Episode 2 - Sectors/Shops

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Location: Sector 2

Loki entered Iscariot's newest attraction, Valhalla slowly taking in every detail.
A smile spread across his face as he soaked in his surroundings.

It took some time and a lot of coin to make his dream a reality and he was ready to enjoy every moment to come...

He walked across the brightly lit dance floor stopping in its center.

Loki glanced around the room witnessing his staff clearing and setting tables, and polishing every surfaces all around him.

He let out a slight laugh that reverberated off the walls that surrounded him.

Loki raised his hand an sapped  his fingers, which caused music to begin playing loudly from the deafening sound system.
Loki lowered his hand slowly in a gesture that seemed to control the volume of the music and lowered it.

As he continued his journey across the room he laid his hand on the smooth marble surface of the bar caressing it slowly and sliding his hand down it as he walked to the end of the bar and entered behind it.

He pulled a small crystal glass from behind the bar and gently filled it with a bottle of scotch returning it to he top shelf of the beautifully lit display behind him.

He brought the glass to his lips and set out small grin whispering

"And so it begins. A new day and a new beginning.....Let them come like moths to the flame"

Loki continued to sip his drink awaiting his establishments first patrons.

Maxell Graves

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Location: Concourse


"Aw, screw it!" Maxell's regimented bootfall slowed to a weak, civilian limp as his cartilage deficient knee stopped cooperating with the veteran's attempt at pursuit. Max's lungs may have still been good for it due to years of heavy conditioning but when the wheels go out it doesn't much matter whether you've got fuel in the tank. "Hmph. What kind of cǎobāo just runs off and leaves his wallet when someone's trying to hand it to them?"

Maxell's eyes roamed around to check for the aforementioned idiot one last time, noticing at once the wide berth offered to him by the shoppers, workers, and usual suspects going about their dailies. The glanced down at the rifle he still carried before shrugging and offering a view of the grip while maintaining trigger discipline and pointing the business end toward the floor. "What? Safety's on!" Maxell barked, then shrugged while shaking his head in obvious annoyance, and continued about his business.

Whatever that business actually was, these days. "Artifact collector? Do artifact collectors usually go running down semi-crowded corridors with assault weapons and shouting at strangers? He shrugged non-commital, ultimately considering the trade as fulfilling as ever. Maxell pulled a thick pair of standard, Alliance issue spectacles free from his jacket pocket as he half-limped along the corridor, thinking to himself he might uncover the idiot's name inside. He expected the pocket folder to contain the typical worker's ID card issued to Iscariot's varied crews, but found instead a strange set of tools that looked more adept for opening lockboxes than fixing electrical panels. He also didn't plan to find a scribbled note bearing the name of his own shop and a woefully misinformed address for same.

"I guess I would've run too." Max's eyebrows scrunched in thought behind the spectacles. "So they thought they were cutting my power..." Maxell turned on his heels in that crisp, Alliance formation fashion and attempted to double time it back the way he came. If half a carton of bad eggs just tried to rob him, he ought not continue running about with the front door wide open.

Some time later...

Location: Grave Discoveries, Sector 2

The end of the pencil-shaped stylus tapped pointedly across the tablet in Max's hand as he tallied up the last of his counts and breathed a sigh of relief. "Xiè tiān xiè dì! Nothing missing..." Max tapped the stylus against his bottom lip, considering what that actually meant for his business's profitability, sending the numbers fluttering by in his fore-mind he finally came to an inevitable conclusion. "I need a drink."

Maxell stepped back to his desk, laying the tablet - a common place item in his time that stood in stark contrast to the punch-key type writer it came to rest beside - in place before perusing a large flat screen connected to Iscariot Station's local cortex hub to act as a bulletin board for residents and vendors. The man's weathered face grimaced at the list of available taverns and food stands. He'd tried almost all of them, and while he preferred whatever Good Dogs pretended to serve over MRE spaghetti, nothing yet matched the level of cuisine he once enjoyed in the Officer's Hall on Londinium.

Maxell once hoped to enjoy the finer things once again as the security officer aboard The Allure, though that ship had long since sailed. Or rather, it hadn't. This far away from his adopted home, he often wondered where he'd ever find a feasting hall fit for an old soldier like himself, where mead flowed like a river and the meals and revelry never seemed to end. Maxell's steel grey eyes fell upon a word he knew, but didn't recall from the registry. "Valhalla."

Location: Valhalla, Sector 2

And so it turned out that Maxell Graves stepped into the club and took a seat at the bar across from Loki, teeth clenching for just a moment at the bartender's shock of red hair. "Hnng. Vodka. Chilled. No ice." Max looked the place around as he waited. "Well, I'll say this decor is quite refreshing compared to most of the dumps into which I've been unfortunate enough to stumble since the last time my feet left the dirt." Maxell cast a gaze of scrutiny over Loki, imagining the hair a little more wild, with a mangy beard to match, and thought for a moment he noticed a family resemblance to the Big Red Bastard. "You new to Iscariot, Mister...?"
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Location: Lady Magdalene, Sector 2

Thin coils of incense wound their way through the lobby of The Lady Magdalene, thick candles flickering from intricate golden stands, casting their warm glow against the scarlet velvet drapes lining the perimeter of the main room. A crimson chaise lounge sat pressed against one wall, a jewel of a woman sitting upon it with an elbow resting over its one arm, blonde braids coiled up atop her head like golden ropes, small curls framing her pale face as she looked out through the gilded door of the House. Much like any other Companion house, clients came her by approved appointment only. It was a collaboration between the Guild and Iscariot, meant to extend the reach of the Guild as well as promote 'tourism' and increase the economic boom on the station itself, with some clients visiting only because of The Lady Magdalene.

