S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do

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Ship Time: 1530
Location: Approaching Turbo Train Coordinates.

The Darling shuddered in protest as it pulled down through the clouds toward the turbo train streaking across the landscape below. Wisps of white trailed like cotton candy against the ship's front view port, droplets of water beginning to shimmer against the hardened glass once they passed through the cloud cover and into the threat of rain. The hall of the Darling vibrated and groaned, as though their home were making its opinion on the whole debacle known to the crew within.

Rian had been allowed to sit in the cockpit to assist Riot and Arlo with the Captain's 'insane plan' (provided Tabitha be allowed to accompany him everywhere), and had everything mostly set to rely on automation, although he'd likely have to step in to help the pilot-in-training should anything more complicated become required. As the ship veered and sailed down to fly parallel to the rocketing train, the shaking became more apparent as air trapped between the two vessels pressed outward in objection.

Slowly, the lower cargo doors slid open to reveal the boom crane's coupler as it was lowered gradually and deliberately past the bounds of the Darling's underbelly by their reliable Viktor. The metal shimmered in the waning sunlight on its way down toward the rear of the second to last train car, the ship rocking backward and forward several times until the metal cording thrummed with contact and the train and Darling were held together... in loose theory. The similarities between this and their job at the derelict ship were neigh impossible to overlook, the tension and apprehension clawing and grasping at their ship, threatening to crush it in its grip.

Inside the cargo bay, Mattie, Barnaby, Abe, and his boys stood at the ready near the opened hatch. Wind filled the room, the loud rushing of the train and ground beneath them making speaking in anything more than a shout just about useless. There wasn't much need for talk, to be sure, and everyone present knew their part of the plan. Bring Mona Home.

Barnaby Goodweather

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Dressed in coveralls, with goggles covering his eyes and his bandanna tied and ready to pull up over his face, Barnaby didn't quite look himself, especially since he left his hat in his bunk. With these winds, he didn't want to lose it. Everyone else was similarly dressed, though Abernathy's men seemed born for the get-up. Barnaby thought it fit a little tight between the legs and across the chest. But not so much as to be restricting. Movement in a scenario like this was key. Either way, if they got back - When. He told himself, hopeful resolve filling his head.- When they got back, maybe he'd have Tabby put him on one those diets. He strapped some work gloves onto his hands, and adjusted the sub-machine gun he'd borrowed off of Abernathy's man, Charlie, that was strapped to his back. He hoped he didn't have to use that'n. He'd tried to tell them he didn't know how this thing worked and they just laughed at him.

The harness he wore would connect him to the tow cables, and they'd lower themselves down, an apparatus designed for checking cargo before reeling her up into Darling's belly. No reason it wouldn't work for this. Barnaby toed the edge of the hatch, peering down at the train underneath them. He half-expected it to woosh by a glance, but it oddly seemed to be keeping still. He reckoned that was just because Darling, and therefore they, were matching speed with it. Some physics nonsense or t'other. Something about relatives. Speed of light maybe?

All Barnaby knew was that, no matter how fast they were going, they'd better hurry up because Mona was sitting down there waiting on rescue. And the longer they stayed tied up with this train, the longer Riot was doing a job Barnaby was hoping she had the confidence to do and to do it well. "Alright everybody! Listen up! Keep everybody covered, we'll all get out of this in one piece. In and out. Just like Rian said but try not to kill folks if'n you can help it. We'll have enough Alliance heat as it is. I'll go first. Then Mr. Abernathy, then you, and you, and you, then Mattie. Once we's all on top, we'll blow the hatch, drop in, and do what needs doin'. I wanna take a minute and thank everybody, even Mr. Abernathy, for putting your life on the line for to make us whole again. I know Mona would appreciate it soon as she stopped being mad we did it in the first place. Okay. Take the harness, see this little lever here, make sure it clicks on the cable before you drop. It's mechanized, so it'll be a nice even drop, little quick, but ain't oughtta hurt when you land. Any questions?"

Luckily Barnaby mimed, to limited success, each step of his speech, because he couldn't even hear himself talk. How he expected anyone else to hear him was unclear, but perhaps they got the intent of it. And it's the thought that counts, right? His eyes met Viktor's and he gave the Preacher a nod. A nod of thanks. A nod of friendship. And he just hoped it wasn't a nod of goodbye. He did the same with Mattie, and it carried with it additional weight. To Barnaby, if there was only going to be one person to make it out of this, it would be her. And finally, Abernathy. The two locked eyes and Abernathy just grinned. Barnaby pulled his bandanna over his face before the man saw what his nod really meant. It was time.

Barnaby locked in his harness, gave everyone a thumbs up, and jumped.

