Patrick "Tricky" O'Doyle

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Age:  47
Gender:  MALE

Primary Occupation:  CAREER CRIMINAL
Secondary Occupation (optional):  "FINANCIAL CONSULTANT"

Appearance:  Aging quite gracefully, Tricky's appearance is as charming and roguish as ever. With a long, lean frame covered in the mature musculature of a man his age who engages in regular, medium intensity exercise, Patrick still carries himself with the cocksure swagger of a man half his age and exudes twice the confidence in facial expression alone.
Faceclaim:  JON HAMM

Initial Personality:  Self-reliant, self-spoiling, and generally self-centered, Patrick carries himself with an air of practiced aloofness that feeds directly into his overall charm. Loyal to his associates as long as they're useful to him, though there's something to his overall nonchalant behavior that gives the more perceptive of those around him the impression that he views them as expendable.
Underlying Personality:  Assuming he actually possesses that sort of depth, it could be gleaned that Patrick's doubled down on the lifestyle he currently leads because the choices he made as a younger man have cost him the family he envisioned for himself as an adult. It might also be due to this that he tends to view the more permanent members of his crew as a surrogate family of sorts, despite his aloof and seemingly careless behavior. Maybe.

Known History: 
Alliance Criminal Database SEARCH ID. 2552159
Name Searched: Patrick O'Doyle
DOB Searched: 08/07/2471
IDN Searched: 589-88a-54x3-0
Details: Search Parameters Include Blue Sun, Georgia, Kalidasa, Red Sun, White Sun
Records Searched: Felony & Misdemeanor
Completion Date: 02/04/2519 10:16.24
Search Status: RECORD
Case Number 2:15-cr-00000-SPC-MRM-1
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, DOB,
File Date 5/13/2508
Disposition Date 10/20/2508
Additional ID Info Patrick Finn O'Doyle a/k/a 'Tricky' O'Doyle a/k/a Kyle Kirkpatrick
Register Number: 32977-000
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Count 2
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Count 3
Offense Level Felony
Disposition Guilty (Plea Bargain; Condition: Confidential)
Fine C 100,000.00
Probation 60 Months
Prison Time 95 Months Alliance Penal Station Alpha (-35 Months Good Behavior)
Comments Restitution: C 13,756,305

Case Number 2:98-cr-00000-JES-1
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, DOB,
File Date 10/30/2496
Disposition Date 3/26/2498
Additional ID Info Patrick Finn O'Doyle a/k/a Finn Doyle a/k/a Doyle Kelly a/k/a 'Trick' Kelly
Register Number: 32977-000
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Disposition Guilty
Fine C 10,000.00
Probation 36 Months
Prison Time 27 Months Alliance Penal Station Alpha (-9 Months Good Behavior)
Comments Restitution: C 154,041.65

Case Number B-12-053000
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Offense POSSESSION/0-20
Disposition Adjudication Withheld
Case Number B-10-045000
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/7/2493
Disposition Date 10/26/2493
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Offense POSSESSION/0-20
Disposition Adjudication Withheld

Case Number F-04-000000
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 2/27/2491
Disposition Date 7/12/2491
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Disposition GUILTY
Jail Time 287 DAYS
Count 2
Offense Level  Misdemeanor
Disposition GUILTY
Probation 24 Months

Case Number F-03-122660-B
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/9/2489
Disposition Date 7/12/2490
Count 1
Offense Level Felony

Case Number F-04-022000-C
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/9/2488
Disposition Date 7/12/2489
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Other History:  From Recording of Second Parole Hearing 9/19/2516

"Good morning, Mr. Doyle."

"Mornin'. O'Doyle."


"O'Doyle. It's O'Doyle."

"Oh. Suppose it is. At least this time. Mr. O'Doyle... Are you aware of the purpose of our meeting here today?"

"Well. I reckon it's for y'all to decide whether or not I've been a good boy who can go home early."

"Not exactly. The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether, if released, you are likely to break Alliance law once again. While your cooperation with federal officials is being taken into consideration, this is not only your second parole hearing for this sentence but the sentence itself is for your second felony offence. Do you understand what it means if you are convicted of a felony in a court of Alliance law for a third time, Mr. O'Doyle?"

"Reckon it don't mean a state sponsored vacation on Pelorum, or a luxury retirement estate on Bellephoron."

"As flippant as you were at your last hearing, Mr. O'Doyle. If you haven't learned anything since our last meeting then perhaps you have further need for state sponsored rehabilitation."

"Nah, I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous is all. Don't reckon I'm even the same man you saw last time I sat in this here chair."

"No? Then who are you now, Mr. O'Doyle?"

"Hell. Reckon I'm just a boy grew up poorer than dirt on Fiddler's Green. Looked up at the stars at night and counted them rockets flyin' across the sky. Wonderin' what it'd take to get me on one of them. Same boy done learned from his daddy what it took to stretch a credit, and a little more about stretchin' the truth of things. Ha. It's a strange thing, how this all started with a bag of rotten taters."

"Taters? What do potatoes have to do with the path of your life that's led you here?"

