S1:Ep2 - Blasting Off Again

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Barnaby Goodweather

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Location: Cythera Casino and Resort

Overhearing Tabby's message to Rian, Barnaby decided that the gettin' was good. "Let's git. Tell'm to meet back at the ship." pi gu in the driver's seat and hands on the wheel, Barnaby drove the mule away from the casino with as much speed as he could muster, crowded as the streets were. "I don't like it." He said, almost to himself but loud enough for the three passengers to hear him as well. Ostensibly, they'd walked into a trap. His head chastised, but his gut wasn't having any part in that. His gut told him they could still get out of this in one piece. His gut told him that he'd done everything he could and that there was no amount of planning that could see a person through a proper betrayal. If he were to start planning for that, well, Barnaby didn't like to think of what that might do to a person. He had to believe that honesty and honor were still important.

"Hey, uh, Mr. Arlo." He turned his head briefly to regard Thackery. "You know that Baron guy. He's planning something ain't he?" His eyes back on the road, the Mule hit a large bump, sending everyone briefly and slightly into the air and back down. "He think's we's stupid. Just some blackhoppin' yokels. But we ain't." A push cart appeared in their path, which Barnaby swerved to avoid, barely willing to slow at all. "Rian. Mona. Ya'll keep an eye out. I'm gonna get us back to the docks lickity."

His thoughts went to the other guy, Abe, the Baron had called him, but Barnaby had noticed that the man hadn't offered his full name. "What's ya'll's read on that other fella, Abe? He don't seem very wholesome to me."

Viktor Söderberg

Location: The Market

Alliance soldiers stepped out of their path back to the docking area but formed a steady and eager wall between them and the rest of the market. They seemed twitchy, fingers itching to squeeze triggers and deal with this the easy way. But, for now, the woman in charge had a firm hold on them and they'd apparently attempt to be polite and civil.

Viktor remained wary of the officers but was resigned to going along for the time being. He didn't think he was going to make it to Temple to pay his respects today, after all. Tabitha was bound to be upset that the officers were not likely to let them continue their shopping. He, however, would be glad to get out of this situation with the least amount of tussle possible.

Keeping his position as second to Riot, he did his best to stay in between the officers and Tabby as they made their way back to the ship. Turning his head toward her, he whispered, "Maybe you should let us handle conversation with our new friend from here out. She doesn't seem to be taking a shine to you."

Through his own comms he said, "Headed back home now Rian, a little light on the groceries. We'll have to have those ribs another time."

Rian Carpenter

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Location: Cythera Casino and Resort

"We made a new friend, she's awful pretty. A little stern but we all have our flaws. She wants to speak to the Captain, wants to take the boxes from us, but we told her we don't have any idea what she's talking about,"

He smiled, but wanted to caution the doctor. He was glad she didn't give much of anything away but a flat denial like that could get them in trouble.

"You just keep that pretty Alliance Officer busy and stay off-topic and I'll make dessert tonight-"

The preacher ruined his plan for a bribe:

""Headed back home now Rian, a little light on the groceries. We'll have to have those ribs another time.""

Cursing in Chinese as Rian climbed up onto the back of the mule on the driver's side. He perched himself so that he could pivot around and watch the crowds as they made their way back to the docks. He could feel in Barnaby's driving that his suspicion had grown contagious.

"Don't you worry about it, Vic. We're on our way home..."

As they sped down the streets he eyed each alley suspiciously, any clusters of individuals near a choke point. Carpenter could feel the noose tightening around them as he rested his hand on his holster.


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Location: The Market

Tabby jumped as Rians voice came over the com unit. Riot would have as well if she hadn't been so deep in "deal with the feds" mode. Tabby made her reply, mentioning boxes, and that they had told the "stern woman" they didn't know what she was talking about. Riot winced inwardly, but what was said was said.

“Well, I can see you’re not idiots. Well, not all of you..." she informed them, grinning dangerously. “So, why don’t we all just mosey back to your ship where I can wait for your Captain to return. I can be reasonable,” The woman said, as she took a more casual stance, her smile trying to seem more genuine. She indicated that they should head back to the ship, and the Alliance soldiers stepped out of their path in that direction. Riot didn't like how twitchy they looked, but the presence of Miss Stern And Definitely In Charge seemed to be keeping them... polite. Riot briefly considered pushing for finishing their shopping first, but sometimes you had to know when not to push.

Riot released her hold and Bandits neck and quietly said, "Banditt. Følg lukkene.", and they headed off back towards the ship with the Alliance in tow. Victor and Riot were both doing their best to stay between Tabby and the officer, and Bandit was keeping pace with Riot with barely six inches between them. Riot was still as calm as ice, but once they got all this sorted out she could tell she'd have the shakes from the adrenaline crash.

