Episode 2: Catch a Tiger By The Toe

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Izak Archer

Izak was pretty sure he fought the urge to roll his eyes at least once. On the plus side, Isa was back in charge, and perhaps that would bring some civility back to Melody's behavior...but he could be wrong.

He was wrong about most things so far this trip.

There was not much for him to say either.

He sighed quietly as Holger passed by him with Pete in tow. Then turned around to follow. Unfortunately, he failed to pack any of his own liquor. But he had a feeling there would have been some stashed away on the ship somewhere.
Lucky for the crew, he new just where to look...Isa's soon to be Captain's cabin. Izak had yet to meet an officer without a drink of choice.

"I'll meet you there, I know where to find some," he hollered as he went further into the ship.

Joakim Soong

Jo buried his head in his hands and rubbed his temples. These past few days had been stressful enough, and he could not deal with Pete's confession on top of it all... so he would not deal with it. No dealing. Today, he would give himself a holiday from dealing. God knows they had all deserved a break.

...But first things first. As they were getting up from the table, he turned to address their new pilot.

"Could you please give me your full name, date of birth and place of birth? For a background check. I'm sure you understand."

As an afterthought, upon realizing he was sounding a little too much like a clerk at the tax office, he flashed her his best making-friends smile. It felt like ages since he'd had to use that smile; most of his social interactions over the past few years had been carried out via the Cortex, and the bonds between him and the other crew members had been forged in fire thanks to the big ship heist they'd pulled together. After something like that, there didn't seem to be much need to put your best face forward and trade pleasantries. They were all partners in crime and that was that. But the new recruit was still... new, so Jo supposed he had no choice but to try to make friends with her the old-fashioned way. He hadn't exactly been a social butterfly before abandoning his studies, friends and girlfriend to become a reclusive cyber-outlaw, but he felt extra rusty.

Rashy Pete

Pete bobbed his head in time with Holger's tune, almost grasping the words behind them but - as in most cases - his mental reach was left lacking. Scratching at a sapping patch of irritated skin on his neck, Pete rubbed a pair of brain cells together like hot-wiring the neighbor's mule and tried to relate with Holger. "Da-da da-da, da-da; da-da da-daaa, da-da!. Got it! Okay. Alright. So we're drinkin' and we're pissin'. Sounds good. So, uh - Miss. How long have you been a pirate?"

Pete flinched at Holger's response, whether such a reaction was warranted or not, and nodded in mock understanding. "Awesome, okay. Yeah. Suresuresure... So uh. Are you just holding that bottle, or is it my turn to sing?"
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Quote from: Joakim Soong on October 10, 2019, 09:17:42 pm"I'm all for making life miserable for the Alliance," he chimed in. "But I'm even more interested in passing a proper share of our loot over to folks who really need it. I know it's in the name and all, but we shouldn't let ourselves get sidetracked by the revenging part of the mission."

The man had a point. Sort of. Getting consumed by the idea of revenge wasn't going to be profitable for them, or for anyone else if they were so inclined. Stealing from the rich, giving to the poor. As long as they could still fill their own pockets while they were at it Tereza was on board. She gave a small smile to Joakim and a nod. "You've got a point there. We can't beat ourselves bloody just to cause problems, need to keep everyone else in mind."

Quote from: Joakim Soong on October 21, 2019, 06:32:44 pm"Could you please give me your full name, date of birth and place of birth? For a background check. I'm sure you understand."

Tereza returned the smile with one that came much more comfortably to her face. "My name is Tereza Kovačević. I was born in Landowne Estate on Bellerophon thirty six years ago, split my time growing up there and on the Narisovannyye Zvezdy Space Station. Think that should be enough. If you want references contact Vedushchiy Koloss, they are paramilitary contractors."

