port Authority saw so much traffic they were given the opposite of a hassle on their way down; apathy. Nobody cared who they were or why they were there.

Finally, they'd reached their destination. Now to drop off the goods, get out of there, return to Iscariot, and get paid. At least, one would hope that's how everything would happen. One could never be sure. Everyone who had, for whatever reason, made up their mind to go ashore had gathered in the cargo bay. The doors opened, the light of the mid-day sun came in, and the sites and sounds (and smells) of the Docks overwhelmed the senses. No sooner had anyone from the Odette escaped the steel grating of her deck and touched toe to terrain than a man in a hard-to-miss white changshan and pitch black rounded sunglasses approached. He bowed. "Xiàwǔ hǎo. I am Bao Lin and I will escort you to Lady Sun." He offered a tight smile and turned on a heel, revealing a dragon with bright red talons on the back of his jacket. He led them a short distance through the crowd to a waiting group of black suited guards with the same sigil displayed. If one were to take notice, the crowd was sure to keep its distance from them.

Jedikiah Rembo

As the crew, or at least the landing party shared Jedikiah took a respectful position near the Captain. He had decided that she would be most likely to indulge his attendance at whatever mischievous undertakings were about to occur.

He had listened quietly as the others spoke, especially Charity and Francis. They both offered the show of being in charge of the venture, but both seemed also, at least on the surface, that they respected that the other had equal authority. Very interesting they were, and the situation.

"Captain," he interjected with as much finesse as he could could and still be sincere. Yet his statement of 'captain' was one of definite deference. He was asking her because she was in charge. Not Francis. It was a manipulation of sorts, he knew that. Repressing the slightly guilty feeling of his wedging his way to a little selfish adventure felt... fun.

"If you could find any use for me, I would happy to contribute. Help with the delivery, I've handed a few hover mules or otherwise." His eyes made a half look toward Francis as if to perhaps maybe he should check with him, but then reverted back to Charity.

Jedikiah smiled with pleasure. "And to be perfectly honest. I would love to have a good purposeful walk about."

Yang Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu
 - And Medical Practitioner


Charity stood with King at one side and Francis at the other, although she wasn't sure if Francis' positioning was to offer her support or to keep an eye on her. She figured the reasoning didn't matter, as long as he helped her get through this next portion of their job. Her hat had now been pinned delicately and perfectly atop her head, and a pink lace umbrella rested in the crook of her elbow, ready to be opened to block the harsh sun from assaulting her skin. As the doors opened, the aristocrat fought every urge to back up or cover her face with her hands. Instead, she simply stiffened, reached into a pocket in the side seam of her voluminous outer skirt, and retrieved a white linen handkerchief with her initials embroidered on its corner. She held it daintily at her nose and cleared her throat. "This is not what I imagined Persephone would smell like," she whispered to King, or Francis. Either/or. She'd only ever heard wonderful things about this planet, of it's glittering parties and famously wealthy families, so this was not what she expected...

As the man approached their group, she lowered the handkerchief and straightened her spine, chin lifting just slightly. "Xiàwǔ hǎo. I am Bao Lin and I will escort you to Lady Sun," he informed them, and Charity offered him a nod of her head and a warm smile in return. He had manners. She enjoyed that immensely.

"Captain," came a voice from near her. She turned slowly, brows raised in curiosity and expression soft. It was their new doctor, Jed, or perhaps more appropriately, Doctor Rembo. She smiled gently, nodding her chin as though to give him permission to continue or perhaps just to let him know that he had her attention. "If you could find any use for me, I would happy to contribute. Help with the delivery, I've handed a few hover mules or otherwise," he requested, and her smile only grew. What a kindly old man, already ready to assist the crew beyond his standard duties. Perhaps the dear Gwen had known what she was doing in leaving him with them in her place. "And to be perfectly honest. I would love to have a good purposeful walk about." She turned the rest of the way to face him, reaching out with her empty hand to settle it on his upper arm, "I would be honored to have you accompany us. I imagine we'll leave the heavy lifting to Mister Cooper, he does seem quite skilled with that machine of his, but I would be extraordinarily thankful for your wisdom and your company," she agreed, accepting him into the Away Team. It didn't escape her notice that he'd come to her and not Francis, and she didn't bother to hide the amusement on her face at that choice.

Of course, she looked back at King and Francis with raised, curious brows, before settling back into place between them and allowing their contact's emissary to lead them to the rest of his companions, the parasol snapping open and held up above her head in all its frilly splendor. She looked around as they walked, not necessarily noticing the distance the crowd had put between them and the business folk, but instead noting the conditions and the obvious poverty of this particular location. She frowned, once again bringing the handkerchief up to her lips, and holding it just below her nose. A bubble of nerves danced in her stomach, and she turned to look at her group, reassured by their presence and confident in their abilities. Mostly.

Pele Kesher

If the pastel-colored frills and bows adorning Charity's ensemble made her resemble a pink dahlia, Pele's sleek, subtly embroidered indigo dress was evocative of an iris -- both stunning flowers, but in very different ways. The companion was content to stand back while the doors opened and Lady Sun's emissary introduced himself, but once it was time to follow him through the crowd, she slipped between Charity and Francis with an effortlessness only someone highly trained in the art of grace and poise could pull off. You could hardly tell she was wedging herself in a spot that wasn't intended for her.

Pele wasn't quite sure why she'd been asked to come along. Perhaps Charity, being a high society lady surrounded by riff raff, wanted a bird of a feather by her side. Perhaps her presence was simply meant to make their rag-tag team look more presentable. When Cecil told her to stand around and look pretty she despised it, but somehow the request didn't feel as aggravating coming from another woman of her similar social standing.

Still, Pele had initially considered rejecting the request, since prancing about in public probably wasn't the best idea right now, especially this close to the Core. Yet the horror of her encounter with Johnny was already fading from her memory, and her curiosity finally got the best of her. She still didn't believe this job was exactly what Charity thought it was, but she doubted it was anything seriously life-threatening either. And it wasn't like she was being completely careless: she'd wrapped a silk scarf around her head, which was enough to make her less immediately recognizable to bystanders while passing for a casual fashion statement instead of an obvious disguise.

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