Episode 2: Sectors/Shops

Started by Maxell Graves, September 04, 2019, 11:18:01 am

Jedikiah Rembo

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Location: Jed's Quarters

The small room held two double bunks. Jed's bags were on the lower of one. Someone slept in the upper bunk. The other two beds were made and from the look, had residents that were elsewhere.  He found a change of clothes and changed in the nearby common toilet and showers.

He returned his clothes, made a few quick looks inside his bags. Already he considered staying in the Dojo.

Location: Valhalla

Minutes later he and Gwendola were just inside Valhalla. It was more flash than he had imagined but the concept was obvious. Lavish and bright, busy yet options for some privacy. Dark wood and a large number of vid screens, 'an interesting balance' thought Jed. Jedikiah wore white loafers, white slacks and a dark brown button down shirt.

"Preference on where we sit?"

Gwen Eiber

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Location: Valhalla

She was wide-eyed taking in the club.  It was definitely different than any of the bars she'd ever been in.  Very ritzy.  She felt a little out of place in her homespun dress but she didn't care. She looked about a recognized the hair at the bar.  She actually winced a little before forcing a smile.  "We can sit where ever you like Uncle Jed.  I unfortunately see someone I have to say hello to.  If you'll get us a table I'll be right back."

She gave her braid a tug, straightened her shoulders, smoothed down her dress over her hips and marched over to the bar where Amorru sat with a young woman.  She stood there for half a second, debating just joining Jed, but then almost as of it's own volition her hand came up and tapped him firmly on the shoulder.

When/if he turned around she was standing there in her homespun, home-sown gown, hands clasped firmly in front of her. Her waist length braid was hanging neatly down her back.  Her expression was very drawn, almost hangdog.  She wanted to give him the good news about Charity and Mr. King, but the apology she owed him was leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. Daddy would tell her duty was heavy, while death was as light as a feather.  She'd almost rather die than apologize to him, but she owed him one for getting so riled up and fussing him out in the medbay. "Mr. Amorru, may I have a word?"
Pretty is as pretty does.

Jedikiah Rembo

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Location: Valhalla

Jedikiah nodded his agreement and looked to where Gwendola's concern lay. The man that had been at the Medical Ward was in the tavern.

Looking for the best place where they would be able to sit and have a conversation Jed waited for assistance. He wasn't sure about seating himself even though the nightclub was not filled.  And then a question as to their even being a food service, but nightclubs generally did have that, though he was hardly an expert. The idea of a nice port was beginning to take hold of his cravings. He had not had a taste of the a good liquor for a long time. This place looked to house those tastes that might not be common in other establishment that clearly did not present as upper class.

Jed waited, considered the pattern of lights and music; sound through his ears and the vibrations through his body. It was meant to be overpowering, to seduce one to the rhythms of sensation. He let his mind relax and the experience take hold of him. His sense of awareness remained even while he let his senses be moved, a practiced balance of mindfulness.

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