Arlo Fisher

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Arlo Fisher

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Arlo Fisher

Age:  44

Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Intelligence Analyst

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Security Consultant, Dishwasher

Appearance:  European facial features stretched over a tall slender frame standing at 6ft2, body type appearing more athletic than aggressive.Short cut hair and beard of Salt-Pepper coloration. Eyes hidden behind round framed tinted glasses. Clothing choices appear to be for comfort and utility of use over that of fashion.

Faceclaim:  Jean Reno

Initial Personality:  Always displaying a steady calm,being soft spoken and attentive. The type of person who looks you in the eye when they are speaking with you. Well mannered

Underlying Personality:  Arlo was very good at what he did as an Analyst. It was who he was. Loosing that has currently made him have to take a deeper look at himself. Figure out just what sort of person he truly is. One thing for certain is that he is a fighter, not one to back down easily from a situation. He cares for the well being of others, a trait that lead him to join the Military in the first place. He tries to see the good in people, even after everything that's occured to him.

Known History:  Searching... Arlo Fisher...
Birthdate: 04-26-2475
Birthplace: Core Planet of Bernadette within the capital of New Paris.
Parents: Remy & Josefina Fisher
Education: Strauss Academy K-12
Military Service: REDACTED
Employment: REDACTED
Criminal Record: NONE

Other History:  2475 Born on Bernadette within the capital city of New Paris.
 His father Remy Fisher is a renown Chef operating a top restaurant within the city.
His mother Josefina Harlow Fisher studied as a Pastry Chef,meeting her husband in Culinary school.

2480 - Enrolled in the Strauss Academy to begin grade school
2483 - At age eight Arlo began assisting his mother and father around the restaurant with minor chores. By the time he was sixteen he knew every aspect of running a restaurant.
2492 - Graduated Strauss Academy with honors.
2493 - Enlisted in the Alliance Military upon his eighteenth birthday. Arlo sought out the role of Military Police,having always cared for the safety and well being of others. He was deployed to Persephone were he conducted all five years of his Military Police activities.
2498 - After five long years working as an Alliance Military Police Officer,Arlo set his sights on gaining entry into Military Intelligence. He studied every chance he could and took extra work assignments to show his superiors his willingness. After passing the qualification testing he was assigned to Military Intelligence,Alliance Military "Night Stalkers"
2503 - Recruited by Ministry of Intelligence Londinum for his outstanding work within the Intelligence community. Assigned to Intelligence Analyst training.
2506 - 2511 - War of Unification spent working as an Intelligence Analyst. Under went secondary Alliance Boot Camp in preparedness for possible deployment into the field.
2511 - 2519 - Continued employment Intelligence Analyst, Ministry of Intelligence,supervisory level.
2519 - During  the first hours of the Miranda Signal being broadcast across the Cortex, the Ministry of Intelligence was swarming with staff. All hands on deck,especially within Arlo's Intelligence Analyst department. The call had come from his Supervisor, who received a call from his. An hour into the investigation the computers starting going dark for no reason. His department was sent home to start fresh the next morning. The next morning everything that Arlo knew to be his life changed. A cortex call from his Supervisor came through in the early dawn. A simple message was given with a deep fear in his eyes. RUN!

Skills and Strengths:  ▪︎Hell's Kitchen: Knows the ins and outs of what is needed to operate a restaurant,having helped in his parents place from age 8 to 16.
▪︎Law & Order: His time serving within the Military Police has provided him with a solid understanding of the legal system, as well as exceptional investigative skills.
▪︎Soldiering: Time within the Alliance Military has provided him with knowledge and skill regarding Light Firearms,Body Armor, Hand to Hand, Navigation,Survival,and Tactics.
▪︎Covert: Skill set and understanding of tradecraft taught and utilized by employees within the Ministry of Intelligence.
▪︎Cortex Jockey: Skill set relating to the use of the Cortex for gathering information required as an Intelligence Analyst

Weaknesses:  ▪︎Rock on the wind: No skill regarding the operations of Air or Space craft.
▪︎Black Mark: Terminated from employment, work history erased, any claims are disavow,assets frozen.
▪︎That doohicky looks busted: No mechanical skills regarding Ground,Air,or Space craft.

Arlo Fisher

GO-BAG Within a gray nylon canvas multi compartment messenger style bag: First Aid Trauma Kit,Multitool, Filtered Canteen,Waterproof Matches,Alliance Military Poncho,Two Climbing Carabiners,100ft Parachute Cord,Pocket Flashlight, 4 Pair Socks,4 Pair Under Garments,4 Shirts,2 Trousers,1 Knee Length Jacket,Protective Sunglasses, Wool Beanie Hat,Hygiene Kit,1 Roll Duck Tape,2 Tubes of Protein Food Paste.

ELECTRONICS: Cortex Data Reader Pad,Data Disk with Intelligence Information, 4 Blank Data Sticks. Chargeable Battery Pack.

WEAPONS: Small 10 round capacity Handgun fixed with infrared sights,3 extra magazines loaded,Collapsible Baton,Pepper Spray,Tactical Ink Pen.

TRAVELERS WAIST BELT: Alliance ID Card,Ministry of Intelligence ID Card,Interpol Badge,$1,000 credits

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