Newt Declan

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Newt Declan

Age:  45
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Pilot
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Smuggler,Requisition Specialist

Appearance:  Standing at only 4ft4, Newt, tends to get noticed more than one would think. Well maybe not noticed, more like stared at. Newt,keeps a skruffy beard about his face most of the time, which matches the shaggy mop atop his crown, sometimes hidden under a black beanie. He prefers to dress for comfort and function over flashy attention drawing garments,sticking with jeans & sturdy boots.
Faceclaim:  Peter Dinklage

Initial Personality:  Newt,tends to keep to himself around strangers. That's not to say that he isn't pleasant or friendly. He just doesn't believe in revealing the whole story on page one. Not to mention, having everyone in a room stop talking to gawk at you most of your life makes for some pretty thick walls.
Underlying Personality:  Newt's many years of Hospitality training assisting the public,namely the rich,forced him to be on auto pilot around most people. Be polite, be professional, do your job,don't make waves,don't make trouble. Not bad for most,but can be lacking in life. If you're lucky to chip through the walls or even be allowed a key,then you'll notice that Newt, is a treasure to be around. Charming when the need arises,displaying a genuine concern for others. Newt,is actually quite outgoing,showing a talkative intellectual side that many never stop to explore.

Known History:  Newt Declan, was born out in the Black aboard the Crown Oasis, a Luxury Liner operated by a division of Blue Sun. The only child to parents Rupert Declan, an ensign Engineer aboard Oasis & Adryana Winters, star Cabaret Dancer aboard Oasis. The Chief Medical staff aboard Oasis, tried to explain to the young parents, that the wee babes condition was most likely due to being carried the full term in the conditions of space rather than planet side. He assured the two that their child should be able to live a full productive life with only minor set backs.
Other History:  2473- Entered the Verse kicking and screaming aboard the Crown Oasis, a Luxury Liner operated by a division of Blue Sun.

2473-2485  Childhood aboard Crown Oasis was similar to most children's I would recon. Each day consisted of tutor sessions provided to the crews children by Blue Sun Corp. Children have got to be properly educated. There were chores too,perhaps more than most had dirt side. It was ok though,  Mom & Dad were always around to offer advice.

2485- As was custom for crew families aboard Crown Oasis, at 12yrs old you were placed into apprentice ship studies. Sometimes you got to pick your area of study but more than most you got what you got,unless of course you had credits to say otherwise.  I didn't mind it so much, I was eager to learn whatever I could from whoever would teach me. I started out first as a Porter, helping with luggage and up keep of the facilities.

2489- By the time I was 16yrs old I had been a Porter, a Room Service Attendant, a Houseman, and was just about to embark on General Maintenance, much like my old man did. Might I add, I  also had quite the side gig of providing hard to find items to our guest as well as crew who could pay. Now I wasn't some petty thief mind you, nope I was running one hell of a Requisition business if I do say so myself. Item for a favor, item for an item and so on. You wanted a 30yr old aged bottle of Scotch,  I had a guy. You wanted fresh Lobster, I had a guy.

2491- Shortly after my 18th birthday I stumbled into a chance of a lifetime. One of the Co-pilots for the Crown Oasis's transport shuttles came down with a wicked case of food poisoning, rules being as strict as they are on Luxury Liners stated that each shuttle must have a crew of two to operate. The transportation Director was in a bind something awful,having a VIP arrival of 10 that he couldn't have delayed. Due to my reputation of being able to get things done,I was approached and given a quick how to speach on how to act like a Co-Pilot. Needless to say things went very smoothly and the Transportation Director now owed me a  favor.

2491-2493  A very kind letter of reference was provided to the Blue Sun Transportation Division on my behalf, allowing me to start real Aviation training with small & midsize transport systems.

2493-2498  After graduation I told my folks that I wanted to try and find my place in the Verse. Mom of course thought it was too dangerous, and Pop knew he couldn't say anything to keep me. Both were as proud as they could be but nervous none the less.  I was able to get on with Blue Sun,  operating Wern Class Shuttles as a third seat Co-pilot. Not the most glamorous job but the training was sufficient.

2499-2505  It was during this time that I truly put away all childish behavior and took a huge leap into putting others before myself. I had always heard whispers and talks in the shadows about Slavers, of how the poor and downtrodden struggling to survive as it is in the Verse just disappear. The thought made me sick, I had to do something. I spent countless hours and credits making the right connections learning all I could about those who would take the freedom of others. I linked up with a humanitarian outfit looking for Pilots who weren't afraid to fly into dangerous situations.

2506-2510  With much disdain  from my parents,  I  enlisted in Military Service Unification War/ Independants/ 160th Air Cav.  I recieved training in Combat Aviation associated with search and rescue operations.

2510- Captured on Beylix, charged with smuggling of Alliance cargo, sent to POW camp.

2512- Released from Alliance Prison Camp.
  2513- 2514  Alliance Investigation- acts of theft,destruction of property: Higgins Moon. No charges filed due to lack of evidence.

  2515-2517    Employed as a Taxi Shuttle operator "Get You There Express" Eavesdown Docks Persephone [ / td ] [ / tr ]
[ tr ] [ td ]
Skills and Strengths:  A Leaf On The Wind: First trained in Piloting of Cruise Ship Shuttle Craft during his stint with Crown Oasis Luxury Tours. Later trained in Combat Aviation Transport by Independent Forces of the 160th.

Kind Of A Brownish Color Coat: Trained in basic military operations to include smalls arms,hand to hand, land navigation,combat first aid and survival.

Roots In The Community: Being raised on a floating city out in the Black, you pick up a lot of little skills here and there from a lot of different people. You also learn real quick on how to keep all those different people happy.Some call it Thieven, I prefer the term Requisition Specialist,with a pinch of Smugglin for good measure.

Hospitality 101: Knows the ins & outs of skills needed for employment aboard a Luxury Cruise Ship ie. porter,stewart,room service,basic physical security, housekeeping, general maintenance.
Weaknesses:  Dwarfism - Only standing at 4ft4 the Verse has tried to swallow Newt whole, more than a few times. Certain items just don't fit quite right for him ie.tables & chairs,beds and vehicles. You do the best you can,with what you can.

 Out for Blood- Spent a number of years rescuing slaves from various slaver groups.Those type of people don't forget easily.

Minor Handiness- Able to help trouble shoot problems with ships and vessels, just no skills at fixing them.

Newt Declan

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Newt, tends to travel as light as necessary in case he has to relocate quickly. His standard traveling kit consist of a sturdy Backpack - Inside an assortment of Jeans and Shirts,Data Pad,Pocket Flashlight,Combat Ready Folding Knife,Security Baton,B&E Tools-Small Pry Bar and Palm Weilder,A couple food packets. His armament should it be needed consist of an FN-P90 and Matching FN5.7 pistol.

Newt Declan

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