Martin "Mad Marty" Miller

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Martin "Mad Marty" Miller

Age:  30
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Pilot/wheelman
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gunhand
Appearance:  Marty looks a few years younger than his age, partly due to his shorter stature. Neither tall or imposing, his jawline and golden brown hair, and bright smile make him almost dashingly handsome. Of mostly British and celtic lineage, his skin complexion is not quite pale but he has to use a lot of sunscreen at the beach.

His five foot nine inch frame is well maintained by a decent amount of musculature, cultivated from years of push ups and mandatory weight lifting. He usually sports jeans or cargo pants and whatever t-shirt was clean that day, and usually can't be separated from his black motorcycle jacket unless they're in the equatorial region of the planet they're visiting.
Faceclaim:  Taron Egerton

Initial Personality:  Some men are driven by a vast web of motivations. Some spend their entire life just looking for what gets them out of bed in the morning. Marty has never had that problem. From the moment he saw a clip of a daredevil jumping the great Yiangyin gorge on the cortex when he was seven, there was nothing but clarity for him. Marty wanted to drive. He wanted to soar through the air. He wanted to take risks. A safe life would never be for him.

Much of what defines him is punctuated by his inhibition. Equally quick to joke, flirt, and fight, his somewhat protected early life has given him something of an air of self-perceived invincibility. While he is loyal to the friends he makes, he is much more inclined to be a social butterfly, and the moment he gets to a new world it's hard to keep him away from anywhere he might be able to intermingle with the locals. Whether that meant finding someplace he can bet one some unlicensed fights, black market parts for the mule, or maybe find some female companionship.

But most of all, Marty prides himself on just being a fun chap to be around. He lives in the moment, and for the moment, and his energy can be infectious. It's not just his bravery and mischievous side that makes him charismatic, one can tell he truly enjoys getting a laugh and making those around him happy.
Underlying Personality:  Not a shy man, his gregarious and charming nature can betray something of a need to be liked, to play to the crowd, and maybe fill a void left by the cold familial environment he came from. A man who missed his shot at his dream-job, the melancholy leaks out occasionally in his black humor, and aversion to speaking long about his time in the film industry.

While he is loyal to those who earn it, the young man usually has prepared himself either mentally, or on practical levels, for betrayal, or a sudden turn in fortune. His inclination to run towards risk at full speed can run in the face of sensibility, and practicality. There is a chip on his shoulder, and something to prove. His aversion to living a prescribed lifestyle can bring him to pointless acts of rebellion, probably still trying to get one over on mum and dad.

Known History: 
*2489* Born to Eliza and Stanley Miller on Dyton. Both Alliance Naval officers.
*2501* Suspended from the Dyton junior military academy due to disciplinary issues that have since been redacted.
*2507* Graduates Dyton technical school with honors, and qualifications in a variety of heavy and light terrestrial vehicle operation.
 - Enrolls in the Alliance Officer training academy the same year.
*2510* Miller is expelled from the Alliance academy on Ariel. Related records redacted.
 - He then joins the Alliance Marine Reserves. He is transferred to orbital assault-Tank pilot training after basic training. Graduates top of his class and with commendations from his training officer. Though, there are more redacted disciplinary notes.
 - The armistice is signed, ending the Unification war. Corporal Miller is honorably discharged as his unit itself is disbanded upon the surrender of Independent forces.
*2512* Miller the civilian is hired by a Dynaco construction company to drive earth moving equipment.
*2513* Martin is arrested for reckless use of a terrestrial vehicle. No charges are filed after a night in the Dyton City lockup.
*2517* Martin begins officially working for Londinium based Nova Productions as a personal driver.
*2518* His first and last credit as a stuntman, he tragically killed the film's star in a heavily shrouded accident. No charges are filed but Miller's career as a stuntman ends, as do all official records of employment.
Other History:  Marin "Marty" or "Mad Marty" Miller was born the last of his siblings, and as fate would have it, was the runt of the litter. To four sisters and two brothers, he was the baby. He rebelled like he was the middle child. He could never be stronger, faster, or even smarter than his siblings. But he could raise more hell.

So it was military academies from the start for Martin. They thought they'd march it out of him. But he always found a way to wriggle out of their grasp for almost ceremonial displays of non-compliance. The penultimate being when he somehow personally commandeered the rugby team's shuttle and landed it upside down on the parade-grounds with a peace symbol spray painted across it. 