Another woman entered the lounge from deeper in the establishment, her sapphire silk dress rustling around her legs as she glided across the floor. Pale ivory skin peeked through at the shoulders of her dress, the sleeves draped off around her mid bicep and fluttering with sheer chiffon around her arms. Her chocolate tresses had been arranged into almost a perfect replica of an Earth That Was golden age starlet. Red lips quirked up at the corner in a gentle, hidden smile as she made her way to the exit. "Would you like me to tell him hello for you?"she asked the blonde who smiled and nodded, crossing her feet at the ankles, "Tell him we miss him," she answered, laughter sparkling in her eyes. The brunette smiled warmly and nodded, exiting The Lady.

Elena Marsailles moved across the way to visit Maxell, a brow raising as she noticed his retreating figure rounding a corner. She glanced at his closed shop before following after him.

Location: Sector 2 - Valhalla

Bright eyes looked over the entrance to the newer night club, a soft look of curiosity floating across her porcelain features. Hands clasped together in front of her navel before she entered, gaze scanning the bar until she spotted Maxell, a genuine smile lighting up her face. She approached, waiting politely for him to finish his question to the man behind the bar before she settled gentle fingertips atop his upper arm, "Maxell," she greeted in a soft murmur, just loud enough to be heard but gentle enough to encourage those listening to feel the need to lean just a little closer to her. Her attention shifted to the new face on the Station and she tilted her head in a welcoming nod, waiting to hear his answer to her companion's question.


Location: Sector 2 (Valhalla)

Loki smiled at the gentleman sitting across from him as he leaned over and reached into the cooler behind the bar. The man's dark gray eyes pierced Loki as if to get read on him by peering into his very soul.
He removed a chilled bottle of vodka and simultaneously reached for a glass.
As the lights from the ceiling reflected off the crystal Loki replied to the man's compliment.
"I thank you sir for your kind words. Yes, I have made considerable effort to ensure that Valhalla shines far brighter than my competitors' establishments."
Loki poured the liquid from the chilled beverage into the glass as it begins to chill and illuminate as the bar surface begins to light softly under the man's glass.
"Your kind words, and you being my first patron of the evening have warranted you a free libation, this one is on me..."
Loki reached his hand across the bar slowly, knowing the types around here can be skittish, however he noticed that the man sitting adjacent from him held no fear and took his hand in his own firmly, never breaking eye contact.
"The name is Loki, and I am the proprietor of this establishment, if there is anything that you ever require of any manner or sort, night club related or otherwise, I am your man. You may come to find that I can be quite resourceful in many areas one needs help with out here in the Verse."
Loki lightly glided the chilled glass to the man and stepped back smiling.

Loki had noticed a woman entering the room slowly taking in her surroundings she was clearly looking for something or someone.
To his luck, Loki noticed she had recognized his new acquaintance seated across from him and was thrilled that he was about to be given the opportunity to meet the beauty.
He noticed she moved with such grace that he had no doubt she was a professional, or at least was one at one point in time.
She politely glided behind Loki's first patron and gave him the slightest of nods, of which sent a pleasurable shiver down Loki's spine.
He held his composure and politely returned the gesture.
Loki smiled at bowed to each of them stating "If I am needed, I shall be over here, please enjoy your privacy,"
Loki stepped off to the side of the bar inspecting his display ensuring that it was placed correctly and according to his strict instructions.
Privacy was something Loki ensured here in Valhalla and hoped that as time passed the people of Iscariot Station would find Valhalla synonymous with the word.
He took another discreet glance at the two of them and saved their encounter it to his memory.
He took one more glance to save the woman's beauty for his own enjoyment.

Maxell Graves

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Location: Valhalla

The bartender thanked Maxell for his pleasantries and proceeded to present a bottle of vodka kept in a frigid cooler as if the man knew Max intended to step into his establishment that day. The liquid poured into the glass, bringing the vessel's temperature down along with it. Something Maxell never witnessed before, but found interesting enough. Then the glass sparkled to life as the surface of the bar began to glow warmly, and Maxell wondered where the theatrics might end. "Why go for the show? A nice, stained oak would present a more powerful, classic presence." Max thought as the bartender finished filling his glass.

Quote"Your kind words, and you being my first patron of the evening have warranted you a free libation, this one is on me..."

"I'll give you libations..." Maxell grumbled internally, but only a grunting, raspy "Eeehhh..." stumbled from his throat like a great bear awakening from hibernation as he accepted the man's handshake with a most reassuring squeeze.

Quote"The name is Loki, and I am the proprietor of this establishment, if there is anything that you ever require of any manner or sort, night club related or otherwise, I am your man. You may come to find that I can be quite resourceful in many areas one needs help with out here in the Verse."

"Loki." Maxell recalled the name from a book in his disappointingly minute collection of Earth-That-Was graphic novels, particularly the one he named his ship after: Journey Into Mystery. Max glanced down at the glass and then back up, hoping the name surmounted the whole of similarities between this man and the character with whom Max became familiar as he studied the faded images and read a script he barely comprehended.