"Well, everything, ya ask me. See, not every spud comes up outta the ground fit for bein' baked and plated next to a fancy cut of steak. More often than not, they'll spoil before you even harvest them. Paddy O'Doyle, he had a way of makin' even the most rotten little tuber turn to solid gold. At market, of course. See, what we'd do is we'd take a sack and set this round tube inside. Kinda like a furnace pipe, or some such. Well, we'd throw a few good spuds inside the sack, y'know make sure it felt right and all, and then we'd fill that tube full of the rotten ones. Take the tube out, set a few more good ones on top, tie it off, and off it goes to market."

"I see. So you're saying you learned to con from an early age, then? I'm afraid I don't see what one man does to provide a proper meal for his family has to do with - one, two, three... - thirteen counts of grand larceny?"

"Oh, I don't think we ever had a proper meal."

"Plenty of good potatoes left over, from the sounds of it."

"Nah. We only ever ate the rotten ones."

"So what then, Mr. O'Doyle? You leave the family farm and just decide to lead a life of crime?"

"Oh, no. No, no. I scratched and saved every coin I could until I made my way to Bernadette. Heard that's where you went, you wanted to make your way in the worlds. Heard there was some new water farmin' operation startin' over on Newhall. Thought maybe I'll head out there, make myself a life doin' some honest work."

"We don't show an employment registry for you on Newhall. Doesn't seem you ever made it."

"Nope. Sure didn't. Turned out the crew I joined - think the ship's name was Hellion - weren't exactly honest about the kinda work they were involved in. We found ourselves on the run from Alliance Peacekeepers more often than not, and after a few weeks of not eatin' right me and a few of the boys decided a mutiny was in order. Found ourselves on the losin' side of it, though, and got dumped off on Lilac to fend for ourselves. We stuck together and managed to make it to civilization. Or whatever passes for it on a place like that."

"Ah. And Lilac's where it started."


"Right. You were accused of defrauding the local government with an investment scheme but the evidence in your case disappeared under some rather mysterious circumstances."

"Alleged evidence."

"And from there it was Beaumonde? Attempting to swindle an aging whiskey baron through something called... A "reverse life insurance policy"? How was that supposed to work, exactly?"

"Couldn't begin to tell ya. Way I hear it, that was just a case of mistaken identity."

"So the record shows. It also shows a string of possession charges? Attempting to smuggle an illegal substance?"

"Haha. Reckon smugglin' just wasn't my line of work. But I learned my lesson. Stayed away from that kind of thing for a long time now."

"And do you... Reckon... You'd be willing to stay away from such activity were you to be granted your freedom here today?"

"Oh I reckon so. Y'all been awful nice, puttin' me up like this. But ya don't mind, I don't wanna find myself back here any time soon."

"Well, I suppose that would depend on whether your brazen and braggadocious nature catches the attention of another undercover operative. You remember that, don't you? When you just couldn't stop yourself from impressing a pretty girl with your story of how you got away with lining your pockets with appropriated funds from the Alliance's war coffers? Of course you remember. I didn't mean to embarrass you... So. What will you do?"

"Well. That much I don't really know. If I told you I had a plan now, I'd be lyin'. Maybe I'll go back to them dang ol' taters on Fiddler's Green. Or see if that offer for a new name and a quiet and boring death on Haven is still on the table. Hell, maybe I'll even learn to keep my gorram mouth shut."

Skills and Strengths:  Patrick's used to trouble and has learned how to handle himself in most situations over the years; is difficult to intimidate, mostly due to a belief in his own invincibility despite evidence to the contrary; can hold his own in a fight, but not for long, and has long since developed a preference for avoiding conflict unless completely necessary - likely due to the bullet and stab wounds he's collected over the years, but to be fair most of those came at the hands of vengeful women; years of conning, gambling, hustling, and smuggling have earned Trick an incredible ability at reading people, and his gift for gab has even landed him in profitable, legitimate work on occasion; decades of experience running various criminal enterprises and a short stint as the Commanding Officer of a salvage rig qualify Trick as a solid leader and his personality make him someone people tend to be attracted to and follow, whether it's actually a good idea for them or not;
Weaknesses:  Has made a career out of sounding like he knows what he's talking about instead of actually learning too many applicable skills; Spent as many years alienating friends and family in his early life as he has surrounding himself but the cutthroat and professional disloyal; While possessing a healthy ability to read people, tends to allow those he knows to be of the greatest risk to his own well being fairly close since he needs to be surrounded by people who can actually - y'know - do stuff; Is mostly spoiled by his lifestyle, spending more time at the bar or in a hot tub than at the gym and getting most of his exercise in the bedroom these days; Is near sighted, but doesn't wear glasses because he thinks they make him look like kind of a dork.


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A wardrobe of classic cut suits, various high end watches including a miniature Cortex pad, lucky poker chip, expensive leather shoes imported from the more loosely regulated animal cloning facilities on border planets, silver cigarillo case, a hold out pistol, and the finest mustache in the known 'Verse. Patrick lost the lip whiskers sometime between being paroled and establishing himself on D.S.S. Iscariot.

On the job, Patrick is known to keep a disguise kit including make-up and alternate clothing and some specialized burglary equipment including tactical turtlenecks and climber's tools.
And in the city it's a pity 'cause we just can't hide
Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

- RUN-DMC "It's Tricky"


Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
And in the city it's a pity 'cause we just can't hide
Tinted windows don't mean nothin', they know who's inside

- RUN-DMC "It's Tricky"

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