Viktor Söderberg

Viktor managed to drop the crane mechanism slowly and fluidly to catch on the train below. He kept his eyes on the gauge, ensuring it didn't go into the red. His hand hovered over the release button in the event that he needed to sever the Darling's connection.

The wind rushed into the room, but the preacher was sweating at his station anyway. Shifting his gaze between his gauge and the gathered crowd, he watched Barnaby mime out the next few steps of the plan. Viktor pulled at his collar willing the wind to cool him and calm his system of the nerves that were plaguing him. He had been saying prayers in his head until now. He couldn't hear what Barnaby was saying so he wasn't afraid of talking over the captain.

Knowing that it no one would be able to hear him anyway, he spoke out loud, "Father, we go with you for we know that we are safe with you and we do not travel alone, for your hand is upon us. Your protection is divine and we are wrapped in your grace. When others fear the enemy, I rebuke him in the name of Jesus, because You said no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I believe that You are more than able to keep us safe during these times. Keep our hands steady, our minds clear and return all of our family to us, whole and safely. Amen."

Mattie Rooney

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Mattie stood next to Barnaby, squinting at him through her mule-riding goggles. She couldn't make out what the captain was saying over the sound of the wind rushing in her ears, but she got the gist well enough; a run-down of the plan, probably accompanied by some words of encouragement.

She'd opted to go with her own guns instead of Rian's rifle, but had taken him up on his other offers, the breaching charges stashed away in a satchel strapped to her hip and ballistic armor hidden under her getup assembled from clothes she'd scavenged from various crew members. Standing there in her borrowed uniform, preparing to lay down her life to save a stranger, Mattie felt a little like she was about to participate in some kind of a gang initiation. Only these were good folks, and they needed her help, and she had no qualms about giving it to them.

Still, as she watched the captain jump off, followed by Abernathy and his men, she felt a small wave of trepidation pass through her. For all the action Mattie had seen in her life, she'd never done something quite like landing on a moving train before. As her turn to make the leap came up, she wondered if she had some latent fear of heights hiding in her bones, or if it was just the sheer force of the air current that was making her legs feel a little wobbly. She pushed the thought away and willed herself to man up; she was fearless, gorrammit. The surge of anger Mattie felt at her fleeting moment of hesitation gave her the boost she needed. She locked in her harness, checked it was secure, and jumped.

Rian Carpenter

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Rian gripped the secondary set of controls in the co-pilot's seat. He'd been given a couple brief overviews of the ship's controls. Now-a-day's some modern ships barely needed a human pilot. The human operator practically ticking a series of boxes on a checklist, rather than personally maneuvering a massive hunk of steel around through galaxy. The Darling however, wasn't the newest boat on the pond so today Rian was going to have to white knuckle it with their mechanic, as they faked their way through their first turn at the controls.

He looked over at Riot and shot her a look, a sort of half smile, half panic. One that communicated his shared feeling of being out of his depth. The security specialist let a long exhale out. He tried to clear his mind and calm down. Carpenter had to push down his preoccupation with trying to seize control of the situation. No matter how involved he was with the plan, he wasn't roping down to that train himself and the reduced agency itched at him like wool underwear.

Now the ranking crewmember on the bridge, authority always fit him well, but he hated the circumstance in which it was thrust upon him. The precariousness of it all. With a few taps on the control panel he pivoted one of the exterior cameras to face the train. He carefully watched the racing locomotive beneath him. Already on the lookout for trouble.

The hapless co-pilot tried to cut the tension, quipping to Riot.

"Looks like our plan to run off together with the ship is working out gangbusters."

He paused for a moment, then clarified, immediately discarding the joke.

"Seriously though, things go south down there, we're taking this ship right back to the Baron's little fiefdom and we're gonna have words... And bullets..."

Tabitha Haemish

Location: Bridge

"Seriously though, things go south down there, we're taking this ship right back to the Baron's little fiefdom and we're gonna have words... And bullets..."

Tabby stood in the doorway of the bridge with her eyes glued to her charge. She braced herself against the threshold as the ship rattled and rumbled beneath her feet, but she knew that her duty to her patient was far more important to her than her comfort. "Not until you're healed up," she told him as firmly as the blonde wisp could manage, although she didn't quite say 'no' to the whole idea entirely. She'd piled her curls in a messy bun atop her head and held it in place with a pencil, a shoulder bag filled with some 'just in case' tools for if Rian decided to get rowdy and needed some extra patching up was slung across her chest and she'd tied her long skirt in a knot on one side of her thighs to keep it out of her way if she needed to move quickly.

"You're both doing so well," she encouraged, taking her hand off the metal long enough to give them both a motivational raising of her fist before she stumbled and slammed the hand back into place to keep upright, a half-worried little giggle slipping past her lips. "Viktor is doing well. The Captain is doing well. Everything is going so well!" she exclaimed, laughing nervously and trying to remind herself to breathe.

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