Thinking better than to continue judging a man he just met by the actions of a fictional character, Maxell rose the glass in a silent toast to the bartender. They exchanged a cursory nod before Maxell poured a mighty swig down his throat and let the cold burn flow down his throat and set his chest afire. Graves exhaled a satisfied "Ahhh" and nodded his approval toward the proprietor, but noticed Loki noticing something - or someone - else in the club. Maxell's muscled tensed briefly as he felt someone approaching him, but relaxed almost immediately when he recognized the grasp and the soft, airy voice that accompanied it.


Max almost spit the drink in Loki's face but forced himself to swallow and nearly set into a coughing fit as a result. He adjusted his collar in an attempt to regain his composure before addressing a woman for whom he imagined himself marching into the inky blackness of the abyss as a simple favor between friends. Elena stood above and beyond what any civilized and decent man expected of a companion, composed of such grace and wit unrivaled in the orbit of a sun of any color. Of any woman who bestowed the honors upon Maxell as a quest to the host of Alliance military galas the officer begrudgingly attended over his years of service, Elena, while considered by some as short in stature, stood head and shoulders above them all. Why she continued to endure his company beyond their initial arrangement Maxell never quite figured out.

"Elena! I wasn't expecting to see you out and about. With the recent influx of ships in Iscariot's docks I assumed you'd be a bit too busy overseeing your charges. This here is Mr... Loki. He's new here."

Maxell's jaw clenched only slightly as he watched the exchange of nods between Elena and Iscariot's latest entrepreneur.
Quote"If I am needed, I shall be over here, please enjoy your privacy,"
Max turned back to Elena and forced a friendlier expression. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? How's business? Is something wrong? Ah... Can I get you a drink?" Max pointed a finger into the air as if to instruct Loki to place Elena's order on his check, however the man already swept through the room instructing his serving staff about their tasks. "Well. I do like the way he takes charge of his subordinates, questionable tastes aside." Maxell regarded Elena with a slightly embarrassed chuckle as he drummed his fingers across the bar top, wondering what to do next.
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Location: Valhalla

"Elena! I wasn't expecting to see you out and about. With the recent influx of ships in Iscariot's docks I assumed you'd be a bit too busy overseeing your charges. This here is Mr... Loki. He's new here," Maxell introduced, ever the epitome of polite protocol. The Companion turned her head to look the newcomer over curiously, "A pleasure to have you aboard the Station, Mister Loki. It's always a joy to have new faces and new establishments on board. It breathes a certain life into Iscariot that I thoroughly enjoy. I look forward to a symbiotic relationship between us," she hoped cheerily.

"If I am needed, I shall be over here, please enjoy your privacy," the man said before backing away and leaving them to their conversation. Elena offered him a thankful smile, the kind that softened the eyes and seemed remarkably genuine.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? How's business? Is something wrong? Ah... Can I get you a drink?" Maxell asked.

Her hands ran over the fabric of her dress at her rear as she sat, smoothing it out to maintain modesty and a seamless appearance as well as to prevent wrinkles. She smiled at him warmly, always finding the way he spoke to her endearing and sweet. To still his worry, Elena lifted her hand ever so slightly, just enough to indicate that things were fine and he didn't need to fret, bracelets jingling softly with the movement and chiffon fluttering around her arms like a soft glimmering fog.

"I had a spare moment, and thought you might like to get some tea," she explained, "When I arrived at your shop, I saw you leaving so I thought I'd join you wherever you were off to. Fleur says hello," she added, her eyes alight, remembering that the Companion still at The Lady Magdalene had asked her to pass on her greeting to the man. "Business is doing well, although the new ship that docked did not have any of our clients upon it," Elena explained, not having been expecting the Alliance-apparent vessel that had docked and created a bit of a buzz aboard the station.

"A drink would be lovely," she answered, looking toward where Loki had vanished and raising her brows a little, trusting that the man would either see their need and attend to it, or hav one of his staff do it for him. She doubted a man of his apparent skill and preparedness would not notice an empty table setting before a potential customer. "Wine, white, if it's possible," she told the air kindly, certain the order would reach the proper ears.

Devon McKinney

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Location: Halls of Iscariot

It was the wee hours of the morning when Devon jolted awake.  She woke in a cold sweat and she knew that she'd been dreaming about The Reliant again.  She forced herself to slow her breathing, trying to make herself breathe normally again.  She was trying to stop this from turning into a full-blown panic attack.  She licked her lips, trying to moisten her mouth. She could taste the rich coppery taste of blood; she'd bitten her tongue during the nightmare. But she could taste it, and that was real.  It reminded her of what the last therapist had said when trying to help her focus on what was real to head off a panic attack.  One thing she could taste.  Another breath, this one less shuddering. 

Two...find two things she could smell. She drew air in through her nose. She could smell the acrid smell of her own sweat, sweat and the smell of the recycled air on the space station.  Yes, she was on the space station. Another breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Three things she could hear...the fans circulating air, fluid coolant pumps, the steady hum of life support.  She could actually feel the hum of life support through the floor of the cabinet.  She was in a cabinet?  Wait. Yes, she remembered now. 

Four things she could feel, just needed three more.  She could feel the hardness underneath her, making her right hip ache.  She reached out tentatively, feeling the inside latch of the cabinet door before pushing it open and crawling out with a groan.  She could feel the floor underneath her and she drew a more solid breath.

The panic that had been threatening was receding now as she remembered where she was and that she was safe.  She didn't need to "feel" the rest or to see five things.  It was pitch black in her room anyway.  She stood slowly, stiff joints unkinking and made her way to the wall, arm outstretched.  She found the switch and turned the lights on, blinking in the halogen brightness. 

