Phoenix Company

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Ship Name: Phoenix Company

Ship Design and how we got to where we are at the start: ... like a leaf in the wind. A United Reclamation Transport Tug (see next post).
The tug was rented by Jax on Jiangyin to get to Greenleaf so he could meet up with Ronin. Alas, due to lack of funds due to the loss of a previous ship, he was only able to rent a barely functioning Tug. Fortunately he had been planning to meet up with Dizzy as well, and she did the best she could to get it up and running.
But alas, it broke down on the way to Greenleaf, the small pulse drive died. They used thrusters to make it the rest of the way. Too late. Ronin was gone.
Fortunately most of the crew of Ronin is still on Greenleaf Skyplex. Maybe they have a job?
Maybe they need a ship?
Well, we know the answer to that.

For starters they are at Planet Greenleaf Skyplex. They have rooms at the hotel, but will be going down below to the planet proper. Once there, their home base Will be the shuttle though crowded, maybe a couple hotel rooms down dirtside, did I mention a leaf in the wind?

Your Characters Role on Board: Captain, as Travis Chao, For now since it appears they will take a bounty job with his direction for their first effort.

Style of Ship: Definitely a 'struggling to get by'. They are not destitute, but they need to work. They are not people to let things get down to their last coin. And they are developing a stick together attitude, to help each other 'struggle on'.

Role play style: Player Character driven, with moderator narration to keep things interesting and so things never go entirely as planned or anticipated.

Style of Narration: PCs make plans in character, often moving/modding simpler things along but large narrator presence to guide the uncertainties


Narrator: Lomari
Captain: Travis Chao (Tojoyama)
Pilot: Newt Declan (Space Cowboy)
Dizzy McGee
Medic/Bodyguard: Mylena Yee (Buttongirl)
Gunhand: Luke OMalley (Magi)
Tech Specialist: Minato Kaneshiro (Raithfire)
Quartermaster/Gunhand: Jax (Rolemancer)

The Phoenix Company Pitch

The crew is left on Greenleaf Skyplex. Captain Kuei and others have left by order of the Alliance. So not really any hard feeling on getting left behind. But left behind they are.

To get thing running along out the gate:
Travis gets a wave in the Prelude/Prologue, "hey you still at Greenleaf? Can you get to down below. Half dozen jumped bail, holed up in cabin just north-northwest of Border Towns."
Just so happens they are very very close.
Travis says yes, but he needs to hire a shuttle, and a crew to get him to a bounty job. They are not hardened killers, but may resist. Six is a lot for a single bounty.
Travis asks if they want to help out, good paying gig.
But they need a shuttle or a ride.

Enter Jax and Dizzy....

This is happening in the prologue, with Moderator modification.

And off they go.


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Ship is small but enough for their needs.

☆ 6 Beds - two areas near cargo hold set up bunk house style.  one crew cabin set up with bunks & lastly one crew cabin with a single bed for 2 persons.

☆ Small kitchenette area

☆ Small shower facilities combo in cargo hold area

☆ A very used four setter covered mule included


Riot ~ Akhsar King


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The 578-R Light Transport affectionately known as 'Ruby Rose'...aka R-Squared.

Named after it's first owner Harold Ridley's wife and daughter. Well that was many years ago as she is on her sixth or seventh titleholder. The latest owner acquired the transport as payment for a large gambling debt. He never used it and has just sat unused and in disrepair on Jiangyin until Dizzy and Jax stumble upon her.

Dizzy -'She's a diamond in the rough.'
Jax- 'Beggars can't be choosers."

Jax was desperate to find a ride and this was the best he could afford. He managed to drag in Dizzy to help with repairs and get her up into the Black. They didn't need to fix everything since it was just a short lease. If all went according to plan Dizzy would be returning 'Ruby Rose' soon enough and in better shape than they found her.

Transport Synopsis:
No Pulse Drive...requires parts to repair
Reaction Drive...functions fine....just don't push it. Could use some attention.
Artificial Atmosphere Module....Needs adjusting

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