Angela Evans

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Angela Evans
Player: Lomari

Age:  35
Gender:  Biologically Female
Primary Occupation:  Asset
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Specialist

Appearance:  Androgynous and unassuming, Angela is typically seen (if she's seen at all) sporting an asymmetrical bob and a business suit. She is tall and lithe with chiseled features that could broadcast either male or female depending on her need. Her eyes are a light grey-blue and her skin is pale and surprisingly unblemished, although upon closer inspection it might have been altered to appear that way. Her fingertips are unnaturally smooth and her teeth perfectly capped in ivory.
Faceclaim:  Tilda Swinton

Initial Personality:  A winter's blizzard. She is cold and unfeeling, frigid and dangerous. Beneath the blue of her eyes is the darkness of a winter's night and the frost of a hardened lake. She doesn't laugh, she doesn't smile, and if she should do so, it only precedes something terrifying and painful. She is self-sufficient and fiercely independent, refusing to rely on others for most things (like company, friendship, most low-level technological issues that she can manage on her own, and the success of a job).
Underlying Personality:  Confusion reigns supreme. Confusion about others, about their ties to one another, about their emotions and their experiences. Confusion about families. Confusion about friends. And an anger at her inability to understand.

Known History:  Cortex Search "Angela Evans"...


Found: Angela Evangeline Evans
Birthdate: [Classified]
Birthplace: Londinium, White Sun System
Mother: Evangeline Evans
Father: Edward Evans
Education: Private tutelage.
Employment: [Classified]


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Other History:  Angela Evans, daughter of Edward Evans and Evangeline Evans, was raised on Londinium amidst the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Not but a few blocks away from the Alliance Parliament building and its surrounding Alliance government complex, she was no stranger to the constant buzzing of political and corporate business. Edward and Evangeline were computer systems and communication technology specialists, dealing in the 'researching and manufacturing of up and coming technologies' meant to be sent out via the Blue Sun corporation to their subsidiaries and shell companies across the 'Verse. Like most of the lucky ones in the megacorporation's employ, Edward and Evangeline were loyal to the brand.

For several summers over her formative years, Angela was sent to corporately sponsored camps meant for 'team building and the development of interpersonal skills' among the other children of Blue Sun employees. At the end of each subsequent summer, their daughter's obsession and devotion to the conglomerate became deeper, more rigid, and vastly worrying. She adhered inflexibly to what she had come to know as their doctrine and set of beliefs, feeling even her parents weren't doing enough to show their support for the establishment that put food on their table and a roof over their heads. For years, this continued, and her parents grew increasingly alarmed. Angela had become well versed in martial arts, thanks to the 'workshops' held at the camps that she now insisted she go to. Her behavior became suspicious, distrustful, and disdainful toward her family.

At 16, Angela was granted a position within Blue Sun, although her parents were never informed of the title or pay scale and their daughter moved out to live in on-site dormitories provided by the multiplanet corporation. Two years later, her parents were under investigation pending charges of a breached NDA and suspected corporate espionage against their parent company. Of course, these charges were entirely internal, and the couple was never arrested by any Alliance official. Instead, on a moonlit night at a quarter to twelve, they were found dead in their Londinium estate. It had been clean, efficient, and after a month of dead-end leads and no information to go on, the Alliance marked it as a Cold Case and moved on, leaving their daughter with the Evans' estate and holdings, which were promptly transferred to a subsidiary belonging to Blue Sun.

Angela found her calling in working the corporate espionage cases assigned to her by her benefactors, as well as doing the dirty jobs those in charge didn't want to do themselves. At age 19 she was enlisted with the Alliance, serving in the Union of Allied Planets Army as a low tier grunt for several years, participating dutifully in the unification war from 2506 to 2509, although she never seemed to indicate her opinion on the war or on which side was in the wrong. Her work was consistent and commendable, however, she never sought any promotions and left at the end of her contract in 2509. Whether or not this was done to upgrade and fine tune her skill set, or if the entirety of her enlistment had been done under the guise of information gathering was unclear. Especially to anyone on the outside looking in. 

She made her way from station to Skyplex to planet for the next 10 years, never staying around long enough to make much of an impression on anyone and finishing her work quickly and efficiently. Assisting in setup for future shell corporations, removal of risks to company supply lines, and altogether upkeep of the great and glorious Blue Sun. 

Skills and Strengths:  Several forms of Martial Arts.
General piloting (shuttles, small crafts)
General mechanical skills (keeping said small crafts running, day to day mechanic duties)
Technological prowess
General Medical Skills (Self-care as simple as disinfecting, up to self-stitches).
Gun handling and safety.
Highly intelligent.
Weaknesses:  Genuine emotions.
Engineering above day-to-day maintenance and the occasional very specific tool operation know-how.
Piloting anything larger than a Firfly class vessel.
Medicinal skills above the skill set of basic wound maintenance.
At the utter mercy of her Masters.
No Friends or Family to speak of.
Difficulty working on a team or in a group setting. 

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Angela Evans

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Standard issue side-arm.
Rolling suitcase filled with 'tools' and 'supplies'.
Duffelbag of clothing that does not need to be pressed.
Garment bags for the suits and slacks.
Cortex data pad.
Cortex pocket watch.

Angela Evans

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