Mattie Rooney

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Location: Cythera Casino and Resort

Mattie ignored Buttercup's outrage and didn't poke any further fun at him, not because she wouldn't have gotten a kick out of it, but because her mind was elsewhere. Just because Tate let Captain Weatherman and his crew walk out of his headquarters in one piece didn't mean he'd be as merciful when it came to letting them get off the planet.

Her hunch was confirmed to be correct when the Head of Security called her over and tossed her a baguette her rifle. Thank Heavens she was allowed to use her own weapons; to be honest, she was surprised the Baron hadn't forced her to wield some fully automatic jewel-encrusted monstrosity to match this stupid suit (yet). The thought reminded her of Lucky's ridiculous pearl-handled pistols. She wondered what he would say if he saw her now.

"...This's your test, recruit. Do well and you'll get yer own shiny badge and a room of yer own."

She bristled at the words, but bit her tongue. The bastard sounded so confident he was offering her an irresistible prize, something she'd be salivating over like a good little climber. As if their gang was a gang worth being a part of. The familiar feeling of Daisy's grip in her hands only cemented her resolve.

"They won't know what hit 'em," she replied before heading off, mustering up a smirk that mirrored the Chief's grin. It was surprisingly easy to do; all she had to think about was the times she'd caught Bret staring at her ass, and how satisfying it was going to be to turn the barrel of her gun towards his smug face.

Thackery Arlington III

Location: The streets outside Cythera Casino and Resort

Thoroughly preoccupied with his whinging, Arlo didn't even notice that he'd followed Maybewhether up into the mule as he babbled on about typewriters and indignities, until it suddenly took off, jostling him against the crewmen squeezed against him on either side. This was tantamount to kidnapping as far as Arlo was concerned, but what else was he going to do? Stand around back in the empty bay, shouting complaints at the darkness and beating on the elevator doors?

"Oh, very well, I suppose I'll come along for the moment," he declared with dignity to nobody in particular, conveniently ignoring the fact that he now had little alternative but to dive across several laps and into the dusty street. "But I insist upon returning to collect my belongings at the soonest possible opportunity."

Thus asserted, he settled himself as comfortably as he could (which wasn't particularly) and looked with interest about the less attractive side of the resort moon. It certainly was a dingy little place behind the gleaming marble and towering columns out front, wasn't it?

"You know that Baron guy," the captain said suddenly to Arlo. "He's planning something, ain't he?"

Arlo tried several times to respond, interrupted repeatedly by close brushes with death in the form of road bumps and push carts, and by the captain himself muttering darkly about Arlo-didn't-care-what. "Hugo's always planning something, though he's never particularly effective at it," he finally managed. "You saw for yourself how he couldn't even put together a decent card party, never mind a nefarious scheme. It's that Abernathy character I'm more concerned about. Thoroughly unsavory, thoroughly. He's no doubt got Tate hooked in on some dreadful nonsense or other. I don't approve at all."


Planet time: 1300

Team 1:
Location: Cytheria Casino and Resort

"Alright, we's gotta get their mule ta' go somewhere else!" Serg yelled over the sound of wind passing through the skeleton of the vehicle, his voice hiccuped by bumps and holes in the ground. "Maybe hit 'em in the back, chase 'em off the roads!" Bret suggested, turning his head to shout, his hands still on the controls and brows furrowed above his goggles. "Then you an Serg get out an' finish 'em!" the goggled man added loudly.

Their mule growled as its driver pressed it hard after the mule running from them, although it wasn't aware that it was running just yet. Slowly, foot by foot, the pursuing vessel closed in on Barnaby et all. It wouldn't have been hard to see them coming, especially not when the Captain and crew (and disgruntled fancy pants) were already on high alert. The Baron's group continued on, nose to rear, but never attempted to go around the other mule. Finally, with a sharp turn of the control, Bret smashed the front of their vehicle hard against the back right corner of Barnaby's in some facsimile of a Pit maneuver. 

"Yea! Get 'em, Bret!" Serg shouted encouragingly, looking back at Mattie with a toothy grin, teeth standing out starkly against his dirt covered face.

Team 2:
Location: The Market

The woman smiled was the little group complied with her 'request' and not long after, she and her soldiers closed in around the three of them (and their pup) in a deceptively loose and distanced rectangle. They were clearly wary of the big dog, if the glances and the trigger fingers twitching against the side of their weapons was any indication.

"Maybe you should let us handle conversation with our new friend from here out. She doesn't seem to be taking a shine to you."

Tabitha looked a little disappointed that she hadn't been making a stellar impression upon the strange woman, but she nodded to show that she'd agreed with Viktor's suggestion. An index finger lifted to cover her pink lips and she smiled warmly up at him, letting Riot and the preacher lead her on between them without realizing that that was what they were doing.