She made her way to the sink, splashing a little water on her face and scooped a handful into her mouth, rinsing out the blood taste before spitting it down the drain.  She ran her hand over her face and the top of her head and the close-cropped hair.  She forced herself to study her face in the mirror.  Dark hair kept buzzed short, large hazel eyes and a thin face.  Mostly she looked tired and drawn.   She felt like she could use a drink.  It was unlikely she was going to fall asleep again without a drink or two.
She grabbed her pants from the foot of the bed, drawing the black cargo pants on and then sitting on the foot of the made bed to put on the well-worn combat boots.  She left the tank top untucked, then grabbed her duster from the back of the door and slipped it on as well.

She made her way out of the sleeper room, heading into the main area of the space station.  She wasn't sure she wanted to be around a bunch of people but she sure as heck-fire didn't want to be alone.  She wanted a gorram drink and had enough credits to ensure she could get one.

Time didn't have much meaning on the Skyplex.  People were out and about at all hours of day and night, perhaps because ships docked at all hours.  Out in the Blackness that was the 'Verse time was relative. Even though planets might be terraformed to be as close to Earth-That-Was as they could be, not all of the hours and days and seasons synched up like they should in a year.  Even if she could look at a watch or at the Cortex and know, out in the Black, well, out in the Black time was relative. 

She sighed, scrubbing one hand over her head, the feeling of the soft buzz cut soothing in its own way.  Which bar she drank at didn't matter, as long as the booze was real enough to help her forget the nightmares. She stumped down the corridor, once highly shined combat boots now dull and scuffed from neglect.  She passed several shops and finally found herself in front of a bar.

Location: Valhalla

Valhalla. She sniffed, more a sound of dismissal than anything. It would do.  It looked a bit more fancy than the usual Hoi Palloi dives that she frequented but she didn't really care.  She made her way to a small booth in the corner and took a seat.

She didn't pay too much attention to the others in the bar, just settled in, back to the wall where she could see anyone who approached her, close to the entrance.  Was she planning to drink and dash or just making sure she couldn't get pinned in? That was anyone's guess.


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Location: Valhalla

Loki stood at the end of the bar observing the room polishing a glass to appear busy, however his ears scanned the room listening for further gossip and information that would aide him in his possible future business dealing.

Loki's ears perk up as he hears the newly introduced Elena request a white wine.
Loki notices a barman begin to prepare her drink.
He walks quickly but not too quickly to cause a stir.

He instructs his employee to remember this "That from this day on Miss Elena is to drink only from his private stores."

He directs him to return with a bottle of white at once.
Loki brings a glass to the bar top smiling as the table emits a warm small glow at its touch.

The barman returns revealing the bottle and its vintage to his employer.
Loki nods and sends him away taking the bottle and pouring it slowly into the glass as the light grows softly as the wine fills the glass.

Loki then retrieves her company's glass from earlier.
Moving slowly and gracefully he replaces it with a clean one
Removing the same chilled bottle of Vodka from earlier he refills the gentleman's glass.

Smiling Loki slides both classes towards his customers.

"I trust these two beverages will appease your tastes."

Loki notices a light beep in the music.
This was a slight que he instructed be inserted into the background noise of his club when a character is thought to be "skiddish" or their intentions questionable"

This warning system allowed Loki to assess the situation and deal with the customer personally and instructed his security to neither act nor observe.

They are to continue to blend in appearing to be patrons acting only if Loki's life is in MORTAL danger.

This allowed Loki to keep the atmosphere within his club to be a safe place to conduct business and a place where everyone was welcome regardless of how they presented themselves.

Loki bowed to both Mr. Maxwell and Miss Elena taking his leave.
Smiling at Maxwell he left the bottle on the bar top with a wink.

Loki swapped places his the barman he spoke to earlier.
 Leaving from behind the bar and gliding to the back of the room to welcome his new guest.

As Loki drew closer, he noticed the woman sitting in the corner of the room, back to the wall.
She was at one time he could see quite beautiful, however it wasn't the marks or scars on her body that made her otherwise.

No, it was her eyes. Like Loki they had seen more than they rightfully should have.
The eyes never lie, and Loki knew exactly why she was here.

"Welcome to Valhalla, my lady"
Loki bowed his head slowly to show respect.
"How may I help you for fill your desires on this day?"

He gestures to a waiter who scurry's over...

"May I offer you a drink to begin?
We have a very skilled mixologist.....
However you strike me as a straight forward woman who likes her alcohol more so "prompt" than tasting of sweet fruits and juices......."

Devon McKinney

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Location: Valhalla

She tensed slightly as the man in the suit approached, half expecting to be told she wasn't good enough for a posh place like Valhalla.  Instead, he greeted her pleasantly, respectfully even and he would see the tension in her shoulders and the corners of her eyes ease ever so slightly.  She shifted in her seat just a tad, so she could look up at him without craning her neck at an uncomfortable angle.  She wet her lips, tongue darting out furtively before she spoke. She made no comment regarding the man's almost unctuous manner, maybe everyone that worked here talked all hoity toity like that. "Yer right. Whiskey. Neat." Her voice was low and somewhat raspy. Some women would use a voice like hers as a sexy purr but with Devon it was more of a gruff grumble. "I've got credits." Her tone just shy of being defensive.

