A Shipful of Dollars

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Martin Miller

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Marty joined the chorus of voices on the com line.

"What's up, party people?!"

He brought the ambulance down for a landing smoothly and continued to quip:

"Your ride-share for the evening has arrived. Please feel free to make use of the complimentary cortex unit chargers, bottles of water or a mint. Don't forget to rate 5 stars and tip, please and thanks. Fair warning, anyone pukes, chucking you out the back."

The ship settled down firmly on the ground and Marty was again anxiously tapping on the flight controls rhythmically. He kept the engine running, so the vertical lift jets idled at a dull roar. He turned up the volume for the emergency response channels on his headset.

"No chatter from the Bobbies yet, we're looking golden for exfil."


The Party: Near the Entrance

"Woooooof...." A noise thick with nausea and regret escaped Tricky's throat as Helena Cain hauled him through the crowd as if she couldn't wait to toss him to the curb. Sucking wind as his diaphragm muscles began to relax, Tricky considered he might've been impressed by Helena's range - maybe even considered her a real player - if he thought for a single second she might be acting. Tricky just began to consider the state of his suit if the gun for hire so willfully escorting him along actually decided to toss him to the dirt. O'Doyle pushed away little doubtful thoughts whispering maybe she was running a game on him, that this was about to be his last day on Francine all over again. "Oh, no." Patrick muttered as for a brief instant his mind repulsed him with the thought of being 'on' The Darling's namesake in a figurative sense. He shook his head as if to buck the thought off his scalp, opening his eyes just in time to see the crowd part like something out of a picture show and bringing him face to face with...




... the most unfortunate-looking man he'd ever seen.

Quote from: noseatbelts on December 05, 2019, 11:45:46 am"Patrick O'Doyle."

Ol' Tricky was sure he would've recognized a face like that if he'd seen it before. Then again, maybe his brain just found the man's visage so traumatizing it wiped away any memory of him whatsoever. Or maybe, just maybe, Patrick just wanted to troll the troll staring at him with a look that screamed "I JUST SNORTED A RAIL OF BLITZ AND I'M VERY HAPPY TO BE HERE" by replying to the man the same way Trick replied to anyone who called him by his real name in public.

And in the city it's a pity 'cause we just can't hide
Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

- RUN-DMC "It's Tricky"

Johann Krüger

After no response from Trick, Johann was given no choice. "We stick to the plan." He pounded his fist on the side of the ambulance and loaded his gear and himself inside. "Damn!" There was no reason to assume that it was all going south, but there was a feeling deep down in his gut that told him otherwise. Johann tried to remind himself that either he trusted Trick or he didn't. There was no in-between. For now, he chose the former.

"Get us out of here, Marty, before something else goes wrong." The fact the cops weren't on the radio worried him more than seeing their lights and hearing the sirens. That told him they knew he was listening. But how could they know that? Johann's eyes flashed to the nearing sirens. He reckoned they knew they were coming. "Oh Martin. Turn those lights on, would you? We have someone to save."
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Pele Kesher

Outside the party

Pele could feel eyes on her as she made her way through the crowd outside. Only nobody's eyes were actually on her as far as she could tell; everybody seemed to be too busy murmuring about the disgraceful display McKenzie's had put on. All things considered, it was better this way, she decided. The man was clearly not cut out for politics anyway. How could someone who got so flustered when approached by some girl at a party give convincing public speeches on a regular basis? And he obviously lacked the self-esteem needed to take criticism in his stride. Honestly, when you really stopped and thought about it, they were doing him a favor...

The approaching blare of sirens made Pele's stomach turn. She may have been just another face in the crowd for now, but if the Feds started questioning the guests, she was almost positive someone would be able to pick her out as the last person McKenzie was seen with before he got on stage. She looked around. No trace of Tricky or his new lady friend. The thought of bailing on him crossed her mind, until she remembered he had the valet ticket for their ride.

She didn't have any choice but to wait for him for now, which she would do. But just a little longer. If he didn't show up soon, she'd definitely... do something stupid, as she seemed to be in the habit of doing.

She hoped he showed up soon.


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The Party: Near the Entrance

The Detective was clearly not expecting Tricky's obfuscation. "Who? Ye! Patrick O'Doyle." He suddenly seemed less sure of himself, but quickly recovered in the way that only the criminally inept can. "I want me money. As arranged. But double! Now. Or I'll arrest ye for this little scheme ye've got goin'. Aye. I know everything!" A twinkle and a sniff. This guy was nuts. It was true they had hired a cop to dig into their scheme. He was supposed to find the evidence in McKenzie's office and put the blame on him.

A quick look to the crowd to be sure that any onlookers were occupied and Helena sucker-punched him across the jaw. He dropped like a sack of potatoes, the shock not even registering on his face. She looked at Trick. "You're not worth it. If you leave, and I never see you again, I'll make sure whatever you have planned goes off without a hitch." She stopped and stared at him, the look of warning dire. "I mean it. Never again. Wire me my share and next time don't hire a nincompoop to do your dirty laundry." And just like that Helena Cain was gone into the crowd to do as she promised.

Outside the Party

As Pele fretted about where Tricky might be and whether he was coming back, she was suddenly bathed in the red and blue light of an ambulance as it landed almost too close to the entrance. The woosh of air and bright lights might have disoriented someone for a moment, but soon Johann appeared out of the back door with a friendly (for him) grin and a wink. "Anyone in need of emergency medical services?" He frowned when he saw she was alone. "Is Trick not out here, yet?"

As if on cue, Tricky appeared from the door like he'd always planned it this way. "What are we waiting for, Christmas? What say you we make like a banana and split?" Nearby sirens roared in their ears and, finally, reports of activities at the museum including a rampaging, now disgraced, political candidate, an officer down, and some sort of collapse of a Tyrannosaurus replica came over the wire. Tricky didn't seem bothered as they lifted off the pavement and away from the scene, but a small grin twitched on his lip as their ambulance rounded a corner and disappeared into the night. They'd retrieve the Empress' shuttle when the heat died down a bit.

Later, while the contact was not overall pleased with the amount of attention that Tricky's Five had attracted, they had, in fact, fulfilled the requirements of the job and their efforts had the desired results. McKenzie decided to spend more time with his family and that now was not the time to enter politics. The contact ran unopposed and the Capital City had no transition of power once again. The team was paid promptly and handsomely and allowed to go their separate ways with the promise that if another job came along, they'd all get calls.

Soon after arriving back at Iscariot, Tricky decided that maybe a new home somewhere far from there was a better option and vamoused with the Empress. Johann didn't mind. He'd received a call from his younger sister back on Paquin with an offer he couldn't refuse. Xiǎodāo did whatever she wanted, as was the custom. Marty took up the family business and started "running" his own crew. Finally, Pele found herself alone back on Iscariot with a Space Station full of options before her. In a sense, they were all alone. But they were together in that, so it wasn't all bad.

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