Thackery "Arlo" Arlington III

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Age:  36
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Heir
Secondary Occupation:  Writer (Aspirational)

Appearance:  Tall, lean. Blue eyes, brown hair. Aquiline nose, cheekbones you can win a swordfight with. Hair & personal style constantly evolving to meet the peak of current fashions. Has a bit of a thing for bow ties, whenever he can get away with them.
Faceclaim:  Tom Hiddleston

Initial Personality:  Arlo might be generously termed "reserved" by some, politely referred to as "difficult to approach" by others, or honestly called "downright snobby" by most. He hasn't had to do a real day of work in his life, and it shows. He's easily bored by social niceties and not very good at concealing his boredom, so conversations with him tend to be unpleasantly direct and end abruptly when he's finished with them. He does, however, have some areas of enthusiasm -- particularly fashion and technology -- which he'll talk endlessly about, if you let him.
Underlying Personality:  Rude though he may be, Arlo honestly means well. If you can get past his vanity and the fact that he has the social skills of an agoraphobic lobster, he makes for a generous and good-hearted friend who would do just about anything for the people he loves -- except maybe make small talk with them.

Known History:  Thackery Dean Arlington
Birthplanet: Bellerophon
Birthdate: January 22nd, 2483
Father: Thackery Arlington, Jr. (Pemberton Manufacturing, Inc., Chief Executive Officer)
Mother: Regina Arlington  (Homemaker)
  • Benjamin "Bing" Arlington (Pemberton Manufacturing, Inc., Consulting Management Officer)
  • Georgia Arlington (Mayton Preparatory Academy, Student)
  • Mayton Preparatory Academy (2486-2502)
  • New Dunsmuir University (2502-2506)
  • Pemberton Manufacturing, Inc., Consulting Management Officer (2508-2511)
  • Pemberton Manufacturing, Inc., VP Engineering (2511-2515)
  • Pemberton Manufacturing, Inc., Chief Technical Officer (2515-2518)
Other History:  Ten years. A full decade he'd been working for the family business, killing time until his father retired and he could step into the head of the company and... keep killing time. It wasn't as though Thackery-the-Second did any work either.

Truly, though, Arlo couldn't complain. It was a good life. He liked his friends, appreciated the family estate, doted on his little sister, enjoyed the ample free time he had to work on his book. Not that he'd really done much with it in a few years now, but he'd be sure to get cracking on a first draft any moment. There was just always something better to do. Maybe a few too many parties for his taste, but they meant so much to his brother that he just couldn't sit them out, no matter how boring they always were.

There just... had to be something more, didn't there? It suddenly felt like the past ten years had rushed by all at once, and Arlo wasn't entirely sure where they'd gone. Maybe it was just that 40 was creeping disconcertingly closer; that was bound to make anyone restless, wasn't it? There must be something he could do with his life apart from just waiting. What did people usually do with theirs?

Theoretically, he could start a family; his mother was always making noises about grandchildren. But Arlo couldn't think of any prospect more exhaustingly tedious than raising children. Besides, he'd yet to meet anyone he deemed worthy of carrying on the Arlington line.

Then there was work. Arlo wasn't entirely sure when he'd last stopped by the office, but the air on Beaumonde gave him a rash. Still, he supposed he could put a bit more effort in. But then, the last time he'd tried to get more actively involved in the family business, he'd apparently "undone everyone's work" and "set the project back by months" and one of his own employees had spoken to him quite harshly about it in a way that Arlo did not at all appreciate. He still felt a bit badly about that, to be honest. Perhaps it was better that he not interfere.

Or there was the book. Arlo knew he could make more time for it if he tried. He just never quite seemed to have the inspiration for it. Maybe it was the environment. Bellerophon was lovely, but it lacked a certain yuánshǐ jiāolǜ that he felt was really necessary to capture the human condition. Slowly, Arlo rocked back on his heels and settled his elbows on the balcony railing, gazing out across the serene waters of his estate. He was beginning to have an idea...

Skills and Strengths:  Rich as God; Finely tuned moral compass; Excellent fashion sense; Decent shot; Wrestled at university, so not bad at unarmed combat either; Actually a pretty good writer (on the rare occasions he actually, y'know, writes)
Weaknesses:  Social skills; Technology; Bow ties

Thackery Arlington III

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  • Wide variety of tailored suits and bespoke shoes
  • Cortex pad
  • DataBook
  • Miscellaneous other trendy gadgets of questionable usefuleness
  • FN Model Pistol
  • Typewriter
Dialogue Color: darkseagreen | 8FBC8F

"I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle."

Thackery Arlington III

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Dialogue Color: darkseagreen | 8FBC8F

"I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle."

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