Mason Miller

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Mason Horatio Nelson Miller
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Age:  45 1/2
Gender:  Male
Primary Occupation:  Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Government Issue Blunt Instrument
Appearance:  Tall and handsome, if a little weary, Mason has been able to use those good looks to get most anything that he wanted. He keeps himself in peak physical shape, or as much as someone nearing fifty can be after a lifetime of brute force backing up his brilliant blue eyes.
Faceclaim:  Daniel Craig
Initial Personality:  Confident. Debonair. Capable. Smug. Disappointing. Clueless.
Underlying Personality:  Having been told what to do and how and when to do it for his entire life, Mason seems lost without that sense of direction. He might be haunted by the things he has done in the service of his government, but he's rarely sober or introspective enough to comment on that. While it may seem that he is brash, arrogant, rude, and selfish; he's really just built for executing orders no matter what and he is absolutely certain that no one is better at it.
Known History:  Born: Dyton, 2474
Parents: Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller
Siblings: 6. Miliscint, Miles, Matilda, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin.
Cousin: Wulfstan Wynne
Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2482-2488
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2488-2492
"The Citadel", The Military College at Londinium 2493 (Dropped Out)
Occupational Record:
Caddying at The Palms Golf Course and Resort 2484-86
Alliance Ministry of Defense, Consultant 2511-2517
Miller Securities, Consultant 2518

Military Record:
Enlisted Alliance Navy 2494
Promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2498
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander 2503
[Rest Redacted]
Honorably Discharged 2511 with full Pension and Honors of a Commander of the Navy
Criminal Record:
Criminal Mischief [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Fighting in public [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Drunken Disorderly [Multiple charges, all dropped]
Destruction of Property [Multiple charges, all dropped]
[Rest Redacted]
Arrest Record: [Redacted]
Other History:  The eldest of the Miller siblings, Mason, according to his parents, was destined for greatness. The military tradition ran long and wide in his family, and it was expected of him to exemplify that. Enrolled in Alliance Military Academies from a young age, Mason found the collars always a bit too tight, and rebelled at every chance he could. Mason always passed aptitude tests with flying colors, however he was exceptionally mediocre at everything else, and it wasn't for a lack of skill or intelligence. He just didn't care, unless there was a pretty face to impress.

He enrolled in the Military College on Londinium, or rather he was enrolled there, but dropped out almost immediately and enlisted in the Navy. While technically this was what was expected of him, his parents envisioned Officer Training and fast-tracked leadership positions for this son. Whether it was a reckless sort of self-destruction or merely thumbing his nose at the expectation of his parents, Mason decided he wanted to fight, not lead.

After basic training, Mason was assigned to a number of ships, always for short stints where he made a name for himself as someone who would always volunteer for any boarding party, undertake any mission, and then get reassigned for insubordination. Still, despite that and some drunken incidents on scheduled shore leave, command couldn't deny Mason's efficacy. With the growing threat of Rebellion looming, Mason was eventually transferred to an elite unit whose sole purpose was the detection, infiltration, and elimination of Independent Cells, most often but not entirely by means of assassination. Throughout the war, Mason worked covertly to support the interests of the Alliance Government and Military by any means necessary. He eventually received a commendation and promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, at which time his official military file abruptly ends.

Towards the end of the war he was discharged, with full honors and benefits, and entered officially-unofficial government work, taking a post with the Ministry of Defense. The nature of his work remained largely the same, covert operations against enemies of the state, but he was off the record and given more nebulously political missions. After the fog of war faded away, the work was more and more gray, and the targets and missions less clear-cut. There was no longer a cause to support, and while Mason would say this didn't bother him so much, the correlation between the operations he was undertaking and the amount of alcohol and drugs he consumed, the erosion of his personal relationships, and his overall health eventually could no longer be ignored.

He retired from government work unceremoniously in 2517 and started a consulting and security firm with his sister, Millecent, enlisting a number of the other siblings. Bodyguarding, security reviews, private investigations, bounty hunting. His habits didn't change, but his peace of mind did. Due to shady investing, the firm (and by proxy the family nest egg) has recently fallen on hard times and Mason has tasked himself with securing the future of his family, if only to keep them all together.

Skills and Strengths:  An impressive physical specimen, Mason has spent his adult life getting orders and carrying them out no matter the cost. He is a capable pilot, exceptional combatant (both hand to hand and with weapons) and while subterfuge is not his forte, the art of getting in and out of places he's not supposed to is one he's perfected over the years, even if it means simply making blowing a hole in wall if he can't pick the lock on the door. He speaks a handful of languages and has contacts around the 'verse from his days in the Service.
Weaknesses:  When not told what to do, Mason is a little lost. He can make do for a short amount of time, vacations and laying low and the like, but eventually he gets a bit stir crazy and can be prone to brash mistakes. Additionally, any social setting that isn't government mandated leaves him at a loss for how to act properly. He is not a finely tuned instrument, but rather a force of nature that generally gets the job done by sheer strength of will, and the messes he makes often outweigh any good he has done. His age and years of hard living are beginning to catch up to him and he finds himself drinking more and more to dull the physical and emotional pain and trauma he's experienced as a result.

Mason Miller

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Mason travels light and stylish, always in a suit or fashionable attire impossibly well-tailored and perfect for whatever occasion. Mason is always deceptively prepared for most situations, whether that be weapons or tools, whatever his current situation requires.
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Mason Miller

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