They hadn't been too far from the ship and its welcoming ramp laid open for them, the first interior door shut to prevent random uninvited guests. It was closed with a simple 4-digit code that the members of the crew would know and would be ale to punch into the control panel quickly enough, should they have decided to do so. The crowd was thicker nearer the docks and thus nearer their ship. Visitors, crews loading and off-loading cargo and passengers, and townsfolk looking for a ride off world meandered about, pushing in on the sides of the escort party. A couple soldiers shoved unsuspecting onlookers away when they got too close, and it became evident that the deeper they went into the flowing throng, the less their attention was upon Riot, Viktor, and Tabitha.

"Fancy a watch?" came a voice from behind them, a hand closing around the Alliance woman's shoulder and tugging her around. A man with a ragged brown coat opened on one side to show off his vast array of broken and suspiciously new looking watches as they dangled against his slim and malnourished body. "Release me!" she barked at him, her soldiers turning abruptly away from the Darling crew to face this new potential threat to their superior.
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Rian Carpenter

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Location: En Route to The Darling

"Nǐ zài shuǎ wǒ ma?"

He watched the mule approach. As they drew closer, their shouting to each other over the rushing air was loud enough for him to hear once they got within a reasonable distance. Not the particulars but he clocked the attractive and capable looking blond security guard from Baron Fancy Pants' place and it was for sure. Since Rian had climbed on the back, he had a perfect view of them as they encroached, then lined up. Borrowing some military vernacular he learned from a vet he ran jobs with, Carpenter shouted to everyone aboard:


Firmly holding onto a steel handle, he felt the mule practically kick out from beneath him with the impact and as they spun around. But just as quickly as they'd spun around they were facing foward again and in motion as the all-purpose vehicle and their captain regained control. Rian counted about three gunhands in the Baron's mule. But they weren't shooting yet, that meant Serge, the driver, just jumped up to the top of Rian's list of people he's going to shoot at. The second the mule stabilized under him, Rian's hand came out from inside his jacket where it had been resting on his pistol, lined him up, and squeezed the trigger, then shifted one spot over to Bret and Carpenter let loose another. 

"I swear to god, Cap!"

Rian held on for dear life and gritted his teeth in frustration. Another time he'd have lit them up sooner, but seeing as he probably needed to let them attack before anything he did might start getting considered manslaughter-y if there were cameras. Aiming at the engine of the vehicle chasing them he let loose four more rounds in quick succession.


Why he hadn't taken any shots at the blond? Chivalry? Ingrained sexism? Rian wasn't sure but she was in the back and wouldn't be a threat in a disabled vehicle. Hopefully. It was the sort of thing his dad would have kicked his ass for back in the day.

"I'm like a reverse lucky charm, everywhere we go somebody tries to kill us!"

And then I have to kill a bunch of people...

Pistol still firmly in hand, he tried to keep it aimed at the enemy mule as they sped off.

Mattie Rooney

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Location: En Route to The Darling

The wind was pulling strands loose from Mattie's stylishbun and tousling her hair something fierce, but the gunhand couldn't care less. While Bret and Serg strategized and enganged in jubilant trash talk, she sat in silence, watching for her moment like a hawk. More observant mercenaries might have sensed something was off about their companion who was being awful quiet all of a sudden; lucky for Mattie, the mooks she'd been saddled with were having too much fun to pay attention to her.

“Yea! Get ‘em, Bret!”

Serg turned to look at her with his trademark gǒu shǐ-eating grin. She responded with a lukewarm smile that did not reach her eyes, which were conveniently hidden behind her goggles. Then, before he had the chance to open his mouth again, a series of shots rang out; one of Woodgetter's crew members was firing at them. Mattie felt a strange, almost paternal surge of pride for their targets for fighting back, immediately followed by annoyance over them not realizing she was on their side.

Taking advantage of the brief window of confusion that followed the gunfire, Mattie gave Serg a hard shove. He was larger than her, but she had the element of surprise on her side, and the man was sent toppling off the mule, hopefully breaking his neck in the process. Mattie knew Bret would be too busy keeping their vehicle under control to properly react to her sudden yet inevitable betrayal; she would already have him at gunpoint by the time he was in any position to hold her accountable for her actions.

Provided, of couse, that they didn't crash first...

Barnaby Goodweather

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Location: En Route to The Darling


Barnaby felt the crash of the other mule as it slammed into them from behind. The jostle threatened to hinder their momentum, but Barnaby's foot kept on the accelerator and his hands went with the movement as if to steer with the crash as opposed to fighting against it. This sent their mule crashing through a fruit stand, apples and oranges and some round green things that Barnaby didn't recognize flew high into the air and rained down on them and their pursuers. "Oops! Beg pardon!" He said though he trusted his apology would fall on deaf ears if it was heard at all. A hard twist on the yoke put them back on the street, at least for now. With his eyes pointed straight, Barnaby had no way of knowing for sure who it was that was pursuing them, but he figured it could be narrowed down to two culprits.