Then Holger was leading an investigation into the ship to see if there was any booze stocked aboard. Which probably meant raiding officer's foot lockers. Tereza stood and began to follow the two men. It should also prove to be a good time to find a room proper. She couldn't just live in the Cockpit and one of the heads.
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Isa Romero

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Location: Rec Room

Thinking longingly about that bottle of whiskey, Isa waited for Mel, pulling her towards the rec room once her XO appeared. Giving her friend a firm but brief embrace, Isa smiled and released Mel back to a more comfortable distance, for both of them. It was uncommon for her to address someone so informally but they weren't in the military anymore, and this certainly wasn't a military ship.  But it was home.

Stepping back Isa put her hands behind her back, what she would call a relaxed position. "Right well, what kind of team did you scrounge up here.  I know Izak, and I've met Tereza. Who else do we have? And is there anything else I should know?"

Holger Heyerdahl

Holger, only too glad to share in libations, passed Pete the bottle as they ventured into the heart of the ship. With their short time aboard and his injury and the killing of and cleaning up after the killing of the crew, there had not yet been much time for exploring. "Shipping is a long time thing for me after the war." He said, peeking into a room they passed. "Shitter." He said before moving on to more interesting areas of the ship. "Holger is big. Holger is mean. Mean and big is what Holger gets paid for." They passed the kitchen, which he knew all too well, and outside of which there was still a gash in the wall from his knife. "Stuck this here." He said pointing from the knife at his belt to the hole.

"Clothes room." As a corridor met them next. Holger rather liked his new uniform, though some part of him realized he couldn't wear it forever. But it did make him feel shiny. But the boots were not for running and the jacket was not for fighting. Starchy and tight in the wrong places. Stairs came next, which descended into the belly of the beast. "Down here I wonder what." The fact that he was leading them, inadvertently, to the crew quarters didn't occur to him. Since he'd bonked his noggin, Holger had been sleeping in the med bay on Melody's order and by the prissy doctor lady's force of will.

The dorms. A peek inside revealed to Holger that they had found what they were looking for. "Stinky man. You look here." He said pointing one out. "Tiny revenge woman, you go to here." He said pointing out another. Meeting their eyes with a mischievous smile, he said, "We look for things all of us." Holger set his sights on a third dorm.


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Location: Rec Room

Melody grimaced a little at the question, sighing and putting her hands on her hips in thought. Holger seemed to be getting better, if his slightly more intelligible thoughts were any indication, but Pete wasn't getting any less...Pete. Her hands rose from her sides to rub at her face in frustration, a breath turned groan slipping past her fingers.

"Izak, you know. Uptight, combative, boring," she muttered, lowering her hands just enough to eye her friend over her fingertips. "Tereza, newcomer. Great pilot. Ready to throw down, it seems, when she feels she's on the right side of things. Promising, I think," the pilot continued. Moving away from her friend, she leaned her shoulder against the wall and looked around at the room she hadn't seen in quite some time. It was all pretty trippy, being back here. It all looked the same, and yet everything was different.

"Holger, I trust him with my life. And yours. And everyone else's on board. Ex Browncoat. Tried to kill each other." The corner of Mel's lips quirked upward as she remembered that day fondly. Before one Marine had shown up, it had been a pretty good day. "Jo, also new. But he helped us track down the ship and found your broadcast telling us to run. Useful, wants to do something meaningful, level-headed. Seems a fine crew member." She shrugged her free shoulder.

"Pete..." Melody looked physically pained, her hand coming up to brush her hair away from her face. "I don't...I can't," she concluded, not having any reasonable way to explain the whirlwind of a man. "And...the doctor," she began, thinking on it a moment and standing up straight. "We should go peek in on her. Found her aboard the ship. Still Alliance, but she did try to fix up Holger. I trust her about as much as I trust that hwen dan who discharged you..."

Izak Archer

Sliding into the soon to be Isa's cabin, Izak had been rummaging through a few of the soon to be taken up cabinets, and found a handful of bottles. The previous commander seemed to have traditional tastes. He found whiskey, vodka, and a bottle of cognac. The latter of the three was the smallest bottle and he brought that to his cabin before seeking out the singing behemoth and the rest of the crew.

He did not have far to go, they were nearly in the crew quarters.

Approaching the group he had a bottle in each had.

"Holger, whiskey or vodka?" He glanced towards the rest of the group. "Anyone else?"

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