Iscariot Shop - Prime Cuts (Sector 3B - Shop 6B)

Started by Moira Chambers, January 04, 2020, 01:08:19 pm

Moira Chambers


Location:  Sector 3B, Shop 6B
Owner:  Moira Chambers (established by Priya Tran)

Primary Purpose:  Hairdresser and barbershop
Secondary Purpose:  Front for an illegal clinic sponsored and patronized by Lil Sebastian
Equipment:  Salon: One hair basin for washing hair, three hairdresser's chairs (a weird number since there's only two people working here), barber's and hairdresser's tools, a selection of hair dye and styling products.

Clinic: An adjustable operating table, basic medical and surgical supplies. Most of the equipment has been acquired second-hand on the black market, so nothing fancy but it gets the job done.

Appearance:  Formerly called "Priya's Prime Cuts", the sign outside now merely reads "Prime Cuts", with a conspicuous space where the previous owner's name used to be. The salon is a small hole-in-the-wall establishment, with wooden furnishing that creates a classy but cozy atmosphere. Bottles and jars of product are scattered across counters and shelves in a manner that may appear sporadic to an outsider, but is actually an example of organized chaos; everything has its proper place, even if it only makes sense to the owner.

Upon entering, the mirrors, salon chairs and washing station are on the right. Two padded benches are placed against the left-hand wall for customers waiting their turn. Between them is a small coffee table with an elegant arrangement of (fake) flowers, a pot of complementary tea and a pile of magazines for browsing.

The entrance to the backroom, which is off-limits to regular customers, is tucked behind a Chinese-style screen partition at the back of the salon. Inside is a small storage area that has been converted into a makeshift clinic where Moira treats and operates on Lil Sebastian's accomplices and other patients who for some reason can't or don't want to go to the station's medbay. While somewhat cramped, it's much more organized than the cluttered salon and surprisingly immaculate for a backalley establishment: Moira takes great care to keep the room as up to code as possible with her limited resources. The clinic can also be accessed through the maintenance hallway behind the store if you have the code, which is given to a select few individuals.

Dialogue color: mediumpurple
Owner of Prime Cuts

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