"Who's shooting?" He said trying to keep his voice modulated, with no trace of fear. In truth, he was worried, but more so for the safety of his crew and that of their passenger, reluctant though he may be, than for his own. And while his hands were full, so too was his mind. He felt quite literally helpless. He could not help them in their present state. A brief thought towards stopping the mule so they could deal with the danger at hand went as quickly as it came. No telling who this was and what kind of backup they had waiting. They'd have to keep moving. "Cussin'!" So rattled was he, that he couldn't even swear properly as another obstacle presented itself and was messily avoided. Barnaby would have to make do with feeling useful as a driver, and, at this speed, he would be of no assistance at all if he couldn't keep them on the road. That road, of course, leading them back to the Darling. His thoughts momentarily carrying him to the safety of the rest of the crew, Barnaby recalled that there had been radio chatter about somebody asking about their cargo, he almost didn't see the T intersection approaching quick-like. "Hold on!" He said, his shout perhaps coming a moment too late. He twisted sharply on the controls, nearly topping their vehicle over in the process, but making the hard turn like a pro otherwise.

He breathed again as he felt the presence of the Mona, Rian, and Mr. Arlo still in the mule. The shooting resumed. "Almost there," Barnaby said, though if he was honest with himself, he was not entirely certain of that.

Viktor Söderberg

Location: The Market

As they walked the short distance back to the ship Viktor noticed the soldiers becoming more and more distracted by the crowds. Unfortunately for those gathering they were becoming more physical with the bystanders as well. Viktor was torn between calling the soldiers out and keeping his head down for their little group's sake.

Out of nowhere, a voice behind them called out "Fancy a watch?" The scalper grabbed the Alliance leader and pulled her around to face away from the Darling group. Her soldiers turned as well giving the crew a moment of relief.

If he could get the pushing crowd to file inbetween the Alliance and themselves there would be more of an opportunity to do.... something. The crowd was already likely to either draw in or scatter quickly because of the commotion with the watch seller. He might be able to incentivise them to come closer instead of pulling away.

Viktor took his chance. He made a shoo-ing motion for Riot and Tabby towards the ship and stepped away from them. He lifted his hands and raised his voice: "Friends and travelers, gather around! Gather around and I will tell you a secret..."

He wasn't sure what he was going to do if his plan worked and even less sure if it didn't. But, most people - even Alliance - gave a certain leeway to men of the cloth. And he was just doing his job, after all.


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Location: The Market

It wasn't a terribly long walk back to the ship. They caught sight of her, right where they;d left her, ramp open and welcoming. The soldiers around them kept casting wary glances at Bandit. The kind of glances that made her think that if shooting started, then her big lovable companion would be target number 1. Riot gritted her teeth. Gorram Alliance. Better not kill my dog, or I'm gonna kill every last one of you.

The closer they got to the docks the thicker the crowds got, and the more the soldiers attention was focused outwards instead of on the Darlings crew.

“Fancy a watch?” A voice sounded close behind them. Riots head snapped around to see a malnourished man in a ragged brown coat grab Miss Intimidating and In Charge by the shoulder and spin her around to show her his wares. Oh hells.

“Release me!” the woman barked at the vagabond. Her soldiers were suddenly paying the Darlings crew very little mind as they turned to face this new threat.

Riot could almost feel the tipping point coming, either the crowed would scatter away from the conflict, or surge in towards it. She shot a glance at Viktor and Tabby. Viktor made a shoo-ing motion at Riot and Tabitha, and then stepped away from them. Riot shook her head at him... No, no, no... but he'd already lifted his hands and called out to the crowd.

Riot edged forwards a few steps, nudging Tabitha along until they were nearly outside of the "ring" of soldiers. She grabbed Tabby's hand and put it in front of Bandits nose. "Bandit. Beskytte*." She said commandingly. The wolf-dog whined softly and pressed her side against Tabitha's leg. Riot put her mouth close to Tabitha's ear and spoke quickly, softly, and firmly. "Tabby, love. If the crowd surges forward or you hear a gunshot, you take Bandit and you run for the ship and put some part of it between you and here. Don't argue, just do." Riot nudged Tabby another step or two and then placed herself solidly between Tabitha and any potential stray or aimed bullets.

* Protect

Thackery Arlington III

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Location: En Route to The Darling


The crash lurched Arlo forward, jostling him against his pro tempore companions, and whirled their overstuffed mule about in a dizzying pirouette. Shaking his head and blinking furiously, Arlo had barely managed to clear his vision before his ears were assaulted by the rapidfire rounds that the Darjeeling's sah gwa of a security man was firing off practically inches from his gorram head.