Her hazel eyes met Loki's briefly before skittering away.  He was right about her eyes, the hollow look turned what had once been bright and beautiful into something haunted.  The dark circles underneath, the hint of bloodshot in the corners, told a story of a woman who spent far less nights sleeping and far too many out drinking.  He might recognize the way the pupils were dilated a hairsbreadth more than they should be. 

She scraped a hand over her short shorn hair, a gesture she did often to calm herself.  The hand was scarred from work, calloused, but the nails still neatly trimmed, no grease under them.  She sighed softly, elbow meeting tabletop and forming the perfect support for her head to rest in said hand, thumb pressed to temple and fingers across her forehead as she looked down. Until she had a drink she had little more to say.

Maxell Graves

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Location: Valhalla

Maxell breathed Elena's perfume in as she spoke, becoming more intoxicated on the combination of her smell and the dripping honey of her voice than on the libation in his hand. Since he'd made her acquaintance on Londinium just a few short years ago, having arranged for her company as his guest to the last Officer's Ball before his starborne retirement from the Corps, he thought of her often and fondly as he made his rounds about the black. Sailing the open seas, as it were, proved to be both exciting and unsettling at the same time. As much as he enjoyed the lack of a tether and the opportunity to pursue his own interests, he found rim worlds tiresome and boring. No one had much use for Earth-That-Was artifacts out there, finding no more value in his books or paintings than in any other relic not fit for firing. One self-absorbed imbecile made personal use of a handheld laser, thought Maxell lost interest immediately when he saw the weapon. Maxell and his crew left that particular planet in dismay, leaving behind any hope of finding the fabled twin to The Lassiter which remained in the collection of Durran Haymer on Bellerophon at the time. Still, if the rumors that Durran's prized possession really had been stolen Maxell may still have a chance...

But that particular flight of fantasy found its own place on one of Maxell's shelves, pushed aside the day he received a wave from Elena to once again join her on Londinium, this time to provide a bit of logistical knowledge and act as a security specialist aboard a new luxury ship of which she'd been chosen to oversee the maiden voyage known as The Allure. Though polished, serene, and possessing a private cargo hold capable of storing Maxell's prized collection after he left "Big JIM" in a storage depot for decommissioned ships, The Allure failed to become a second home to Max as it unfortunately never managed to leave shore due to some bureaucratic hold up or another. Not that he expected much more once Alliance staff got involved. He loved the Corps, and before the Signal went out he loved the Alliance, but even as a happily commissioned officer Maxell held no love for the brass's process. Max understood the importance of vital documents and proper procedure, of course, but while he found himself in the dirt coordinating and managing the advancement and prolonged stability of Alliance supply lines where air drops were either risky or improbable, he found himself at odds with this order or that coming down from someone who'd never even seen a capture of the areas he and his men meant to hold more often than he encountered big, red-haired bastards in brown coats who liked to sneak up and cut your men's throats in the woods.

Elena, however, he found a quite agreeable and generous employer. So when the decision came down from Guild management that she would instead open a Hall aboard Iscariot, a station known for conducting business with as little Alliance interference as possible after the Unification, Maxell accepted with honors Elena's invitation to travel with her entourage. Iscariot seemed a bit of a mess then, in need of multiple repairs on top of the disorganization that came with attempting to do things away from Alliance oversight while still trying to act within the law. Over the months The Lady Magdelane came together quite well and helped to bring a healthier air of legitimacy and luxury to the station, though the Executive Board's public face, Patrick O'Doyle, would try to sell anyone who asked and most who didn't on the idea that he himself wheeled and dealed Iscariot toward its current reputation.

So paved the way for the man bearing the name of another noted trickster to open the establishment Maxell sat in, his hand tingling slightly as the bar lit up once more. "Maybe it's better he didn't choose real oak." Maxell thought faintly as he stared daggers through thick-rimmed glasses as Loki continued to look at Elena in a way that made Max's normally calm and relaxed blood boil, "I'd hate to see such a fine wood stained with the blood pouring out of this idiot's gaping throat." Maxell relaxed to his normally cool and collected self when Loki nodded to him before departing, leaving the cantankerous Marine and the lady to do as they would with the bottle of wine from their host's own private stores. Maxell adjusted his glasses as he checked on the vintage, and something about it's date told him there might be more to Loki than he initially expected. Perhaps something the two men could discuss in the future.

For the time, Maxell returned his attentions to Elena and the conversation at hand. "Fleur? Ah, yes. Well." Maxell almost blushed, wondering what information the absent Companion might have exchanged. "I hope that she's well. Perhaps I should stop in soon. Say hello." Maxell coughed to clear his throat before continuing. "Well, it seems our tea has become something a bit more... Potent. To you." Maxell rose his glass to toast, sipped on his drink a bit more, then glanced over to where he watched Loki meander to before. "What do you make of our host?" Maxell asked as he realized he hadn't noticed the woman Loki now spoke to as she entered the room. But with a beauty like Elena by his side, who would?

The woman kept her hair cut short, very short. Something about the gruff way she spoke, even though Maxell couldn't make out much of the words, in addition to the shorn hair, dark circles causing a wary expression, and overall demeanor reminded him of an old squad mate from his carbiner days. Max found it easy to imagine her in a gray uniform and purple battle armor, but the longer he held the image in his mind the more it twisted into that of a station technician like the one who dropped the wallet earlier. Max's eyes narrowed at the woman as he reached for the wallet in his coat pocket and opened it to retrieve the note with his shop's name and the incorrect stall number. "I'd also like to ask - if you'd graciously pardon my prying - are you or any of yours having problems with Sebastian's boys lately?" Maxell replaced the wallet but kept the note out as he sipped again at his drink and committed the closely cropped woman's weary face to memory.
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Location: Valhalla

Warm eyes flitted curiously across Max's features, her lips turning upward slowly at the sight of pink making its way over his cheeks and onto the tips of his ears. For such a capable and combat hardened man, he was remarkably gentle, and Elena could appreciate that.

