Odette and Odile

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Ship Name: Odette (Shuttle: Odile)

Ship Design: Gryphon Class

Your Characters Role on Board Captain

Style of Ship: Luxury

Role play style: Story and Character Development focused, with jobs that are chosen and carried out through the choices made by the crew with sets of possible outcomes outcomes dependent on said choices. 

Style of Narration: Character driven/self narrating with occasional plot direction/conflict resolution via appointed narrator, mild paced.

Recent History: The crew of Wushu escaped the clutches of the Ainsworth estate, but just barely. The entire endeavor, no matter how well intentioned the plan, was a catastrophic mess. Wushu was surrounded where it landed, and quite land locked, with an engine beyond repair thanks to their hotshot pilot pushing it so hard on on not enough fuel away from the dangers on Newhall. With a new techspec friend in tow, some left behind, Charity unconscious and bleeding after her brief kidnapping, and King suffering from a gunshot wound, the crew found that they don't have the time or the means to get back to Wushu and escape. Instead, the group was forced to steal one of Ainsworth's shuttles and hightail it to the closest port available to them, their mission a complete failure.

In the end, the crew ended up on Iscariot Station without a home. After her recovery, Charity purchased a new ship for the crew with the help of the Station's PR Liaison, Lil Sebastian.


Captain:Charity  (Lomari)
Operations Manager:Francis Church (noseatbelts)
Pilot:Amorru Reyes (Rune)
Medic:Gwendola Lucille Eiber (Buttongirl)
Gunhand:King (Axe)
Tech Specialist:OPEN

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