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Wulfstan "Stan" Bacchus Wynne
Player: RUNE

Age:  Forty-five
Gender:  Male
Primary Occupation:  Legal Consultant
Appearance:  Average height amd medium build, carrying the shoulder tension of a harsh youth and a turn or two in Alliance detention. Never has more than a few days' worth of stubble on his face and head. Won't be caught dead outside of something with a nice, starched collar.
Faceclaim:  Jason Statham
Initial Personality:  Sociable enough, albeit in a mostly professional manner, and possesses an upfront matter-of-factness that encroaches on the realm of flippant dismissal. Tends to only let his guard down in the presence of the Miller brood, otherwise relying on diversion and snark to to outmaneuver any possibility of emotional attachment. This behavior is as like to be a side effect of learning not to invest personally in his clients as well as a rough and haphazard upbringing. In most cases, the look on his face is enough to tell a person he'd rather watch them eat glass than say another word.
Underlying Personality:  Undying loyalty to the Miller family, their individual well-being, and the clan's continued prosperity, in matters both legal and personal dictates Wulfstan's major life decisions. While Stan's most obvious and public bond to the Miller family is through his long standing friendship with Mason, there is also a long-standing yet unspoken connection with Matilda. Though details of the nature of that connection are fuzzy, even to the two of them, it does grant Wulfstan a place on that most exclusive of lists as being one of the few people allowed to refer to her by the name 'Tilly'.
Known History: 
Born:Dyton, 8th of November 2474
Parents:Lorraine Wynne, Mother; Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller, Foster Parents
Siblings:None (See Other)
Other:7 "Cousins" - Mason, Miliscint, Miles, Matilda, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin Miller.
Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2482 - 2488
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2488 - 2492
University of Greenleaf, Dyton 2493 - 2495 (A.A)
Oxford-Brown University - New Cambridge Campus, Londinium 2495 - 2497 (B.A, Political Science)
Oxford-Brown University of Law - New Cambridge campus, Londinium 2497-2500 (J.D)
Passed Londinium bar exam February 2501
Passed Sihnon bar exam June 2504
Occupational Record:
Sponsored Cortex Vlogger - 2493 - 2496
Wolfram & Hart, Intern - June to August 2497, 2498
Lun-Wellesly Solicitors of Sihnon, Attorney - 2504-2515
Wynne Legal Services, LLP. - est. 2515
Miller Securities, Legal Consultant - 2518
Criminal Record:

(Juvenile Record Sealed)
Attempt to Insight Riot (New Cardiff - September 2495 - External link: 'September Revolution') - Verdict: Guilty; Sentenced to Community Service
Drunk and Disorderly - Multiple Charges, dropped
Criminal Vandalism - Multiple Charges, dropped
Defacement of Federal Property - File Sealed

Other History:  While mostly regarded in the neighborhood as a street ruffian and ne'er'-do-well, Wulfstan Wynne became the prodigal bad influence to Mason Miller in their youth, though the matter of who actually bore more influence over whom is still a matter of debate between the two to this day. When Wulfstan's life threatened to spiral out of control after the death of his mother in his early teens, it was Mason's father Stanley who arranged to foster the wayward youth as a member of the Miller household and flexed his influence to send Wulfstan to Dyton Military Academy for schooling. There, Wulfstan bunked with Mason most terms and feuded with him during others. During those petty feuds, it became well known that the worst place to be during one of their brawls was between the two of them. They remained steadfast and loyal mates throughout, however, always putting aside their differences at least long enough to whip the other guys.

After graduating from the Academy, Wulfstan and Mason's career and life paths diverged significantly. Where Mason went into the military professionally, Wulfstan remained defiant toward all authority save that of the Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller. In particular, he loathed what he referred to as "Anglo-Sihon Fascism" in early Alliance planetary policy, and used his position from a veritable "ivory tower" of education at the Oxford-Brown University on Londinium to broadcast to the Cortex a somewhat popular catalog of tirades against "invasive" terraforming practices and "predatory" trade policy put in place on Rim planets still in place from the time of early expansion efforts. Wulfstan often called for a radical overthrow of Parliament in his signaled broadcasts, even going so far as to organize and stage to a lukewarm reception one such attempted coup during the so-called "September Revolution" of 2495.

A heart-to-heart with The Commodore after Wulfstan posted bail for his attempted riot seemed to alter his course permanently, and the following summer the Political Science major found himself interning in the mailroom of the offices of Wolfram & Hart's Londinium branch. He would return twice more between years at the Oxford-Brown University of Law, once in a clerical capacity and then assisting with paralegal duties. His future as one of Wolfram & Hart's associate attorneys seemed written in blood, but something Wulfstan is loathe to discuss took place during a company outing in the summer of 2498 which nullified his relationship with the firm.

After passing the Londinium Bar examination, Wulfstan attempted to find work on the capital planet but found himself blacklisted by Wolfram & Hart's designs and relocated to Sihnon to find work. After another period of interning, Wulf passed the Sihnon bar and began working whatever cases that partners at Lun-Wellesly would pass down to him. Wulf put tireless effort into making a name for himself among the pool of associate attorneys at Lun-Wellesly and for a time was revered for his "rainmaker" status. In time, Wulfstan's consideration for junior partner seemed a given, however his deeply ingrained opposition to authority in any of its guises appeared to show its head again and again, and eventually he chose to part ways with the partnership and went into business alone.

Finally establishing himself as an independent council for hire, Wulfstan now provides his services as the primary legal consultant to Miller Securities and travels with the family throughout the Black. Wynne continues to practice legal representation on short term and single engagement contracts, connecting to clients via wave and signal when possible and borrowing The Courtesan's shuttle to appear for physical representation when necessary.

Skills and Strengths:  Will usually argue his way out of any conflict, but can punch his way out if he has to. Knows how to keep himself and the Millers on the right side of the law. Family loyalty means somebody's always got his back - Mason, more often than not. Practices speaking with sincerity and confidence daily, and knows how to work most rooms as if he stands in court. Can prepare, process, file, and forge nearly any required document under Alliance Federal guidelines. Developed a fondness and knack for baking over the years, his raspberry clafoutis and cheese cake flan becoming oft-requested deserts at Miller family gatherings.
Weaknesses:Doesn't know how to use a gun, mostly due to hating loud noises. Doesn't seem to keep him from running his mouth, however. Family ties result in no shortage of messes to clean up, but its the price he promised. Chronically perturbed by the very existence of Martin Miller - probably due to the aversion to loud noises -  and in particular when the plucky pilot insists on calling him "Stanley".

Wulfstan Wynne

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Portable legal library;
Ecyclopedic knowledge of UAP Law;
A versatile arsenal of attire for any occassion;
Fierce right hook;
Weaponized wit;
Stiff upper lip;
Balls of steel;
When there's no one left to fight
Boys like him don't shine so bright
Soon as I see the dust settle
He's out on the town tryin' to find trouble
Jamie T, "Sticks 'n' Stones"

Wulfstan Wynne

Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
When there's no one left to fight
Boys like him don't shine so bright
Soon as I see the dust settle
He's out on the town tryin' to find trouble
Jamie T, "Sticks 'n' Stones"

Wulfstan Wynne

When there's no one left to fight
Boys like him don't shine so bright
Soon as I see the dust settle
He's out on the town tryin' to find trouble
Jamie T, "Sticks 'n' Stones"

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