Bolin Babylon

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Bolin Babylon

Age:  26
Gender:  Gender Fluid

Primary Occupation:  Travelor
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Former Companion
Tertiary Occupation (secret):  Contract Killer
Equipment:  Bolin lives in the moment and has no real desire for long-lasting possessions. That being said, they are usually equipped with weapons and equipment that best fits the needs of their current assignment.

Appearance:  With legs almost as long as their cheekbones, Bolin is tall and slender and would be described as beautiful to anyone who saw them. Dark hair with a style that changes more than their mood, and even darker eyes that read a person's soul with a glance, there are many who have fallen in love with that face. A strong sense of fashion coupled with a carefree apathy to appearance is equal parts bewildering and intoxicating.
Faceclaim:  Ezra Miller

Initial Personality:  Aloof and alluring, Bolin carries themselves like men and women want to be them and both men and women want to be with them. Trained in the art of companionship and seduction, Bolin can be charming or cruel as the situation requires. They are a purposeful enigma designed to confound you.
Underlying Personality:  Alone, they are without anchor. For too long they have wandered, always being told what to do, never doing what they would rather. It is a lonely life and it has worn on poor Bolin. There are no morals, there is only the job. There is no family, there is only the job. There is no love, no comfort, no support, no joy.

Known History: 
Born: 2493, Sihnon as Lucien Alexandre d'Eaubonne
Parents: Manon Françoise d'Eaubonne of the Companion Guild and Lord Peter Linsey of Londinium.
Guild History:
-2404-2410 Apprentice Companion under Madame Tāo.
-2410-2413 Registered Companion.

Cortex History:

-Various Tabloid style articles that begin, chronologically, with asking who this new Companion is with so and so celebrity, and progress to articles that seem more concerned with who Bolin is dating.

-High Fashion Cortex-zines discussing Bolin's designer choice for seasonal galas and the like.

-More recently articles seem to focus on the "Where are they now?" variety, with random sightings etc.

Other History:  Bolin Babylon, born Lucien Alexandre d'Eaubonne, had a happy, loving childhood. Though their parents never married, their mother being a Registered Guild Companion, Bolin was none-the-less raised wanting for nothing. It was assumed and agreed upon by mother and father that Lucien would enter training as a Companion when the time was right. Technically a bastard, Lucien would not be eligible to inherit the name and title of Lord Linsey, and thus a life as a Companion would afford comfort, stability, and honor to the child.

So, at the age of 12, Lucien was put into the tutelage of Madame Tāo, a renowned teacher. After a period of six years, Lucien graduated with top marks and entered service in the Companion Guild, and they were good at it, gaining a reputation as a rising star in what is normally considered a humble and inauspicious calling.

Eventually, Lucien adopted a new identity, one that which felt more appropriate to the person they had always felt inside, neither male nor female, but instead what might be described as the best of both; Bolin (a portmanteau of d'Eaubonne and Linsey) Babylon was born. Their fame and reputation grew, and with it, a new type of clientele. People with immense power, immeasurable wealth, and insatiable appetites.

And enemies.

One such enemy offered Bolin an unsanctioned proposal, outside of Guild regulations. Ten-million credits to kill a client. And whether it was avarice or simply boredom, Bolin accepted.

Of course, the Guild found out. There was some question about whether Bolin would simply be disappeared by the Guild, though nothing has yet come of that, particularly while Manon Françoise still lives. So, rather than risk their reputation, Bolin was simply blacklisted, asked to leave and to never return.

But that was fine with Bolin. They had a new calling.

Skills and Strengths:  All the training and benefits of a born-and-bred Core Worlder and a Guild-trained Companion, including academics, etiquette, athletics, fine combative arts (sword play, martial arts, sport shooting), fashion and style knowledge, as well as seduction and, by proxy, subterfuge. Bolin is also what you might call a "Power User" of the Cortex, lacking the skills and subtlety of a hacker, they are nonetheless very adept at using the everyday functions of The Signal.
Weaknesses:  While physically an impressive specimen, Bolin is not really a fighter. Even though they have taken to killing for money, it is not through brute force or combat that they achieve their goal. Piloting skills is casual at best, small shuttles and planetary vehicles, though Bolin hasn't actually done any traveling without some kind of chauffeur in some time. Mechanics and Medicine could not possibly rank lower on things that Bolin thinks or cares about. They are fussy and fastidious, to a fault, and a lack of empathy can make them difficult to know or like.


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