"Obviously there's been contact, you absolute..." Arlo didn't bother finishing the thought, partly because he couldn't think of a creative enough insult to vent his feelings, and partly because he was reasonably sure nobody could hear him at any rate. He could himself only barely hear the captain ask who was shooting through the ringing in his ears, and as he didn't know the lanky one's name and didn't care to, he didn't bother answering.

At least the man seemed to be more competent at driving than Arlo would have given him credit for; he managed to get the mule righted and set off on what Arlo could only presume to be the correct course, and then rather handily pulled off a sharp maneuver that even Arlo couldn't guarantee to have managed without wrecking the thing.

Arlo twisted himself around to see if they'd lost the tail, but no such luck. The other craft was down by one, so that was something, but Arlo had reached the upper limit of his patience for faffing about. "For heaven's sake!" he exploded, rising from his seat and gripping onto a rail so he could get a better eye on their pursuers.

"Merriby, your weapon!" He thrust a hand expectantly out at the captain, then realized the man was in no position to release the controls, so deftly reached over the seat and grabbed it from its holster with a huffy, "Oh, never mind, I'll get it myself!"

It was a decent enough firearm, he supposed. Nothing like the beautiful FN Model sitting uselessly in his rooms back at Tate's, but needs must and all that. "That's Pemberton steel covering the engine block!" He shouted at the security man over the noise. "You're never going to shoot through it! See where the thrusters connect at those little joints? Aim there! If one of those snaps off, their balance will go all to hell!"

Suiting action to words, he adjusted his grip and fired off several rounds from the borrowed gun at the oncoming vehicle.


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Planet Time: 1315

Team 1:
Location: Outside The Darling

“Ey! They’re shooting at us!” Serg shouted at his compatriots, his hands flying up to cover his head as he ducked down a bit, metal clanging as a bullet ricochet off the headrest of his seat and back out again with a zipping noise. Bret’s hands tightened over the controls of the Mule and he turtled his neck in toward his shoulders as best as he could, not able to do much in the way of firing back, not while he had to drive. “You have a gun too!” Bret shouted at his partner, gritting his teeth and narrowing his gaze in concentration.

Serg grunted loudly in response and began fumbling for his weapon, growling when he couldn’t yank it free of his unused seat-belt. “It’s tangle-“ he began, his complaint cut off as Mattie’s hands settled on his body and pushed. “Wha-“ was all he managed before his words shifted into a shout of surprise and fear, Serg tumbling out of the Mule and landing outside with a puff of rolling dust. He wasn’t moving yet, but his fate was unknown as they sped away from the downed goon.

Bret looked in Serg’s direction briefly, then turned his head fully when he realized his partner wasn’t there anymore, brows furrowed and eyes wide. “What tha hell do you think you’re playing at!” he shouted, reaching out with one hand to try to grab at the woman while the other remained on the controls, his eyes flicking distractedly between the Mule they were pursuing and the turncoat in his vehicle. Shots rang out clearly before them and bullets whizzed and bounced off the engine cover. “Gorramit!” Bret shouted, putting his hands back on the wheel, focus upon his dangerous prey once more, not realizing his traitor partner was now pointing a gun at him.

Unlike Barnaby, Bret did not see the T-intersection in time to make any similarly daring and skilled maneuvers. While the crew of the Darling zipped off perpendicular to them, the pursuers overshot the turn, attempted to correct, and crashed through three shopping stalls before they regained their footing and took off after Barnaby and Crew once more, now significantly behind. Bret reached up and yanked a shawl and some beads off his head, courtesy of one of the stalls they’d destroyed, and tossed them out of the Mule with a frustrated howl.

The groups raced up to the docks, The Darling in sight, her ramp still lowered and visible between the throngs of people. Several more shots rang out, bullets speeding toward the hunters.  Bret ducked down again, however not before the skin at his shoulder was torn open as a bullet slipped its way through and shot back out the back of his seat, narrowly missing Mattie from her current position. Another bullet knocked into one of the couplers Arlo had been aiming at, and a third knocked the front light loose, showering the ground with glimmering glass. The mule began to wobble, threatened to tip. People ran screaming. Chaos ensued.

Team 2:
Location: Outside The Darling

Tabitha frowned at the pastor’s ‘shoo shoo’ hands, brows knit in worry. Before she could say anything about it, he’d edged away from her and Riot and the pup started herding her toward the ship. Viktor spoke out, then, to the masses assembled, about a grand secret he wished to reveal. After one glance at the man and his attire, the crow began to slowly merge and move toward him like sheep to their shepherd. Anything a preacher had to tell them, any secret he could impart, must have been something real special. The masses converged upon the crew’s position and provided them with some cover as they moved away from the Alliance officers.

The doctor did not object to her hand being grabbed, and once it was released, it settled gently on Bandit’s head, idly petting the beast of a dog now pressed against her legs. Riot’s voice sent goosebumps across her neck, and she turned quickly to frown up at the woman, lips parting before she was told not to argue. Honestly, she wanted nothing more than to argue the point, but in these matters, Riot really did know more than her and it wasn’t wise to refuse good council from those who could offer it.

