Episode 2 Walk about- Devon out for a stroll - post Odette arrival

Started by Devon McKinney, October 09, 2019, 03:27:49 am

Devon McKinney

She woke with a start, cracking her head into the bedframe above her. She let her head fall back onto the cool tile beneath her. She sighed softly, reaching up to touch her forehead gently.  It was slightly tender but no blood.  She didn't remember getting down onto the floor last night to sleep.  She had gotten into the bed, like every other night, enjoying the feel of the cool sheets on her skin and the softness of the mattress.  Was it an improvement she wondered, to just be sleeping under the bed, rather than waking up in her foot locker or in her closet? She didn't know.  It didn't feel sane, that's for sure, but it didn't feel worse than waking up in any of the strange places she had woken up before.

She sighed, getting up off of the floor and turning the small light on over the sink.  She rinsed her mouth out with a handful of water and then opened the bottle of pills sitting next to the toothbrush.  These ones were oval shaped.  Oval shaped and kind of pastel pink.  She shook one out in her hand and tossed it back.  She swallowed it dry as she started to cap the bottle.  She hesitated before she put the bottle back fully, opening it once more and shaking out a second pill.  She swallowed it dry as well and then set the bottle back on the sink.

She studied her face critically in the mirror.  The dim lighting was kind, softening the dark circles that always seemed to shadow her eyes these days and diminishing the crow's feet and frown lines. Once upon a time she had been somewhat vain about her looks.  She kept her dark curls cut so they looked perfect under her uniform cap and yet wouldn't get mashed under a flight helmet.  She had a whole pallet of paints and potions to make her complexion smooth and even.  Her uniforms pressed to perfection, her boots so highly shined she could use them like a mirror. It had been less than a year ago but it seemed like a lifetime. She chuckled to herself as she turned away from the sink and shuffled to the closet.  Such a thing would be like putting pearls on a pig now.

She went through her morning routine, though in truth she had no idea what time it was.  Push-ups, sit ups, pull ups, light cardio, it was all a routine she ran on auto pilot.  She didn't know why she kept up with it, it was just something ingrained into her that she did now.  It was followed by brushing her teeth, shaving her head and taking a shower. Dr. Grant would probably say it provided normalcy and structure, some drek like that. She didn't know, it was just something she did.
It was some time later that she would leave the room to go roam the halls of the space station.  She was dressed much like usual, dark pants, boots, tank top and her long coat covering it all, just making the circuit around the station.  She didn't have a destination in mind when she ventured out, but it wasn't like there were very many new places to go either or that many new faces to see.  The station was only so large and while ships came and went, it wasn't like she was the type to make new friends easily.  No jobs on the cortex either.  Nothing that suited her anyway.

She circled the station in a large loop, past the restaurants and bars, past the shops, past the housing areas, around past the docks and medbays and back again.  She hesitated when she went by Loki's place, it had been a few days since she had been in last but she wasn't too sure how'd forgiving he'd be about her bolting last time.  He might assume she was some type of medic, but maybe not. She slowed, looking inside to see if the red head was there, but not venturing inside yet.

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