Devon Maxwell McKinney

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Devon Maxwell McKinney

Age:  29
Gender:  female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Mechanic

Appearance:  Tall for a woman, standing at 5'11 in her bare feet, lean to the point of being thin, short cropped dark hair and hazel eyes that look almost too big for her face.  Hands show the usual scars and burns from working on engines, nails short and neat. Boots military but no longer polished, scuffed and well worn.
Faceclaim:  Charlize Theron

Initial Personality:  Twitchy, a bit skittish.  You get the feeling she's seen some things she just can't unsee.
Underlying Personality:  Mostly what you see is what you get.  She saw some things that she can't unsee, lived through some things that might have been better if she hadn't of.  She won't volunteer a lot about herself.  Much more likely to tell a story she is a minor player in or get you talking about yourself.

Known History:  Born on New Melbourne to a fairly successful fishing family on June 6, 2490. Parents and 3 brothers still live there.  She served the Alliance during the war as a pilot from 2509 until 2518. She received an Honorable discharge and a generous pension. Since then she's been drifting from ship to ship, looking for work. High enough clearance and enough digging will reveal she flew transport ships taking survivors out of Serenity Valley and she served in a command position during Universe Battle, her ship was lost, with numerous casualties and she received an honorable discharge for medical reasons.
Other History:  Born on New Melbourne, the only daughter of 7 children born to a local fishing family, Devon grew up on the water.  She could swim before she could walk and can sail a boat on her own. She was fascinated with the stars and navigation and it wasn't a surprise to anyone that as much as she loved the water she wanted to sail among the stars. Worked hard in school and was good enough on the aptitude tests to get accepted into training.  She was proud to go to the Alliance Naval Academy to be a pilot.  She served from 2509 until 2518. She started off flying simple supply runs and did well. Well enough to earn a promotion or two. She eventually flew transport boats pulling survivors out of Serenity Valley and she even fought in the Universe Battle, her first command position  on a gunship, where her ship, The Reliant, was grappled and boarded by Reavers. It was 17 hours before Alliance troops came to The Reliant's aid. She and the Commander locked in the cockpit.  He hid her in a small compartment under the console, one she couldn't have fit in if it weren't for the dislocated shoulder.  They were both alive when they were rescued though he wasn't really recognizable as a human being anymore. The only two survivors of the Reliant if you could call them that. The Commander died 2 days later. It might have been a kindness to her if someone had just put a bullet in her brainpan.  Instead, she was given an honorable discharge, an award for meritorious service and a decent pension, as well as 6 months in a locked unit. She was eventually released on meds to help her sleep at night but she still has the nightmares. She tried returning home after the war but her 3 brothers didn't. It's a sore spot for her mother and part the reason she doesn't go home anymore.

Skills and Strengths:  In addition to her military piloting and mechanical skills, she has great survival skills.  She can live off the grid.  Bow hunt, fish, skin, trap and build shelter. Drop her on a habitable planet with nothing but a knife and she'd have a cozy little fire going, a place to call home and dinner ready before most people sorted out where they were at. She is also a strong swimmer due to her upbringing.
Weaknesses:  Despite her love of being among the stars, she hates being in a space suit and really doesn't want to have to go outside the boat to affect repairs.  Also, she still has nightmares from her time trapped on the Reliant with Reavers.  She doesn't sleep much and usually chooses to be heavily medicated either with prescription meds(courtesy of the Alliance docs)or booze, or a combo of the two. 

Devon McKinney

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Usual assortment of clothing, maps of stars and a few old tools for ship navigation - like a sextant and compass, a well used pistol with a wire wrapped handle. Small knife, easily concealed. Recurve bow and arrows. Small tool set. Survival kit including hunting knife. Everything fits into a backpack.

Devon McKinney

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