"I'm sure she'd love that," the Companion agreed, settling the tips of her fingers on the stem of her wine glass. She knew Fleur had only said hello to fluster the man, but the Companions of the Lady Magdalene did harbor real affection for their protector. When asked about their host, Elena turned her head a little to look in his direction, her legs crossing at the ankle and shifting to the left a little, making a fetching diagonal shape with her silk covered legs.

"He's quiet, to be sure, but I feel as though there is more beneath that chilled exterior that might surprise us all," she answered, bright irises sliding to the corners of her heavily lashed eyes to stare at Maxell with meaningful mischief. The same could be said for him, after all. With the silent comparison made, she took a slow sip of her drink, savoring the taste and nodding her head just barely in approval of their host's selection. Elena watched Max watching the woman at the door, manicured nail running slowly over the rim of her glass, the soft mystical sound muted by the music of Valhalla. His wallet opened and suspicion crept into his features and the Companion couldn't help but to tilt her chin downward with the barest outward hint of curiosity.

"Sebastian's boys?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and raising a perfectly arched brow. Lips parted to ask for clarification and hands moved to settle demurely upon her lap. The station's intercom came to life, requesting the presence of emergency medical personnel and she paled ever so slightly. Her eyes moved upward toward the sound of the announcement and she took a moment to think on the implications and potential scenarios this could have been pointing toward.

"Would you mind terribly if I asked you to accompany me back to the House?" she asked, leveling her gaze upon him.

Devon McKinney

October 05, 2019, 09:46:34 pm #11 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:07:59 pm by Lomari
Location: Valhalla

The PA crackling to life was a bit much for the skittish woman sitting in Valhalla.  The announcement disrupted the soft music and the ambiance of the posh club and something about it, coupled with the nightmare she'd had earlier that evening caused a temporary short circuit in her head.

She didn't touch Loki, or any of the other staff, as she pushed out of the booth and bolted for the door. That drink would have to wait.

Maxell Graves

October 07, 2019, 07:58:36 pm #12 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:07:53 pm by Lomari
Location: Valhalla

Maxell opened his mouth to explain his question about Sebastian's henchmen and their potential activities, but was cut off by a sudden announcement breaking over the speakers required by Iscariot's management to be installed in all vendor and private owner locations.

"Emergency Medical Personnel please report to the Med Bay. Emergency Medical Personnel please report to the Med Bay."

"Would you mind terribly if I asked you to accompany me back to the House?" Elena asked him with wearing a mask of stoicism painted ever so faintly in the lightest shade of concern. Maxell nodded, not giving the question a second thought as he stood up away from his stool and turned abruptly as he completely forgot to settle his tab. The ol' purplebelly tried to catch a glimpse of the nearly shorn-headed woman as he exited Valhalla's hallowed halls, but found she slipped away into the crowd all too easily and disappeared. Unable to focus on her and navigate himself and Elena through the rushing mass moving towards the Med Bay - be it to view the spectacle or provide genuine support.
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October 08, 2019, 09:44:27 am #13 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:07:30 pm by Lomari
Location: Valhalla

The loudspeaker from the hall echoed throughout the establishment.
Loki watched as each of his patrons scurried out the doors.

The woman he had been conversing with seemed to leave with the most enthusiasm of the bunch without even so much as a peasantry or apology.

Clearly this so called "emergency" seemed to be connected to each of them.

Loki began clearing the closest table and wiping it with his pocket square.
A employee came over to the table to relieve him holding the young woman's beverage which had not arrived in time before her speed departure.

"Let this be a lesson to us all that we must improve our delivery times" he joked grabbing the beverage from the young man.
"Pity to let it go to waste" Loki lifts the glass to his lips and consumes the entire drink.

"I am curious however what event could have been so important to pull everyone away" Loki said as he glided towards the door peering down the corridor watching as everyone scattered and ran in one direction.

Loki raises a finger signaling for one of his plain clothes security members to come to his side.
"I want you to go see what all the fuss is about...be my eyes and ears......" Loki pats the man on the shoulder.
"My eyes and ears only....Never my mouth, you are to keep that shut at all costs. And as always keep your head down." Loki said sternly.

"Yes sir" the man responded.

"Good boy" Loki laughs and returns to the bar clearing the glasses from the beauty and beast's chance encounter.
returning the bottles to their stores.

Loki placed the gentleman's bottle to the back of the chiller in hopes that he would get to use it again in case the gentleman didn't get his subtle but cryptic message.

Loki stands guard at the bar waiting for his next customer and encounter.
Waiting to see what the day would bring him next

Amorru Reyes

October 29, 2019, 11:44:57 pm #14 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:07:06 pm by Lomari
Location: Valhalla

"Aww, bless." Amorru said to the arm-flapper's suggestion as he waved two upturned fingers toward Iscariot's medical ward and the spitfire blonde what sent him on his way. The doe-eyed, brunette runt wearing the rucksack smiled, nodded, and made her way through gilded glass double doors beneath a bright and brilliant sign that looked better suited for the marquee of some famous Core planet theater than a dive bar on a shady space station following an undefined orbit along the outer rim of Bai Hu's celestial influence. Reyes stopped a hair shorter than the brunette's arms in the sleeves of her borrowed coveralls and basked in the sign's other-worldly light. "Gǎo shénme guǐ is a Val-hiya?"

