Dizzy McGee

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Dizzy McGee

Age:  24
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Mechanic / Grease Monkey
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gun-hand

Appearance:  Short shoulder length wavy dark hair tinged with green her appearence is usually unkempt and ideally covered in dirt or engine grease. Dizzy really doesn't do what she considers to be the girly look as she leans more towards overalls, jeans, work boots and more functional attire.

Her most distinctive feature is the eye patch which covers her right eye. How she lost the eye nobody is sure and Dizzy certainly isn't tell often deflecting the question if brought up
Faceclaim:  Jodelle Ferland

Initial Personality:  For a girl with one eye Dizzy doesn't have a tough girl exterior and instead comes across as friendly if at times little manic as her excitement often can get the best of her. Given the choice she would rather be around the grime and noise of machinery than a crowd and as such can more often than be not be found in the engine room or getting her hands dirty fixing something.
Underlying Personality:  Loyal to her friends she will do anything to help them, though she is never quick to a fight.

Having gone from life on the farm and a small town exsistence into the order and routine of military life before being thrown out into the real world to fend for herself she tends to view the world with her wide eyed wonder at these new sights and sounds offered by the major cities can sometime distract her from the fact that the verse is full of ruthless and dangerous people meaning she will often rely on her fellow crew members to react first if the bullets and fists start flying.

Known History:  Raised by her grandfather on the dust bowls of the outer rim working the land and carving out a simple farm life free as her grandfather saw it as being free from the problems of the inner rim. It was would be from him she learned how to look after herself aswell as sharing his love for fixing things something of a necessity much like the ability to adapt thing and get creative when it came to problem solving
Other History:  Feeling there was more to life on the range and craving to see what else the verse had to offer set Dizzy out on her current path, intially taking on a minimum military service of four years in the Alliance seeing it as a way off the farm to get out though she carries no allegience to anyone but her friends, family and captain.

Upon completing her minimum term she choose to leave and see what the verse had to offer though needless to say the strict regime of military life had never suited a free spirit much less a smart mouthed one like Dizzy. As such she saw little in the way of combat kept largely in support positions, locked away in engineering bays and repair depots were her skills could be put to use without causing headaches to her superiors with her general refusal to do things by the book let alone a lack of desire to just fall in line and be another military drone. 

It was through this service she picked up a love for hacking enjoying a new set of problems while finding the same logic and puzzle solving challanges that engineering had provided her. It's widly assumed it was during this time she lost her eye but records are mudded between lost paperwork and sealed records. Upon her release she continued her travels through the verse picking up work were she get it and constantly on the look out for that next adventure

Skills and Strengths:  Engineering skills gained from her grandfather while a life spent mainly on the rim has given her a gift to adapt and bodge things together as she leans more towards functional than pretty.

Computer Skills - Dizzy has a keen eye for computer systems finding they bring her the same calm that engineering did and the joy in cracking the puzzles they present. Using her laptop she has build a knowledge of standard systems, their flaws and how to crack them.
Weaknesses:  Not the best fighter even though she can swing a punch, her current record has seen her coming off worse more times than she has won. As such Dizzy prefers firearms to fisticuffs.

Can get flustered in more intense situation relying on her crew members to center her, with her life going from a slow paced farm life and a buttoned down military enviroment she now finds herself without the comfort blanket of routine. As such the chaos of the centeral planets whose large populations are a far cry from her small town upbringing meaning the hectic pace is somthing she still struggles with prefering the familiarity of small towns.

A lover not a fighter Dizzy with her would rather avoid confrontation than seek it out. Sure she might join in the brawl to help her friends but she won't be the one starting it and hence lacks the upper hand in situations which call for more brawn than brains. 

Dizzy Mcgee

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Tools, Her trusty well worn backpack which carries her laptop and assorted program discs. Dizzy also tends to pick up a lot of junk she will assure you will be useful for something and as such normally has various screws and random items in her pocket along with a packet of cigarettes.

Her weapons being limited to a combat knife which is used as more of a tool than a weapon, while she carries a standard pistol for those unexpected moments

Dizzy Mcgee

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