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Pele Kesher

Age:  30
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Grifter/Ringer
Secondary Occupation:  "Retired" companion

Appearance:  Pele used to be a registered companion, and her demeanor still shows traces of that special brand of charm and poise which can only be achieved through years of training. When it comes to her personal style, however, she has traded the flowing companion gowns for form-fitting pants and tops, and keeps her hairstyle natural. She likes to have freedom of movement in her clothes, but always puts a lot of effort into her appearance and makes sure to look good even when she's dressing down. Just because things are about to turn ugly doesn't mean she has to.
Faceclaim:  Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Initial Personality:  Pele can be completely irresistible at the flick of a switch – after all, it's what she went to school for. These days she can't be bothered with keeping her companion charm turned on all the time, so her real personality has the chance to shine more. She's a natural social butterfly, but highly opinionated and armed with a sharp tongue. She's happy to mingle and flirt with people who get on her good side, but she doesn't take crap from anybody and hates losing an argument. She's also as core-bred as they come: highly sophisticated, with a tendency to snobbery.
Underlying Personality:  Pele's temper runs hot, but most of her tantrums blow over just as quickly as they begin. As a former companion, she's good at reading people, but that doesn't mean she's good at taking their feelings into account. She could be a good listener if she wanted to, it just that she resents having spent her youth pleasing others, and thinks it's high time she focuses on herself. Pele never got to go through the usual teenage motions of rebellion and self-discovery, and is only now getting around to that. She secretly worries about aging and finding her place in a verse that has so far only valued her for her feminine charms, but she's much too proud to reveal this vulnerable side to anybody.

Known History:  Born on November 26th, 2488 on Sihnon.
Parents: Bernard and Aurora Kesher.
No siblings.

Those familiar with Sihnon's upper class circles may have heard Pele's name come up. The Kesher family are old money and prominent patrons of the local companion house. It should come as no surprise, then, that their only daughter Pele pursued a career as a registered companion herself. More surprising is the fact that she left the guild in 2512 for reasons unknown.

After that, Pele moved to Londinum, where she became a fixture in high society events. She proceeded to date several wealthy men, most of them considerably older than her. She eventually got engaged to notorious multimillionaire Cecil Soavi, who is rumored to have connections to the crime world and allegedly owes his fortune to illegal endeavors. He has never actually been convicted of anything; whether this is because he's skilled at covering his tracks, or simply generously bribing the feds to turn a blind eye to his activities, changes depending on who's telling the story.

Other History:  Pele grew up in a gilded cage. Her parents were socialites who were too preoccupied with networking and fancy parties to spend time with their daughter. They were, however, more than willing to pile exceedingly high expectations on her shoulders. Since the Keshers were patrons of the local companion house, it made sense to send their daughter to be raised by them, and so Pele started her companion training at a young age. There were times when she yearned for a more carefree lifestyle, but she pulled through because of her sheer stubbornness and, well – the sad fact was that she didn't have any real ambitions or dreams of her own, so she might as well do what her parents thought was the best for her.

After graduation, Pele spent some time in the local companion house before boarding Ianthea, a companion ship which traveled between the core worlds. She was good at her job... until the day she just decided she'd had enough of it. While Pele herself would tell you she retired out of her free will, the truth is that she was quietly kicked out of the Guild after a fellow crew member caught her stealing from a client – and it wasn't her first time doing it, either. Even though she only has herself to blame for being blacklisted, Pele harbors bad blood towards the Guild to this day.

When the Companion's Guild disowned Pele, so did her parents, but she couldn't care less about the family fortune at this point. She had already set her eyes on the new prize: rich gentlemen looking for some arm candy to accompany them to fancy events. She had numerous romantic entanglements over the following years, all of them short-lived, until she met Cecil Soavi. There was genuine chemistry and even affection between the two, and their fling blossomed into a proper relationship, culminating in an engagement.

What they said about Soavi's business operations was true: he did, indeed, have many ties to the criminal underworld. Pele didn't mind initially; in fact, she found it exciting. However, she eventually realized she didn't want to get tangled up in his dirty business, especially since she was often sidelined and expected to look pretty while her husband-to-be called all the shots. If she was going to be bad, she wanted to be bad on her own terms, and so one day she packed her belongings and took off without a word – but not before helping herself to a hefty alimony from Cecil's bank account.

In hindsight, that last move probably wasn't such a good idea.

Skills and Strengths:  Pele went through companion training, and has the skillset to match. She excelled in physical activities, her favorites being archery and fencing. She also performed well in arts, choosing to specialize in the erhu as her musical instrumental. Academics were her weakest area, but she did well enough to pass the high bar set by the Guild. It should be noted that many of her skills are a little rusty, since she hasn't practiced her trade in years. The art of seduction, however, is pretty much hard-wired into her system, as is the psychological insight that a companion possesses.
Weaknesses:  Pele is no fighter outside of a formal fencing duel with clear rules. Spaceships and their inner workings are a (deeply uncompelling) mystery to her. While she's generally good at assessing people, she's prejudiced against rim worlders and people of low social standing, which can color her judgment of them. Aside from her brush with organized crime through her fiancé Cecil, she's led a very cushy life and isn't wholly prepared for the dangers that await in the black. Combine that with her impulsive, risk-seeking behavior, and you've quite the volatile cocktail in your hands.

Pele Kesher


Expensive clothes and accessories, a couple of extravagant outfits from her companion days, a .380 ACP pocket pistol, a stash of stolen credits

Pele Kesher

Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):

Pele Kesher

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