Evelyn Maddox

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Evelyn "Evie" Maddox

Spinning Dizzy

Age:  30

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Recreation Planning Specialist, Food Recipe Experimenter, Human Disaster

Appearance:  Austere. Tactful. Traditional. These descriptors aptly fit the public image of the Maddox clan, a prominent family on Londinium steeped in politics and military tradition. Preconceptions of Evelyn Maddox formed from name alone tend to be shattered within a few minutes of meeting her. Standing at all of five foot two and with a healthy weight, a rosy complexion, and bright blue eyes, Evie is a pint sized blast of vibrance from head to toe. Her face is framed by a pink shock top of wavy, shoulder length hair. Rare is the day that Evie is caught wearing less than two bright colors on her person, and often times two is not enough. Her wardrobe is a paint bomb mish mash of turquoise, baby blues, yellows and hot pinks. Whether viewed as unique or just plain tacky, there's no denying that Evie has a style all her own. Even her expressions and mannerisms lack subtlety. The lopsided smile that adorns her face all too often is as easy to read as an open book.

Faceclaim:  Faye Marsay

Initial Personality:  Some of Evie's peers back home took to characterizing her as "Aggressively Extroverted." She happened to like the description so much that she adopted it as her own. She's even gone so far as to drop the phrase during interviews when describing herself, with mixed results. If Evie's style and outward appearance tend to make a certain impression, that impression is usually confirmed and writ in stone within the first few minutes of conversation. She is a chatterbox through and through with a tendency to try and befriend everyone she meets. Her high energy and streak of bubbly optimism is something folks either find endearing or nauseating. Nothing but the bleakest of situations seems able to break it down. She's the sort of person that dances and sings in the shower, with no shame in doing it loud enough that everyone can hear.

Underlying Personality:  Evie likes to think of herself as outgoing, sweet, and funny. There is absolutely no denying that first point but the other two are up for debate. While its true that she makes every effort to befriend anyone she meets, a combination of blunt honesty and ignorance can sometimes lead to a case of foot-in-mouth disease. Evie has accidentally caused offense enough times that she's mastered the art of awkward apologies as an essential life skill. As for humor, she's got a goofy immature streak about her and will probably always be a child at heart. Folks either love it or hate it, there's rarely any inbetween.

Despite the optimism that she so easily projects, it isn't all rosy underneath. Sometimes that aggressive extroversion is thrown around just to cover up insecurities and fear of loneliness underneath. Coupled with a tendency for her emotions to run strong, and a bipolar diagnosis, Evie experiences some wild manic highs and some crippling lows.

Known History: 
  • Born in 2489 to Stanton Maddox - scion of the Maddox Clan and respected naval officer - and his wife Victoria Maddox. Evelyn is the second of four children. Her brother Bryce, is older by three years. Her brother Connal was born a year after her. Nora, her sister, is four years her junior.
  • Evie's adolescence is marked with repeat infractions and one or two more serious. Her most common method of mischief is joyriding. Charges were almost always dropped, and only one or two of these instances remain on her permanent record.
  • In 2504 Bryce Maddox enrolls in university on Ariel with a focus on business and politics. His schooling is put on hold two years later when he is fastracked into a Naval Officer Training Program at the onset of the Unification War.
  • Evie's misspent youth fostered an interest and aptitude in piloting. She begins the process for obtaining a flying license but is nevertheless she is fastracked into the same Naval Officer Training Program as her brother a year after him. Her record over the next eight months is spotted with multiple disciplinary infractions, two suspensions of privileges and an eventual expulsion.
  • Prior piloting experience leads to Evie being relegated to an Alliance Logistics Corps as a cargo pilot. She serves a four year tour and walks away at the first mention of re-enlistment.
  • Evie obtains a commercial piloting license and finds work on a freighter ship. She spends the next few years ferrying cargo and passengers throughout the core. She spends almost no time on Londinium.
  • In early 2419, Evie finds herself under investigation for collusion with a known smuggler and is on record stating that she was tricked into doing so and is in fact innocent.

Other History:  Evelyn Maddox was never going to thrive under the impossible standards set by her parents. Even as a child standing next to Bryce meant being overshadowed. He was the golden child, the son that could do no wrong and a carbon copy of Stanton himself. "Why can't you be more like your brother?" was a phrase uttered wearily often. Ironically enough, the effect it had was quite the opposite of what was intended. Although she bears no ill will toward her brother, there is undoubtedly a rift between them, and family pressure pushed her further and further toward being everything he was not.

Evie's younger brother Connal was much closer in age and so she latched onto him as tightly as she could. They were inseparable as children, and when adolescence came about their appetite for mischief grew together. With a few more years joyriding became their mayhem of choice. Despite being caught by authorities more than once, the only consequences they normally suffered were at home. Stanton had too much pride in his family's name to let it be stained, and so used his influence to have their infractions swept under the rug. That did not mean they got off the hook scott free.

Eventually Connal outgrew his penchant for thrillseeking and found other pursuits to occupy himself with. Evie, however, never did, and decided to find a more practical outlet for such things by becoming a pilot. She was able to obtain a private license under an instructor that was friends with the family. Evie intended to push this further, but life had other ideas. With the onset of the Unification War Evie was pressured into following her brother into a naval officer training program in order to carry on the family's proud military tradition. Perhaps Stanton thought that military discipline would make a more respectable person out of his eldest daughter. He could not have been more wrong.

