Jedikiah Rembo

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Jedikiah Rembo

Age:  89
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Martial Artist
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Medical Practioner

Appearance:  Jed is old, but his lifetime practice of Kung Fu and Tai Chi have left him in excellent health. He's quick, average strength, but quite virile and has great endurance.
Faceclaim:  Chunhua Ji

Initial Personality:    Calm, cheerful, full of life. His quiet persona often manifests itself in loud good natured fun, but not at anyone's personal expense.
Underlying Personality:  More of the same. There is nothing false about Jedikiah. He Keeps harsh opinions to himself unless they could be helpful or instructive.
Non judgemental.
His years of meditation and material practices have left him a satisfied and happy person.
He takes pleasure in all he can
Will help those in need, pain, or loss.

Known History:  Born, 2430, on the core he was raised by a modest, lower middle class family on Sihnon.
In his early teens be began to follow the forms and practices of Kung Fu and Tai Chi, following a learned teacher, Sang-Fen. He studied medicine, and graduated with little fanfare in 2445.

Working the lower class hospitals, travelling the Core and Border worlds, and a few trips to the Rim, to places that were most in need of medical assistance. He met the second great love of his life (Marlena), another doctor that worked the harder places of the 'verse. They were married and travelled distant Rim Worlds and the 'verse.
Everywhere they went Jed also studied with the local martial art masters, learning and teaching.

‪2477-2478‬ A Paquin Carnivale
2479-2505 all over the rim and border systems.

Just before the war they were separated, she served on the Independant side of the war, but contact was lost.
During the war he was pressed into service as a surgeon on an Alliance hospital ship, again serving well, but with little notice or distinction.
2508-2511. Alliance Hospital Ship
2511-2512. Paquin Rehabilitation Hospital
He has maintained a humble attitude, doing his duty and making the world around him, those he meets and himself into the best they can be. Still following the Taoist practices of Yin/Yang and the Book of the Way.

His second love remains missing in action, presumed dead.

2513- Jed has travelled the verse, taking positions on various ships but has decided to settle on a moving space station. He would like to pass on his knowledge to deserving students. He has contacted the most promising and let them know that he will be providing his most prized teachings to any who wish to come and learn them.
Other History:  He met the first love of his life in medical school (Claudette), and she was lost as she chose another, someone destined for greater things, like a successful career. He never learned that Claudette was pregnant by him, never married anyone and raised his child, who in turned has procreated a large family. They have recently learned of their true Paternal Heritage.
Jed has not.

His second love Marlena is indeed dead. A few know of her death in a battle but have not known to contact Jed about the details.

Skills and Strengths:  Martial Arts
Jed, as a long time practioner of the 'soft hands' technique of Tai Chi and the 'hard hand' of Kung Fu is a master of unarmed combat and ancient weapons. He will rarely use this skill, and when things degnerate to the point where it must be used, he will do everything to limit it to purely defensive.
This does not mean he cannot act with some force, but only if a situation clearly merits it.

For example, he would deal with rowdies in a bar with humility and allow himself to be harmless tossed about and thrown out, but if pirates boarded a ship and he realized they were going to kill everyone, he would react with deadly counter-force to protect himself and crew.

Medical, both of the ancient holistics methods: natural remedies, acupuncture, acupressure, five elements; and also modern surgical techniques, including combat related due to his experiences in the war.

His skills of perception are finely honed. He's aware of things around him and is able to see the best in people, especially those he is around for any period of time.

Jed practices numerous crafts and artistic pursuits, but he is not a master or even journeyman of any of them. He enjoys them for the meditative and yet still practical uses. Basketry, painting, calligraphy, he has practiced and moved on through many through the years. And the violin....
Ability on the violin is decent, he could play at the local square dance or a small local symphony, but he is far from the middle echelon of a professional musician.

He is old
He's been to just about to near half the verse at some time or another. Though without many useful contacts, he has left a wake of good deeds behind him without any fame or legacy.

Weaknesses:  He is old. Certainly not near as fast or strong as he was 30 years ago, much less 50 years ago.

He still has some hope that Marlena is still alive somewhere, though with each passing year, it diminishes. Other than the cruelty and hatred he sees and cannot yet fathom, it is the one heavy thing he holds in his heart.

Jedikiah is familiar with Comm systems, barely, he can operate the CORTEX and the Ship's Comm but with slow cautious imprecision. No other technical or mechanical ability.

Jedikiah Rembo

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Very little, a few changes of various types of clothing and a well stocked medical bag. It contains the usual non-high tech medical equipment and a large amount of Medications, many of them natural and holistic. He has a full assortment of Acupunture needles.

His single truly personal item is a modest violin/fiddle. A simple mass produced variety.
Yang Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu
 - And Medical Practitioner

Jedikiah Rembo

Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
Yang Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu
 - And Medical Practitioner

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