Serina Williams Wolfe

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Serina Williams Wolfe

Age:  32

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Executive Officer

Secondary Occupation:  Security Officer

Equipment:  The expected:
Alliance Issued Officer's Saber, kept sheathed and hung above her bunk save when wearing her dress whites.
Alliance Issued Compact Sidearm, stowed in a regulation holster at her right hip.
White and Blue Dress Uniforms.
Standard Grey Battle Dress Officer's Uniform.
All Uniforms are ornamented, as per protocol, with her rank insignia, service ribbons, acknowledged commendations, and of course a three braid blue and gold aiguillette worn on the left shoulder signifying her status as an Aide-de-Camp to a Vice Admiral.
Above and Beyond:
Gael-Tek Precision Arms Bolt Pistol. This coveted laser pistol is one of the newest on the military (and unfathomably rich civilian elite) market. Technically it is still undergoing trials for Alliance approval but thanks to gratuitous donations and her Father's status Serina received one from her family as a gift when she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. This is carried in a classic black leather shoulder holster tucked comfortably beneath her left arm.

Appearance:  A woman in her physical prime, Serina stands at five feet and eleven and three quarters inches tall and weighs in at one hundred and sixty seven pounds. Tall compared to your average woman, particularly stood next to those from the border or rim, Serina is wrapped in strong well honed muscle. Her Brown hair is kept long, though while on duty it is braided and pinned to small of her skull. When not in regulation uniforms Serina prefers to dress in more muted colors, favoring the simple style of black. This siad, she does own a small collection of pastel dresses for formal occasions requiring her to leave behind her uniform.

Face Claim:  Marie Avgeropoulos

Initial Personality:  Lt. Cmdr. Wolfe is often quiet, contemplative. To say she is withdrawn would be an overstatement in general. She will make the sly or stern remark as needed, or should she be in the company of officers and friends, when it might draw some amusement. To those outside that small fellowship however, she appears the poster child of the perfectly stoic Alliance Officer. She commands an aura of confidence and order that followers her into every room like a billowing cape. Her interactions with civilians and enlisted crewmen or soldiers is crisp, professional, respectful, but in the end usually a touch on the cold side.

Underlying Personality:  Not exactly a chatterbox by any means, even when off duty, Serina is capable of taking off her Officer's cap and relaxing with her commissioned crew when not on duty. She has a sharp mind and a tongue that more often than not draws laughs as it does edge her towards trouble. Fortunately for her Serina has a good mind of when such jesting is appropriate. A kind and passionate individual, Serina values honest friendship above nearly all else. Once someone has earned her respect she will be more than willing to stick her neck out from them even in precarious situations. That said however she has been known to cut people from her life without a second thought, exercising an unwillingness to tolerate behaviors or actions that go against her own personal moral code and philosophy.

Known History:  Serina attended Osiris Pride Preparatory School for her primary and secondary levels of education as part of their highly respected JROTC and ROTC programs. Participated in an Early Start program that transitioned her early from JROTC to ROTC as she began taking university level courses while still in secondary school. She graduated from Osiris Pride Preparatory School with a 4.0 GPA and finished her last two years of officer training at the Osiris Naval Academy. In 2507 she earned her commission and began service aboard the IAV Persecutor, a Gallant Class Destroyer. In 2509 Ensign Wolfe was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and remained aboard the IAV Persecutor. In 2510 she was transferred to IAV Reign of Iron and promoted to Lieutenant. The IAV Reign of Iron was one of four of the Orbital Bombardment Cruisers involved in the heavy artillery support in the battle of Serenity Valley. Following the war Serina served aboard two more ships, the IAV Honored Tempest and the IAV Scarlet Hammer. In 2516 Serina was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and before a new ship assignment could be issued, she was assigned to Vice Admiral Valeriy Mishyiev as an Aide-de-Camp.

Other History:  Serina Williams Wolfe was born to Julius Archibald Wolfe and Angelique Verdun Wolfe on July sixteenth 2487. She was delivered at St. Ida of Lorraine Hospital on Osiris. Serina grew up in a happy, wealthy, family that consisted on herself, her parents, and a sister younger by four years. Her formative years were relatively comfortable and she was allowed to explore her life as she saw fit, within the bounds of polite society that was. While she enjoyed much of her studies Serina had a real fondness for history, with an emphasis on the strategies of early space combat. She graduated from Osiris Naval Academy with the rank of, as had much of her extended family before her. Notably she did so in the upper ten percent of her class.

Her service in the Alliance Navy was relatively straightforward however her time serving as the bridge crew for an orbital bombardment craft has left her with haunting memories that to this day taunt her at night. While she had not experienced the horrors of war directly. There was something about the disparity of standing in a nearly clinical battle ship's bridge and watching highly detailed live satellite and helmet cam streams of the destruction a simple command could unleash that tweaked something within Serina that, while did not manage to shake her belief in the Alliance and her position in the War for Independence, did leave her with a quiet urge to somehow give back to the verse at large, a way to redeem herself.

Skills and Strengths:  Aside from her military training, which covered the basics of fieldcraft, first aid, armed and unarmed combat. Serina is well versed in tactical combat, specifically in space to planetside engagements. She is also a fairly accomplished markswoman, a solid shot with most conventional Alliance arms and a deadeye with her personal ballistic and laser pistols. Last but decidedly not least, Serina has had professional training to engage with civilian media outlets as well as regional governmental agencies as part of her duties as an Aide-de-Camp. She's also gotten really, really, tediously good at paperwork.

Weaknesses:  As her role as a commissioned officer stacked her plate with a hearty meal of responsibilities Serina never took the time to learn the inner workings of the duties of the men and women who served under her. From childhood through all the years of her service preparing her own food was never necessary and so at 32 years old, Serina hesitates still to step into a kitchen. The same goes for any sort of repairs that might need doing. There has always been a trained technician available to solve whatever issue may crop up in her vicinity. Though she would be incredibly hard pressed to ever admit such thing, Serina suffers from night terrors on a regular basis. This often causes her to sleep poorly at night. Fortunately one of the privileges of rank is a personal cabin on most ships. This allows her to wake at night, hair plastered across her face and coated in a sheen of cold sweat, images of burning cities slowly fading from her vision, and not shatter the image of the unshakeable commanding officer thats he has spent so many hard years crafting. 
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