Matilda Miller

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Matilda Miller
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Age:  35
Gender:  Female
Primary Occupation:  Mechanic/Engineer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Bounty Hunter

Appearance:  Matilda is slender and lithe, with the typical body type of someone familiar with physical combat or sporting activities. She stands at an average 5 ft 7½ in, with dark brown hair and glimmering, fiery blue eyes.
Faceclaim:  Emily Blunt

Initial Personality:  Out to prove herself to the world, Matilda is known to be slightly violent, a bit rough and tumble, and a go-getter when it comes to her family, her previous profession, and now her work as a bounty hunter. She is curt and shrewd and does not like to let others see any sort of vulnerability. She's spent her entire life trying to show everyone that she's just as good as the rest of her siblings, and that she can keep up with the best of them without any visible effort.
Underlying Personality:  Deep down, she has a weakness and proclivity for the finer things in life. She looks up to her eldest sister more than she might let on and frequently steals beautiful bits and baubles from her sister, thinking none of them are the wiser. Despite her rash and aggressive nature, Matilda loves her family and would do anything for the idiots.

Known History:  Born: Dyton

Parents: Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller

Siblings: Mason, Millicent, Miles, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin.
Cousin: Wulfstan Wynne

Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2492-2498
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2498-2504

Military/Occupational Record:
Enlisted Alliance Navy 2504
Transferred to Alliance Civil Engineer Corps 2505
Transferred to Alliance Explosive Ordnance Disposal 2510
Honorably Discharged 2512

Arrest Record:
Criminal Mischief [Charges Dropped]
Breaching the Peace [Charges Dropped]
Disorderly Conduct [Charges Dropped]

Other History:  Growing up in the middle of a large gaggle of children, Matilda felt she had more to prove to stand out from the crowd of overachievers. She enjoyed a healthy competitive relationship with her brother Martin, feeling that out of all her siblings, he understood her the most. Many hours were spent together modifying and tinkering with small, dangerous vehicles. She didn't even mind that she was almost always the test dummy on those vehicle tests. It was during this time she really realized how much she enjoyed engineering and started to take more of an academic interest in the subject.

When she was older, and boys entered her radar, she looked to her eldest sister Millicent for help. Too proud to ask for it outright, Matilda tried to secretly emulate her sister's natural charm and skill with the makeup brush. She failed. Despite this, she has still retained a secret longing and love for her sister's extravagant lifestyle.

Matilda excelled in her general coursework with the expectation that she would be able to work for the Alliance using her mechanical engineering skills. Because of this, she was not pushed toward the 'family business' as hard as some of her siblings were. However, that only made her feel like they thought she wasn't good enough to do it, which made her work harder.

After the war, she found that she was not being fulfilled by the tedium of peacetime or respected in her occupation when it came to promotions, she decided not to re-enlist and instead took to the family occupation like none other. Intending to work for the family mercenary business until it also dissolved, she's notorious for entering underground fighting competitions as a ringer.

Skills and Strengths:  Mechanical Engineering. Trained in combat while in the Alliance. Basic knowledge of ships and piloting beyond the engineering and upkeep of them. Knows how to absolutely blow tzao gao up.
Weaknesses:  Do not call her "Tilly". Only her family is allowed to use that nickname, and violence awaits anyone else who tries. Has a penchant for sparkly things. Cannot cook worth a darn, and any food she prepares is likely to make anyone violently ill.

Matilda Miller

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Duflebag Contents:
Fighting rags and equipment.
Trinkets from home.
Souvenirs from time in the military.

Matilda Miller

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