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Started by RUNE, April 30, 2019, 09:41:41 am


What's your opinion of the pacing of our first mission? Wushu's been sailing for a year now in real time, while only a couple of weeks have taken place in game. Is this acceptable to everyone? Should the pace accelerate or just move along as it has been despite the hiccups we've had along the way? Given the only ship this crew has crossed over with so far, Ronin, has been similarly stalled I'm not exactly worried about chronology or time jumping, but more concerned with the overall sense of satisfaction we're all getting as a crew of developing characters?

IMO, the character development for everyone has been stellar even if the story has been slow. Is everyone cool with this? Or are we eager to get to some action? I don't have a particular agenda as a narrator, but as a player I'm a wee bit antsy and just curious what the rest of the crew's take is. Please vote in the poll and feel free to comment in this thread with a more detailed opinion or suggestions. Thank you!

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I voted organically, but I think a month might actually be better. Sorry, for messing that up.


Personally I prefer "Give it the time it needs to complete organically... within reason".

There are exceptions, like if things get a bit stagnant, or if we're trying to wrap up so a new member can join and get to posting, then I don't mind hurrying things up as much.

But if its a longer job and all the active and involved people are posting regularly and we're getting good content out of it I don't see a reason to cut things short, if that makes sense.?
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