But the elder Millers were now both high ranking officers and pulled strings to keep him in the clutches of the military. He joins the Orbital Assault Tank program. The new vehicles are fully capable space vehicles, but were meant to be hovering tank weapons once they landed on the ground. Corporal Miller quickly rose in the ranks, and nearly destroyed several training vehicles attempting "experimental" orbital entry maneuvers and participated in an unsanctioned use of training vehicles for an orbital race that ended with his opponent miscalculating and sending himself hurtling off into the black with no fuel. A hasty rescue was necessitated and his temporary demotion from Lt to Corporal was made permanent.

Just as he got the news he wouldn't lead a tank crew, but only pilot for one, sirens rang out across the barracks. Not for an emergency, but for celebration. The armistice had been signed. The bloodshed was over. And the Alliance had no reason to make Martin Miller stick around anymore.

The unit shut down, Marty struck out quickly and with reckless abandon into working construction back home. Unable to totally run from his dreams of being a professional stunt pilot and driver, he'd skip work for early to go run laps, or skim technical manual for different ships or land based vehicles while he was driving his routes moving giant piles of dirt from point A to point B. He couldn't take it anymore eventually and quit.

In a "borrowed" Alliance fed crew's APC, he shot a demo reel of his driving abilities and sent it to any contact information for production companies in every known part of the universe he could find. Within a year he was working as a driver and occasional "fixer" in Londinium. Mitch Landis, the producer who took a chance on him ran him through a few grueling months paying his dues. Proving his reliability, before he finally gave him work as a stuntman. He did a whole slew of uncredited motion capture work, and operated the camera crew's vehicle during some hairy action sequences.

Finally, Marty the driver became "Mad Marty" the stuntman. His old nickname from the Tank training program was emblazoned upon his helmet as he operated one yet again, this time for a war film glamorizing the Alliance victory. The film's star, eager to perform his own stunts, ran far ahead of his mark during an action sequence in which Marty needed to land his tank at a specific spot, and a specific time, as re-shooting the sequence meant getting him on a booster ship that can get him back to orbit to try again. He hit his mark perfectly. Unfortunately the actor who so desperately wanted to impress the stuntmen found himself bounding into the precise landing zone where his vehicle was to impact with the impact roughly comparable to a bomb going off. It was not an open casket ceremony.

It wasn't his fault. It really wasn't. They still had to fire him to save face with the family and the studio. Fault or not, you don't run over the 26th century's Tom Cruise and keep your job. Mad Marty was now "Government Benefits" Marty. In line for an interview to extend his unemployment benefits, a man recognized him from his demo reel. He was a former producer who was just there that day to pick up some checks as part of a larger pension scam he was running.

Mad Marty was given a cortex IP to send an encrypted message to. He knew a guy who needed a driver and a pilot. Seeing as he was both and not averse to danger, there was this other guy putting together a crew for a bank job out in the rim. Thus ended the career of Mad Marty the pensioner, and began the misadventures of Mad Marty: Wheelman.

Skills and Strengths:  Marty is just about one of the best terrestrial pilots/drivers you'll find in the criminal underworld. As soon as his feet could reach the pedals, he's been finding his way behind the wheel, or at the flight controls of a ship at every opportunity. His training in the Alliance and his first-hand experience is mostly with terrestrial vehicles, so he's more of a wheelman than a pilot, but they made sure to drill the basics of of space-flight into him. He'll get you from A to B in the black, but you'll never catch him planet-side. Daring and with something to prove, he'd fly his ship through the sun if somebody bet he couldn't.

Nearly making it all the way through the officer's academy and his training with the Orbital Assault Corps, he was taught the basics of how to use firearms, and some unarmed combat techniques, but that was never really his thing.
Weaknesses:  Brave, and fool-hearty to a fault, it can be a liability as well. He's nearly killed himself doing stunts on dares and spent more than his fair share of time in the hospital from many of his "experiments" he's liable to get himself killed if he ever starts to lose sight of his own luck and skill. As soon as Miller was out of the service, he never touched a weapon and only got in a boozey scrape or two since those days. Totally untested in combat and no training in the intervening years, you're probably better off with someone who's fired a weapon in anger leading the charge.

Martin Miller

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- One old fashioned set of physical keys to a 1969 Mustang with a small modification to carry his RFID for activating the Empress's flight controls and the Mule's engine.
- One customized bullpup style personal defense weapon. (
- Two matching black 45 calibre magazine fed pistols.
- A worn set of leather driving gloves.
- A lightly padded and kevlar lined motorcycle jacket from his stunt-man days.

Martin Miller

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