Luke O'Malley

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Luke O'Malley

Age:  25

Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand

Secondary Occupation:  Passenger / Station Resident

Appearance:  Contrary to his nickname, Luke stands at a towering six feet seven inches tall and tips the scale at two hundred and sixty-ish pounds. He is in good shape, well muscled and light on his feet despite his large frame. His face is framed from below by a thick sandy blond beard and mustache while a loose mop of hair a slightly lighter shade of blond tops his head.

His eyes are a pale blue, that nearly pastel color that often makes it look like, when he stares, he is looking into your immortal soul, rather than at your face.

From fingertips to neck to ankles Luke is covered in a myriad of tattoos. All are quality artwork and each piece has some special meaning to the large man, though when questioned he generally replies that he enjoys art and how better to take it with him than have it on his skin.

Face Claim:  Josh Mario John

Initial Personality:  Luke his all grins and tattoos. Friendly to those who don't immediately take his inked skin as a sign of trouble of delinquency... despite that often being the truth. He has the swagger of a prize fighter and the body language of someone who had been there and done that at least a few times. Fortunately his youthfulness is hidden behind his facial hair and eyes too old for his age.

Flirtatious but generally bad at it Luke makes up for polished suave with genuine humor and a willingness to aim jokes at himself. Alternately should the situation require it Luke can draw on the face he learned on the streets of New Glasgow. A mean, feral dog look that says he is actively willing to split your from navel to nose for the lint in your pocket. And given his frame, its a bit of body language that doesn't often go unnoticed.

Underlying Personality:  A teddy bear with sharp teeth Luke is a good friend to those he likes and a fearsome foe to those who end up on his bad side. Fiercely loyal he had a bad habit of taking insinuation of disloyalty or dishonesty towards his friends very seriously. Beyond this much of his initial personality stays true even with friends. His humor and poor attempts at flirtation remain though. Due to his past Luke tends to be eager to prove himself as a loyal friend and someone to be trusted. An apt description by a previous captain was 'a big murderous puppy dog, starin' up at you with them big blue eyes and blood still dripping from his knuckles'.

Known History:  2494 - Born in New Glasgow, Londinium.
2499 - Began Public School
2509 - Last Public School Record.
2510 - Held for questioning regarding theft and assault charges, released on lack of evidence.
2516 - Brought in for questioning regarding affiliation with The Bridgeton Boys.
2517 - Visa Exit from Londinium.

There is currently a local wanted poster for his arrest on Bullet, one of Hera's two moons. This appears to be financed by a relatively well off tavern that claims that a seven foot tall behemoth of a man did considerable damage to the establishment and injured several guests. Other than a shody description the name of 'Little John' in provided. Along with the bounty of five hundred credits is considerably grainy security cam footage showing a man slam dunking another man though a poker table before back fisting another hard enough to take him off his feet. The reel loops from here.

Other History:  Luke honestly doesn't recall much of his home life as a child. His family struggled. He had several older brothers and sisters. A few younger ones as well. His father was quiet, distant, and tried to work as much as possible. His mother was loud, abusive, and often targeted the middle children for much of her ire. At school Luke was ignored, friendless save the time he spent with the other 'outcast' kids, none of which he struck up much of a relationship.

As he grew older Luke began involving himself with many of the troubled older kids. Following them after school and getting into trouble and about as often beaten up in attempt to find a place for himself. It didn't take long for the new family of a local gang the Bridgeton Boys to create a welcome refuge for the lad. Here he felt accepted, even if he was given the tzao gaoy dudty any youngster in a gang might. He looked up to the older members. Those with money and cool clothes. Tattoos and knives. Unsurprisingly those two concepts stuck with him and within a decade Luke, called "Little John" after he hit a beefy growth spurt in his late teens, became a hitter for the Bridgeton Boys.

Unfortunately one day he was scooped up by a regular police patrol for a bit of questioning and intimidation. It just so happened that while he was shackled to a table in a questioning room the warehouse that the Bridgeton Boy's called home was hit by the Anti-Organized Crime division. Somehow word got out that it had been Luke that snitched out the rest of the gang. This was of course corrected later via the careful application of fists and blades until the self same rumor had been carefully nipped in the bud. Unfortunately there was a stigma to the man among the local gangs now, regardless of his capabilities and Luke quickly found himself leaving Londinium for good, looking for fortune and a new home among the stars.

Skills and Strengths:  This is a Stab Up - Luke is a skilled knife fighter, proof lies in the fact that he is still alive. Not trained in any particular school of fighting much of what he uses in fights is spur of the moment ruthlessness and bits of pieces of what might, with the right perspective, be surprising close to actual knife fighting techniques.

One Scary Dude - His frame, strength, and upbringing had put Luke in the unique position of being able to stand and bang with the meanest of them. The fact that he is quick on his feet and faster with his hands than most lads his size is a definite bonus. In short Luke's hands carry one shot knockout power should they be allowed to land properly.

Fancy Feet - Luke can dance. Like actually really well. Nothing fancy or trained. And definitely the sort of moves you wouldn't see at any sort of respectable shindig. But the big boy can get jiggy with it.

Weaknesses:  Book Learn'n - Or specifically a lack thereof. Luke dropped out of school when he was fifteen to survive on the streets. His education is one of brutal wisdom and unfortunately this means he is lacking much of a traditional education. And in all fairness, he was a poor student to start with.

Tha Ting Goes Skraa - How anything upscale of a bicycle works and how to fix it is beyond Luke. From a cortex device to a coffee pot, there are other people for that job.

Biggest and Baddest - The unfortunate side effect of growing up in a setting where his build often drew him into physical contests is the fact that Luke has a slight superman complex. He has little fear of getting into a physical confrontation because it has been years since he has been on the side for which things go poorly. Luke will not hesitate to solve simple confrontations with brutal violence unless specifically warned not to. And worst of all. He won't even consider his actions to be in poor judgement.

Luke OMalley

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Little Education - A decidedly oversized boot knife closely resembling a modernized seax.

Sharp Retort - A gimlet knife with a handle of polished bone. A favored tool of mess making since a Luke was a young street scamp.

Reliability - A conventionally chambered semi-automatic pistol with a large capacity double stacked magazine. Nothing fancy really, just your everyday street gat.

Resolve - A break action double barreled ten gauge shotgun. Its seen better days and the barrels have a rustic patina that would have been artistic had it been intended. Speaking of the barrels, they have been cut down to a mere twelve inches. Likewise the stock as been cut down to allow for a single handed grip. Firing the ten gauge one handed is not recommended unless your wrists are similarly thick to Little John's.

Luke OMalley

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