The Family that bounty hunts together stays together

Started by HumanHyperbole, July 16, 2019, 01:38:42 pm


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Ship Name: The Courtesan (Papa Miller mixed it up with Corsair and thought it meant "pirate")

Ship Design: Seaward class "yacht" / Recreational Vessel (Picture an oversized RV in space)

Your Characters Role on Board: Captain / Pilot

Style of Ship: Bounty Hunting / Private Security

Role play style: Comedy. Think a well armed version of Arrested Development in Space. The plot would focus around members of the Miller family and some friends and hired help trying to save the family fortune and launch a new Bounty Hunting/Security company. Marty only ends up captain by mistake when none of the family members were allowed vote for themselves after long bitter fights about who'd be in charge. A dysfunctional family comedy where everybody's packing heat and can barely stand each other.

Style of Narration: I'm a big fan of a collaborative approach and using OOC boards and discord where all the players and staff can bounce ideas around so I'd want the emphasis to be on keeping things low pressure, and fun. The overall plot would be guided by the narrator, but leave room for everybody to pitch ideas for their characters and the story in general. Maybe even employ player written NPCs that interact with the rest of the crew but don't necessarily go out on jobs.


Captain:Marty Miller (HumanHyperbole)
XO:Mason Miller (NoSeatBelts)
Better XO:Millicent Miller (kittyrex)
Pilot:Also Marty
Mechanic / Combat Engineer:Matilda Miller (Lomari)
Private Investigator:TBD
Legal Council/Passenger:Wulfstan Wynne (Rune)

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