Gunshots rang out, 6, to be precise, followed by the sound of metal and vehicles approaching at an alarming speed. The crowd began to scream, and chaos broke out in the docks. Seeing her opportunity, Tabitha pushed forward through the horde toward the ship’s waiting ramp.“Stop! Hey! Don’t let them get to their ship!” the Alliance woman shouted from somewhere in the crowd, but her troops were busy trying to wade through the people, figure out where the gunshots had come from, and pursue the retreating Darling crew. 
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Rian Carpenter

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Richie Rich was full of sass today. Any other day he'd find it annoying but given the circumstances, it just added a layer of absurdist comedy to him. Rather than try and correct him on his use of the term "contact" or whether he needed his tips on what to shoot at, it turned out their erudite passenger was on to something and hit the weak spot he'd been talking about. The man was a bit too indignant for his taste but he wasn't all talk at least. The gunhand squeezed out the last couple of rounds in his magazine at the vehicle as it started to approach again after crashing through the mall.

"Looks like your idea helped but we still haven't gotten their insurance information!"

Rian nudged Thackery playfully as he slapped a fresh clip into his pistol.

"Try not to shoot me okay?"

As the pursuing mule got close he shouted to his Captain, some sort of wild plan Barnaby would probably disapprove of already formed in his mind:

"I'm gonna go see if I can get their contact information, Cap! I'll be right back."

The enemy mule now pressing up to their bumper, he leaped across and landed in a crouched position on their hood, but not before a bump nearly threw him loose and he had to grab onto the passenger's side mirror. Now close enough to see clearly what had unfolded on their mule since they'd crashed through the shopping center, it must have been their turncoat passenger who lobbed one of their sorry asses out of the vehicle, and not Rian's shot at his dome. It finally dawned on him that Mattie had switched sides and The Darling's security specialist gave Mattie a mischievous smile as he asked:

"Hey, you mind grabbing the wheel?"

Rian's pistol was already pointed at the driver so she could put her hands on the controls. The second she did, with no warning he put a round into Bret's forehead. His cold calculus put them at equal chance of crashing anyway in the vehicle's wobbly state, and a live man fighting them for control wasn't something he wanted to contend with right now. He scrambled over and into the passenger's seat as Mattie drove from the back seat.

"Anyway, hi. I'm Rian. This may be a bit forward and all seeing as we just met and there's a teeny bit of arterial spray in your hair, but you wanna maybe get out of here and ambush an ambush?"

Mattie Rooney

Bret was proving out to be a lousy driver. Then again, maybe Mattie wouldn't have fared so well herself under the circumstances, what with the gunfire and the speeding and the sudden turns that sent them swerving from their path, which wasn't the most ideal terrain to begin with. Mattie ducked her head as they crashed into the stalls, but still got a face full of dried herbs hanging from the top of one.

Amazingly enough, she managed to both stay on the mule and maintain her grip on her rifle, the barrel of which she nudged at the back of Bret's neck once he regained control of the vehicle.

"I ain't playin' at nothin', you rotten son of an egg," she answered his question from before, spitting out a mouthful of thyme in his general direction. "Drive better or we're gonna have a problem."

Bret did as he was told, soon catching up to the other vehicle despite the gunfire very nearly taking him out and very definitely knocking loose some parts Mattie reckoned had been important judging by the way their mule began to wobble. Mattie didn't actually have a plan beyond following Verygood and his crew; she wasn't even sure why she was following them in the first place when she could have just forced Bret to pull over, shoot him in the gut and be on her merry way.

She didn't have much time to ponder her next move, because before she had time to properly process what was going on, one of Gerryweber's crew members was crouching on their hood; the guy dressed in a nice suit, clearly not too concerned about its condition. He clambered on board and greeted her with a smirk that seemed uncalled for given the circumstances.

"Hey, you mind grabbing the wheel?"

She did mind a little, but found herself in the same position she had forced Bret into earlier: not really having a choice. She tossed her rifle over her shoulder by its strap and climbed behind the wheel. She had just barely assumed control of the vehicle when there was a loud bang, followed by something warm splattering on the side of her head and shoulder.

Blood. Bret's blood.

Mattie's mouth hung agape in disbelief as her partner in crime climbed next to her.

"Anyway, hi. I'm Rian. This may be a bit forward and all seeing as we just met and there's a teeny bit of arterial spray in your hair, but you wanna maybe get out of here and ambush an ambush?"

She glanced at the man but didn't say anything. She was too appalled. Also, their mule was clearly about to give up the ghost, and not crashing was her top priority. She stepped on the gas and the mule jerked forward, the momentum tipping it in the opposite direction just enough for her to press on the brakes and bring them to a halt without doing a barrel roll.

