Johann Krüger

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Johann Krüger
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Age:  54
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Smuggler
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Profiteer

Appearance:  Average of height and build and appearance, Johann would tell you that is all by design. The last thing a man in his line of work wants is to be noticed. That being said, he has a sort of peculiar style about him, with a mustacheless beard and high and tight haircut. Tattoos from his more careless youth cross various points on his body, and a few brands that indicate those younger days taught him a few lessons about getting caught.
Faceclaim:  Andy Serkis

Initial Personality:  Cold and calculating with equal parts boisterous and brash, Johann has many contradictions. The one thing that is sure is that he knows he's good at what he does, and being good at his job requires you to be a bit of a bastard. He doesn't care about your feelings or the consequences of his actions as long as it doesn't affect his number one priority. His payday.
Underlying Personality:  What you see is what you get, however, the depth to which his ruthlessness will go is bottomless. There are two types of people in the 'Verse, as far as he is concerned. Those that are useful to him, and those that aren't. And he has no time whatsoever for those that aren't. As long as you're useful, he'll remain loyal (or what passes for loyalty for a thief like him). He responds well to strong leadership, but will grab an opportunity if a vacuum presents itself.

Known History:  Born: 2464. Santo
Parents: Unknown
Academic records: None
Occupational Record:
-2479. Crown Gate Casino, Santo. Floor worker.
-2483. Crown Gate Casino, Santo. Floor manager.
-2487. Indigo Dragon Resort and Casino, Santo. CFO/CEO/COO
-2505-2511. Listed as primary shareholder in Krutech Industries, LLC. 
Criminal Record: Wanted for multiple counts of Extortion, Assault, Larceny, Grand Theft, and Attempted Murder. Also wanted for questioning in regard to ongoing War Profiteering investigation.
Arrest Record:
-2482. Sentenced to 3-5 Years in Alliance Penal Station Alpha. Released after 18 Months for Good behavior.
-2485. Sentenced to 6-10 Years in Alliance Penal Station Alpha. Released after 27 Months for Good behavior.
-2488. Brought in for questioning on Santo in regard to an racketeering investigation involved with the Indigo Dragon Resort and Casino. No charges filed.
-2490. Arrested on Bellerophon with charges of Extortion, Larceny, Grand Theft, Impersonating an Alliance Government Official, and Fraud. Charges Dropped.
-2498. Arrested for Drunk and Disorderly, released on Bail. Charges dropped.
-2506. Kruger's name is Watch Listed as being involved in smuggling and war profiteering, though official charges and warrants are never filed due to lack of evidence.
-2518. Abruptly pops back up onto Interpol radar after a conspicuously extended absence.
Other History:  Raised by the grime and the neon lights of the Den of Sin itself, Santo, Johann Kruger never knew a life with parents or family. A street rat since before he could remember, the first few years of his life are entirely unknown to him. He took up with a street gang of other orphans and, due to his small size, he developed a large, strong personality to protect himself against those that might have mistaken him as week. It wasn't long until he was the ringleader of their little band, organizing pick pocketing schemes and bullying other orphans and weak willed adults to give him protection money.

His first real job was at the Crown Gate Casino, and it wasn't because he needed the money. The floor boss, a mafia connected man by the name of Santino, caught on to Johann's schemes and recruited him to work on the casino floor, fleecing drunk gamblers and breaking into their hotel rooms. And while Johann may have thought that he had come up with the idea of organized crime all by himself, it was during this time that he got his true lessons in that art.

At the age of 18 he did his first stretch of hard jail time after an Interpol sting of the Crown Gate. He didn't inform on his bosses, so the Feds sent him away. He was released for good behavior and rewarded handsomely by his bosses when he got back with a promotion and a crew of his own. It happened again a few years later, and he served his time like a good little soldier. But when he returned after the harder, longer sentence, Johann had some demands of his superiors. Put him in charge of his own Casino. Make it worth his while and he would never get caught again.

Johann made good on on that promise. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the organization wasn't so lucky. A multi division task force among the Alliance Military, Interpol, and Planetary Police brought down the entire operation. Most of the higher ups were able to get off with limited to no charges, (money thrown liberally at law enforcement and judges will do that), Johann included, but it ruined them in the process. Johann was forced to strike out on his own, which at that point in his life he was more than fine with.

It didn't go well at first. Without his mafia connections, Johann was forced to trade on his own expertise, of which he had plenty, but also rely upon his winning personality, which needed a little work. He was used to being little more than a thug, a blunt instrument to the larger organization, who did what he was told and did it well and with at least some panache. But he hadn't had to scheme in many years. Since his days of picking pockets. On Bellerophon, he assembled a crew, ran a job, and nearly got away with it if not for a simple, but very crucial mistake at the last minute.

After that, Johann lent his skills in more traditional ways, most often as a right hand man to the guy with the plan. And it was profitable for him. For several years he had no run-ins with the law and was able to make a fair living. And then he was betrayed and left as the fall man after a particular scheme. Johann was forced to get himself arrested in order to prevent the betrayers from killing him. It was a foolhardy scheme, on his part, but he was desperate and it afforded him the opportunity to get them back. He informed upon the entire scheme and the rest of the team served extended sentences where he did not.

A lifetime of misadventures followed, always on one end of a scheme or another, usually followed by extended run ins with the law, though he had an almost supernatural ability to escape from conviction. When the war started, like many folks who aren't burdened by convictions or morality, Johann saw it as a business opportunity and got into the weapon smuggling and war profiteering game. This period, while devastating to much of the 'Verse and its occupants, was especially lucrative for Kruger. He ended up on a lot of lists, some to his favor, some not, and by war's end he was a go-to for those on both sides of the conflict, as well as Interpol. This provided for a lot of heat and as hostilities ceased, he knew that being scarce for a time might be to his favor.

So he arranged to be arrested by an Interpol Detective on the take, under an assumed alias, and served 24 months on an Alliance Penal Colony. Unfortunately for him, the Detective turned the tables on him and Johann wound up serving seven years. But he was out of the public eye and heat died down on his true name and he knew he'd walk out after his sentence with something of a clean slate. Unfortunately that also meant the modest empire he had built would be gone, but Johann was an optimistic opportunist.

Inside, he met a new friend and business partner, Patrick O'Doyle, and the two decided that, once they were settled on the outside, they'd get back to doing what they did best.

Skills and Strengths:  A skilled manipulator and schemer, Johann has always relied on his his ability to make others do what he wants, whether by coercion or intimidation. A lifetime of living just out of reach of the law has left him with practical skills such as basic piloting, cortex use and manipulation, weapons knowledge and use, and brawling style combat and fighting (he's no martial artist but he can more than handle himself physically).
Weaknesses:  Prideful and arrogant, Johann has a tendency to let his mouth write checks his body can't necessarily cash and he's ambitious to a fault, with eyes that are bigger than his stomach even in situations outside of a buffet line. He's brash and prone to mistakes, even despite intricate plans and recipes. He's useless with an engine, in fact most crafts one would do with their hands has never interested him. An honest day's work is just not for him, which has made him a highly recognizable and wanted man.

Johann Krüger

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Johann travels light, though always well prepared. Some sort of sidearm, he isn't particular about what kind though he does tend to prefer something automatic with an extended magazine. A bladed weapon or two wouldn't be a strange find, were someone to turn out his pockets, as well as a multi-tool designed specifically for the sort of person who likes to go where they aren't allowed. Customized cortex unit, encrypted by a now dead hacker so that only Johann can access it, complete with his list of underworld contacts and associates, as well as a digital ledger of his business ventures. 

Johann Krüger

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