Upon entering a quaint but glossy place with a handful of tables set about a modest yet luminous corner stage and finely upholstered booth seating lining the walls, Amorru shivered despite the space being an agreeable temperature. The solid, stained woods, brightly polished gilding, and velvety seat cushions reminded him of the most basic of trappings one might find in the home of a Persephone noble. Amorru's discomfort and displeasure with the scenery all but screamed from his sour expression as he approached the bar. It reminded him of home, and he hated it. "Couple of mimosas there, squire. Oh." Amorru motioned with a thumb, exaggerating the movement with his shoulders and hips, toward his brunette tag along. "And whatever this one's having, yeah?"

Amorru tapped painted nails at the ends of ringed fingers along the bar's surface as he watched the bartender work. Some singer took the stage and the pilot hummed along clumsily, pretending to know the tune. A redhead down the bar shot a whiskey double and Amorru admired her spirit while wondering why she looked so familiar. The club had distractions a-plenty, and yet Amorru couldn't stop his mind from going back toward The Duchess's blood-soaked dress. "Miss Cherry dun hired me as a bodyguard, and ain't I done a fine gorram job of it! Darn tootin'!" Amorru mocked Akhsar King's accent and mannerisms in an overblown and mostly inaccurate manner. "Bodyguard my shiny ruttin' arse. Couldn't guard the dog's bollocks from a vengeful veterinarian, most like."

Amorru took the twin shooters filled with orange juice and sparkling wine in each hand. "Cheers," he thanked the bartender halfheartedly before raising a questioning eyebrow toward the rest of the order left on the bar. Jade eyes drifted up and down the bar before Amorru's head came back around toward the brunette who pointed out the place. He flinched as if he forgot she were there. The fizzy concoction ran over one of the tall, slender flutes, spurring Amorru to sip heavily off the top of each glass. "Don't take it to heart, but I keep forgettin' you're here. Not that I don't appreciate the company. Uh..." Amorru's head drifting back down the bar. "Octavia!" Amorru turned back to the brunette. "Did she turn around? Don't look! Wait. No, go ahead and take a peek. What were you doing on Bellerophon by the by? And why'd you change out of your clothes? If the oversized coveralls are some sort of statement, I'm missin' your point. Don't take it personal, it happens all the time. Hey, what's your name, anyway? No. Shh-shh-shh. Let us take a stab at it. You know, from the moment I saw yas standin' in the lockup lookin' bored and confused ya struck me as a Jessica. Known a lot of bored and confused girls named Jessica. Not carnally. Well, some of them."

Turning back toward the redhead likely around the same time the brunette attempted to answer his barrage of questions, Amorru called out once more. "Octavia! Wynn!" Amorru turned back to the arm flapper, whose comically large sleeves were pushed up to her elbows to free a hand to take her order. "It's definitely her, but this is kinda fun innit? Oh. I guess I should mention I left my wallet in my other trousers. The good ones." Amorru emptied one flute while attempting to clink the other against the brunette's drink as if to bind her toward covering his tab.
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Jesse Walker

October 30, 2019, 03:51:53 pm #15 Last Edit: November 04, 2019, 11:50:26 am by Lomari
Location: Valhalla

The fancy man could certainly talk someone's ear off.  Jesse wasn't typically quiet, but she couldn't seem to get a word in edge wise.  By the time they had gotten to the bar her name had been changed to Jessica, they were meeting a red head named Octavia, and she was somehow paying for the man's drinks.

"So, is everyone in your party just so utterly into themselves that they forgot what common decency was? I swear I've been renamed, and pushed around by you lot since I somehow got lumped in by that arse of a butler."

She turned to the bartender and ordered a whiskey neat, while waiting for the drink she had unzipped the coveralls, which were now starting to annoy her, as comical as they were.  Thankfully still wearing her normal attire, jeans and a t-shirt. Amorru had continued prattling on, something about a cherry, and a bodyguard.  None of it made much sense, probably had to do with the bloodied woman she saw him with, bringing her back to the image of that poor man slaughtered in the shuttle. She shuddered.

"Like your homicidal pale skinned friend I had to thieving with, and by the way I'm not a thief. I have about as much subtlety as a fat kid in cake shop.  I can hack my way into anything, but sneaking around and stealing physical items just isn't my game." She stopped and took a sip of her drink, looking over at the red head who still hadn't noticed her acquaintance. Which at this point could only mean the woman was ignoring him, and who could blame her.  Jesse wish she could, but after today's events she needed a stiff drink. Even if she was paying for it.

Taking a breath Jesse turned towards Amorru, she quelled her annoyance as much as possible. "To answer your question, my name isn't Jessica, it's Jesse. I was on that god forsaken planet trying to....serve some justice.  Which wasn't going well...as you could see, that pi gu had locked me up. Asking if I was part of some gang or what not." She rolled her eyes taking another sip ,"I mean really do I look like the kind of person that could even be remotely organized enough to be a part of a gang? No, I don't. Absolutely absurd....What's your name? Or should I just call you sir pompous douche face."  Jesse smiled, clearly amused by her comments.