Once they had stopped, she pulled her goggles up from her eyes, spat over the edge of the mule -- maybe it was rosemary after all -- and turned to Rian, finally finding the words for what she had just witnessed him do.

"I was supposed to shoot him!"

Underneath the hostility in her voice there was a hint of the petulant but very genuine hurt of a child whose sibling was hogging the console even though it was her turn to play.

"He was mine, I had a score to settle with him, you d- ugh, whatever," she quickly realized the futility of ranting about why he had been wrong to shoot a guy who'd posed an immediate threat to both of their lives. What was done was done. Bret was gone, never to gaze upon her posterior again.

With an exasperated sigh, Mattie reached up to feel the bloody mess on the top of her head. She picked at the dried leaves and lavender blossoms stuck to the warm goop that coated her tangled locks. She didn't mind that the suit was ruined, good riddance, but this stuff was going to be a bitch to get out of her hair later.

Viktor Söderberg

The preacher could not be sure exactly what was going on behind him with his two crewmates, but he was certain that Riot would do her level best to make sure Tabitha was safe. That's all he really needed to set his mind to ease. Or at least, as much ease as it could be in, in this cacophony of a situation. 

After one glance at the man and his attire, the crow began to slowly merge and move toward him like sheep to their shepherd. He felt a twinge of guilt low in his stomach. Using his pastoral position in such a way was surely a sin, but it was one he would have to atone for later. Right now he needed to be the soldier, not the preacher. 

The gathering crowd pushed in on them. The heat of their bodies and the chatter of their murmuring voices crashed in like a wave. He'd gotten their attention sure enough and they were providing not only cover, but an additional distraction to the Alliance officers. What did it say of his character now that he was willing to think of innocent civilians as good cover instead of bystanders who could be hurt or even killed in a firefight? He tried not to think about it too much. They just needed to get out, get safe. Then he could get his head, and his soul, right.

The eager crowd was waiting for his word, the secret he had promised. He gazed at them and hesitated. This was taking it too far. He had made the wrong decision. What could he tell these people, in good faith, as they unknowingly guarded him from his enemies?

Gunshots and chaos broke out, saving Viktor from bearing further false witness here. He ducked as low as his tall frame would allowing, crossing himself. People were running this way and that. Screams echoed off the ships and in his brain. He whirled around pushing through the crowd back to Riot and Tabitha. He was jostled back in the wrong direction from the flow of bodies for a few seconds.

Faintly he heard the Alliance leader, "Don't let them get to their ship!" Her voice was nearly swallowed by all the other sounds of the bedlam, but it was no far stretch to know she was talking about them. 

Viktor could only hope the mayhem could keep the officers busy. He didn't take the time to look back and check. He could see Riot and Tabby now and Riot had eyes to his six. He trusted her to not let some Alliance scum shoot him in the back. 

He stood up a little straighter from his crouching movement feeling ever safer the closer he got to his ship. When he was close enough for them to hear him, he said, "Time to go children!"

He hoped one of the closer two would get his drift and key in the code to open the door.  

Mona Heyerdahl

Useless. Silent. Indecisive.

Not the first thing one would hope came to mind in relation to themselves, but in this particular instance Mona couldn't help but feel it. Keeping the crew together and out of situations like this was her primary job on The Darling and here she was, head swivelin' in the backseat like some confused lamb doesn't know it's off to slaughter. Rian's shots bounced off the heavy plating, causing Mona to drop quick as she could. She muttered to herself about his inherent stupidity, but as she struggled to regain her stature amidst Barnaby's evasive maneuvering she missed the fancy man's chastisement of Rian's method. By the time she stood back up, the newcomer was firing shots of his own - and with Barnaby's sidearm, for some reason. While Arlington's shots rang true to his intent, the way the pursuing vehicle bucked and wobbled filled her with an impending sense of dread not unlike that she got when a new recruit showed a serious lack of firing etiquette and trigger discipline.

"Go se! Both of you quit firing - NOW! The last thing we need is - RIAN!"

Too late. What she first mistook as stupidity she now realized was a rather pronounced and incurable death wish. Rian sprang from The Darling's mule, pouncing upon the pursuers and settling in with a gun drawn on a frazzled blonde who he seemed to instruct to take the controls. Mona could merely blink at the casual ease with which he executed the man he'd wingclipped earlier. The action didn't really shock her, in fact it struck her as oddly familiar. Reminded her of the carefree aptitude with which Holger showed her how to snap a trapped rabbit's neck.

Rian and the blonde seemed to be getting along fine now, and their vehicle seemed less likely to smash any innocent bystanders. Every war had it's unfortunate casualties, of course, but this wasn't war. It was a situation they - she - let get far beyond control. Mona turned from the scene with a scowl and leered toward the scene up ahead as the mule raced along the docks. The crowd parted for them in a rush, Barnaby blaring the horn in an effort to drive them along like so many wide-eyed cattle. Mona snatched Arlo by the shoulder and forced him into his seat. "Sit down!" she commanded, probably just to feel like she had some control over something.

