Millicent Miller

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Age:  42
Gender:  Female
Primary Occupation:  Bounty Hunter
Secondary Occupation:  Know-It-All
Appearance:  Tall, severe, with the quintessential Miller blonde hair and blue eyes, and a steely-eyed gaze that makes you feel like she's staring into your very soul.
Faceclaim:  Rosamund Pike
Initial Personality:  Penny is extremely Type A and doesn't care who knows it. Everything must run According To Plan, and if it doesn't she wants to know whose fault it is and how they intend to fix it, just as soon as she's done being deeply, deeply disappointed in them and every decision they've made that led them to this moment. This makes her a highly effective executive and bounty hunter, and an even more effective surrogate parent to a pack of unruly troublemakers. She's efficient, intelligent, and capable, but also prone to fits of drama, whereupon everything screeches to a halt so she can collapse onto the nearest surface and loudly bemoan the cruel, unfeeling, spiteful universe and/or sibling and/or mild inconvenience that has cursed her so.
Underlying Personality:  As effective as she is at running businesses and everybody else's lives, Penny is terrible at running her own. Ask her to choose between a tangled variety of complex contracts, and she'll itemize the pros and cons and hand you a ranked list of decisions without pausing for breath. Ask her what she wants for lunch, and be prepared for her to still be hemming and hawing about it by dinnertime. She can juggle the company budget like a puppet master, cutting costs in all the right places and flawlessly investing the surplus, but couldn't balance her own checkbook if her life depended on it. She's a ruthless and uncanny judge of character when talking to clients and contractors, but routinely goes heart-eyed for the assholes and idiots she dates. The list goes on. Underneath it all is a well-spring of anxiety fed by genuine concern for the people she loves and a compulsive need for everything to go right for them at all times. She should probably start working through some of those issues, especially the part where her sense of self-worth hinges on her ability to make things perfect, but she's definitely never going to.
Known History:  Born: Dyton, 2477
Parents: Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller
Siblings: Mason Miller, Miles Miller, Matilda Miller, Melinda Miller, Madeline Miller, and Martin Miller
Ex-Spouse: Jesse Daxter, m. 2501-2503
Other History:  As one of the few Miller children with neither an arrest or a dropout record, Penny takes both pride and resentment in being "the responsible one." Her comparative maturity in both age and temperament thrust her into a conflicted role from an early age, not exactly a parent to her younger siblings, but not just one of the children either. Dr. and Admiral Miller's hands-off approach to parenthood created a sort of middle management position for young Penny: "Millicent, you're in charge." "Millicent, look after Madeleine." "Millicent, do something about Martin."

This dynamic remained all the way through to adulthood, as Penny continued to mind her siblings with a healthy combination of love, deviousness, and tyranny. Even while she embedded in Intel Services, she was keeping a constant eye on Marty's and Tilly's antics, trying to bully shepherd Miles into something resembling a social life, and fretting over Melinda's life choices on a near-daily basis.

The family military firm she ran with Mason and Miles gave her an even better chance to interfere stay involved with the Miller family's lives. The firm itself became as much a baby to her as her siblings, given how much of herself she invested in running its day-to-day operations, so she took it extremely personally when Mason dissolved it without consulting her. She still hasn't quite forgiven him yet, and makes sure he knows it.

Skills and Strengths:  Logistics; Executive decision-making; Linguistics; Cryptography; Guilt trips; Dramatic entrances
Weaknesses:  Dramatic exits; Personal decision-making; Cooking; Letting things go

Millicent Miller

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  • A small pistol, for self-defense
  • Assorted businesswear, tailored and expensive, primarily in grey and neutral tones
  • A collection of snow globes from every planet she's visited

Millicent Miller

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