Gwen Eiber

November 07, 2019, 06:23:57 pm #16 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:06:54 pm by Lomari
Location: Halls of Iscariot

The laughter and happiness in her eyes faded, her face taking on the sober look so many in the medical field had down pat.  It was obvious it hurt her though, the professional façade couldn't hide the pain. She just hugged him tight, murmuring, "Oh, Uncle Jed..." She clung to him for a moment, long enough to get her emotions under control and her face composed once more, though the evidence of tears couldn't be so easily hidden.  "I'm so sorry.  We didn't know. After the war Santo was even more isolated than before, if you sent us a wave we never got it. I'll have to let Mama and Daddy know."

She sighed softly and linked her arm through his again. "Let's take you to your dojo and then there is a new place on board called Valhalla.  I haven't been there yet, but I hear it's really nice.  We'll drink a toast to Auntie Marlena and get some food.  I know I'm starving, feels like my belly is touching my backbone. You must be hungry too."

She moved along companionably with him, guiding him towards the dojo.  "What made you decide on setting up shop on the space station and not planet side?  How did you end up here?" She had lost a little of the chattiness, but she really was glad to see him and that couldn't be stifled. "I'm just here for a little while.  Getting some traveling in before I go home and settle down.  At least that's the plan."
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Jedikiah Rembo

November 07, 2019, 06:24:17 pm #17 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:06:35 pm by Lomari
Location: Halls of Iscariot

Gwendola Eiber, "I'm so sorry.  We didn't know. After the war Santo was even more isolated than before, if you sent us a wave we never got it. I'll have to let Mama and Daddy know."

Jedikiah held the hug as long as she needed it. He was not surprised at how she took the news. It was har despite probably having received similar news about other people, who had not? But the family had learned, practiced and surely taught resilience along with their positive view of life.

And then she led them on again, her powerful attitude of forward, onward, upward being the stronger part of her nature. "Let's take you to your dojo and then there is a new place on board called Valhalla.  I haven't been there yet, but I hear it's really nice.  We'll drink a toast to Auntie Marlena and get some food.  I know I'm starving, feels like my belly is touching my backbone. You must be hungry too."

Location: Rembo Dojo

Nearly the Dojo, with a couple of questions along the way to assist with Jed's orientation, she continued,  "What made you decide on setting up shop on the space station and not planet side?  How did you end up here?" She had lost a little of the chattiness, but she really was glad to see him and that couldn't be stifled. "I'm just here for a little while.  Getting some traveling in before I go home and settle down.  At least that's the plan."

"I considered other locations, but someone suggested something neither core nor border. Since I have some former brothers and sisters that may want a place to maintain their own practice as they finished their final writings, it seemed a neutral location. There are those that prefer not to be one or the other."

Jed did not add out loud, 'Even learned practitioners of long years of meditative practices still harbor ill will about the war.'

"Iscariot became sort of an obvious choice."

They arrived at the Dojo, Jed produced a key to unlock the front double doors. The faux wooden facade had been nicely done but showed no sign of excessive extravagance. After unlocking the door he lifted the heavy door knocker and let it drop as he opened up the door. A heavy thudding gong sort of thud could be heard with a short echo through the room within.

Jedikiah smiled, "Nothing like a little drama to an entrance, even for a novice hmm?". Jed motioned for Gwendola to enter ahead of him.
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Sector 3A, Shop 2A

Gwen Eiber

November 08, 2019, 09:47:45 am #18 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:06:06 pm by Lomari
Location: Rembo Dojo

It was dark in the dojo and at first Gwen was startled as she walked into the heavy black curtain, not realizing it was there.  She squeaked, arms flailing at it ineffectually for a moment until she realized what it was and she was able to slide it to the right a bit. Once past the curtain she could get a better feel for the place.  The padded mat below her gave slightly as she moved deeper into the room.  She could see the vague and ghostly outline of the tapestries that hung around the room.  A few boxes that still needed to be unpacked sat in the center of the room.

She looked back at Jedikiah, uncertain as it where the lights were. "This is probably a good location.  There are always people coming and going who could use a place like this.  I remember you teaching me the staff when I was a little girl. I still have the one you carved for me but I don't practice with it near like I should." She gave a self-depreciating chuckle.  "When I was little I was certain I was going to use my skills to protect other people.  Things never did work out that way.  Now I just put them back together after they go all Humpty Dumpty on me."

She shook her head, focusing on him. "Are your quarters near here or somewhere else?"
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Jedikiah Rembo

November 08, 2019, 02:35:10 pm #19 Last Edit: November 11, 2019, 03:05:56 pm by Lomari
Location: Rembo Dojo

Jedikiah had his own difficult time finding one of the light switches along the wall until he realized it was flush with the wall and then how to lightly move his fingers across it to get more than the small emergency light on.

"I hope it is a good location. In the verse and on the station." He picked up a data pad and pressed his fingers to identify himself. "It looks like I have classes scheduled." He smiled, general classes to assess prospective members.

"I remember your father saw you send a couple boys running that had bothered a friend of yours. Two big boys running from his little girl with a switch torn from a bush. He said you were embarrassed to tell about it. That it would be bragging and that you saw too much anger and pleasure in it."
"He was very proud, both for you sending the boys running and having such introspective thoughts and feelings about it."

At the question of his quarters Jedikiah turned inside the Dojo trying to think which way it was. They had come from... so then... "I share a quad just that way in section 1B. Would you mind if we looked in to see if my things arrived, and then to .. Valhalla... " He said it with some playful mystery to his voice.

He motioned for her to lead on, he joked, "Will we see Vikings? I hope we see Vikings."
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