The months dragged on and Evie became miserably depressed. The lifestyle that was forced on her made her chafe at every turn, and her tendency toward stirring trouble reared up in a big way. Her list of offenses included several instances of tardiness, failing to to live up to regulations, being caught with alcohol, and an incident that earned her the moniker "Footloose" among fellow cadets. Stanton's influence had its limits, and Evie was expelled from the program after eight months. Evie's relationship with her father was strained to the breaking point. Still expected to serve, she was relegated to a Logistics Corp where she spent a miserable four years. The only comfort was that her piloting license made her a candidate for further training in that regard. She still chafed under the regulations, and flying a supply chain was dull as dirt, but it was something.

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of those four years was how easy it made transferring into the civilian sector as a pilot. Evie found work ferrying cargo and passengers throughout the Core and as far out as Persephone. The fact that she rarely goes home, and never for longer than a week at a time, was a sort of blessing in disguise for all parties concerned. Though the work wasn't glamorous, and usually not all that exciting, it was a step up. Evie often got caught up in meeting passengers inbetween trips, and from their stories formed a rather romanticized view of the Verse. Persephone became her favorite planet to visit, and on more than one occasion she entertained thoughts of quitting her job to find work on a ship bound for the fringe worlds. It never happened, but she also never tired of meeting folks from far flung places.

Whether her fault or not, trouble never did leave Evie alone for too long. A few years of relative stability were interrupted when she met a woman on Persephone by the name of Adria Carlyle. Tall, fair, with auburn hair, sparkling eyes, and legs for days. Adria had a charm to match her elegance and after an hour of drinks and conversation Evie was crushing on her hard. They were on odd couple; Evie often expressed how Adria was out of her league. Indeed, she was wrapped around the woman's finger and when she asked Evie to pick up a parcel from one of Adria's acquaintances on her next trip to Osiris, Evie didn't think to question.

The parcel in question was in fact illegally appropriated medical supplies, and when a customs inspection revealed as much and Evie was left high and dry, she felt like a goram idiot. Despite going on record with the whole story, her job was suspended, authorities had nothing to offer but skepticism, and she couldn't help but feel as if the walls were closing in. Panic drove Evie to skip town on the first ship out before the investigation was completed. She didn't even inquire as to the destination. As luck (or misfortune) would have it, she found herself on Iscariot Station.

Skills and Strengths: 
  • Being a pilot has gotten into Evie's skin from the moment she took her family's vehicle out for a joyride for the first time. Where once it was simply for the thrill of being reckless, time has taught Evie to appreciate the more subtle aspects of her chosen profession. There's a sense of freedom that comes along with flying, especially through the black. She has spent countless hours inside of a cockpit, and even in the face of situations she's never encountered there's nowhere that Evie feels more confident. And while her preference is for being in the air, she is equally competent when it comes to driving on land. Experience has taught her in either case when to keep a steady hand, and when to work in just the right amount of reckless.
  • Evie is a social butterfly. Its not enough to say she's at her best around other people. She practically requires them to function. Meeting people and striking up conversation comes as naturally to her as breathing, and drawing introverts out of their shell and bringing people together is a specialty. Despite coming off as more of an awkward goofball than someone legitimately charming, there's something about her demeanor that makes Evie very approachable. Even her occasional bouts of foot-in-mouth syndrome are often shrugged off as harmless, though that varies from person to person.
  • Evie's a pretty good cook. Sort of. Wanton experimentation in the kitchen can lead to some genuine delights and trash can disasters in equal measure.
  • Evie's got dance moves for days and a rhythm that suggests there's music playing in her head.

  • Trouble has been a constant companion for much of Evie's life, whether through her own doing or just being in the wrong place. As far as she's concerned, its just godawful luck. More likely it has to do with some less than desirable traits. The truth is that Evie's fear of loneliness and desire to surround herself with friends has caused her to be more trusting than she should be. Even with recent experiences being what they are, she's a slow learner when it comes to her gullible streak.
  • Evie's got a nervous sort of energy that rarely stays quiet. She, in turn, never really stays quiet either. Aside from the fact that being a chatterbox might simply get on someone's nerves, its also the most common cause of her dreaded foot-in-mouth syndrome. Being on the wrong end of an interrogation would be a disaster.
  • Don't get her involved in a fight unless you want to lose. Evie has no experience in the arena of violence and doesn't really have a violent bone in her. If getting into a scrap doesn't get her killed in a gruesome fashion or lumped up so badly she can't open her eyes, the best she can hope for is utterly embarrassing herself.


Typically on her person:
A pack of breath mints can usually be found stuffed in one of her pockets.
2 toothpicks for emergencies
A stack of yellow sticky notepads and a doodling pen.

An overstuffed suitcase containing a very oversaturated, colorful wardrobe.
Several tacky bracelets
A handful of photographs of Evelyn with her younger brother captioned 'Evie and Conny'
A romance serial novel with several folded pages.
A deck of playing cards


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Medical Records

Official Records:
Bipolar DisorderPatient exhibits significant and frequent changes in mood, swinging from mania to depression with no obvious triggers. The most extreme examples seem to be fairly short lived and medication is not required at this time.

Alias/Ship Records:

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