Moira Chambers [WIP]

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Moira Chambers

Age:  39
Gender:  Female
Primary Occupation:  Barber/hairdresser
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Surgeon
Equipment:  TYPE HERE

Appearance:  With her unstyled ginger locks and sensible attire, Moira probably doesn't match most people's mental image of what a typical salon owner looks like. That's not to say she's unattractive; there is a cold beauty to her features, all angles and cheekbones and alabaster skin, she just doesn't do much to highlight it. Despite standing at a mere 5'4", she can have a very commanding presence, particularly when she's in full doctor mode and there's a bleeding patient requiring her assistance. She comes across as perpetually tired, as if she's operating in a constant state of mild sleep deprivation.
Faceclaim:  Jessica Chastain

Initial Personality:  Moira tries to put on a warm, friendly face for her clientele, at least some of the time; there are days when she just can't be bothered. While rarely outright mean or rude, she does come across as standoffish, and even when she's making attempts at small-talk, it's obvious that customer service isn't exactly her cup of tea. She has a very no-nonsense approach to cutting hair, most likely due to being more accustomed to cutting up people, an activity that leaves much less room for idle banter. If you catch her outside work hours she warms up a little, although her demeanor always seems to hold a certain rueful undercurrent.
Underlying Personality:  When it comes to her actual chosen profession as a trauma surgeon, it's safe to call Moira a workaholic. The constant pressure to overachieve is what ultimately wrecked her promising career on the Core, but she still practices her trade in secret because it's the only thing she feels truly passionate about. Her cynical exterior hides a bruised but kind soul; she knows full well that the Verse is full of bad people and isn't easily taken advantage of, but she tries to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever she can -- occasionally even Lil Sebastian and his cronies. The one person completely exempt from her good will is herself; Moira is wracked by a deep self-loathing that fuels her drinking problem. She likes to think of herself as a recovering addict, but she can only go for a day or two at most without alcohol, and that's being generous.

Known History:  TYPE HERE
Other History:  TYPE HERE

Skills and Strengths:  TYPE HERE
Weaknesses:  TYPE HERE

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