The feeling didn't last long, if it manifest at all. Ahead of her she saw gray coats in the crowd - a collection of Alliance officers, standing between herself and home. The day kept getting better and better, and up to this point she'd done little and less to improve it. Barnaby wasn't getting the load back to the ship if the purplebellies had anything to do with it, and the rest of her family wouldn't be making it home if they remained trapped in that crowd. A memory flashed before her. Helga stitched up Sigurd's lip after he'd involved himself in an exchange of fists over a young woman he knew from school. Mona asked her brother, this one never a fighter, why he'd done it. "Sometimes you've got to do something stupid for the ones you love." Helga jabbed his lip without warning or apology, the stern look in her eyes reminding him of the recklessness of his actions. Both of those lessons stuck with Mona, but as she dropped her guns into the seat beside Arlington she figured in this case Sigurd had the right of it.

"Barnaby! Get them home!" Then she dove from the mule, throwing herself at the first gray coat she could find.
When the battle is lost And the slain ones are chosen The Valkyries will guide us home
We'll heed the final call A call to arms The Valkyries will guide us home
Blind Guardian. "Valkyries"

Thackery Arlington III

The fair-haired woman had been so quiet for most of the hellish ride that Arlo had nearly forgotten she was there, and so it took him entirely off-guard when she suddenly turned on him. The surprise slowed his reactions enough that he couldn't help but be forced into his seat, but he popped back up again like a coiled spring the moment she released him.

"How dare you?!" he demanded indignantly. "I'll have you know that if it weren't for me--" But it was clear she wasn't listening, so Arlo stopped bothering.

"Bumblebee, get them home!" she yelled, or at least Arlo was reasonably certain that's what she'd yelled, moments before she dropped several weapons practically into Arlo's lap -- startling him back into his seat again -- and flung herself off the mule.

"Oh, er... Xièxiè?" Arlo hazarded, picking up the guns. These border-mooners had some of the oddest customs, and he couldn't tell if he was supposed to use them or just save them to return to her later. Then again, he supposed there likely wouldn't be a later for the woman if somebody didn't pull her out of the group of officers she'd just dived into, fists swinging.

Stowing the guns for the moment, he leaned forward and tapped the captain on his shoulder. "Er, Bumblebee, one of your... people... has gone..." He gestured helplessly back at the dogpile that they were rapidly leaving behind in a cloud of dust. "I don't know if that's the usual thing for her, but you may want to see to that."

Barnaby Goodweather

And then there was two, and as unlikely a pair as even Barnaby could have imagined. Not that he had anything against Mr. Arlo, they were barely acquainted, hadn't even had a howdy-do, where-ya-from. But Barnaby wasn't the sort to leave a man marooned, even someone as... Barnaby didn't like to speak ill of anyone, even just in his thoughts, and so, therefore, struggled with how to describe the waistcoated gentleman who shared his mule who had, even without the aforementioned introductions and pleasantries, managed to make a poor impression upon Captain Goodweather. I mean, how hard was the name Goodweather to remember? Sure, Barnaby had flubbed it himself, but he'd corrected the mistake. At least, he was pretty sure he had. Hadn't he? Whatever the case; Barnaby decided upon fancy for Mr. Arlo, and trust that there was a lot of subtext implied therein. Whatever the case, the man had a point.  Barnaby was two crew down and he didn't like it when his folks were scattered.

Rian was gone, and Barnaby had to trust him to take care of himself. "Rian. Rabbit up to the ship. Mona's doing some distractin'."

Mona was gone, and Barnaby had to trust her to take care of herself. "Mona. Be safe."

Barnaby scanned the area ahead of them. The taller buildings were left behind as they neared the docks and he could clearly see the ships all lined up. Crowds of people gathered at the various stalls and kiosks and carts. It was all of that, some Alliance soldiers- some of which he had seen at the same time as Mona, though Barnaby's reaction had been a bit more measured- and about three minutes of driving between them and the Darling. Barnaby had to think fast as he slowed the mule down to a more casual velocity, Alliance soldiers approaching. They seemed preoccupied with members of their rank and file being openly attacked, and so with a lowered visor, Barnaby was able to slip past them mostly unobserved. Now, Barnaby wasn't about to assume that was all of them, and so he knew that their window of opportunity was quickly shuttering.

"Riot. Cargo inbound. Get her opened up. We're comin' in hot." Barnaby turned to his passenger. "Mr. Arlo. If you would fasten your straps. It's about to get bumpy-" He thought about this for a moment. "-Er. Bumpier." Barnaby slammed his foot on the accelerator.

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