Xiǎodāo Zhāng (小刀 张)

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Xiǎodāo Zhāng (小刀 张)
Player: Lomari

Age:  21

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Tech Specialist

Secondary Occupation:  Crime

Appearance:  Her body is lithe and agile, all thin muscles and long limbs. She's often been compared to a snake in the way she's built and the way she moves, undulating and twisting upon herself. Seen sporting long straight maroon hair with bangs cut sharply at her eyebrows, she has small features and big eyes.

Face Claim:  Rila Fukushima

Initial Personality:  X is quiet and conservative off the stage and in the presence of her parents or the public. She speaks little and seems to fade into the background, her eyes often times downcast and her hands clasped demurely. She is easy going and amicable, and bends with the wind, making compromises easily and following the will of those around her.

Underlying Personality:  Away from prying eyes, when she can be herself, she is full of spunk, sass, and spirit. Laughing easily, she takes things seriously but always finds something funny in most situations. In stark contrast to her public appearance, she's been known to dye her hair, wear trendy, second-hand clothing, and roll with the wrong crowd. She is a mischievous troublemaker through and through, a repressed and frustrated child rebelling against her circumstances.

Known History:  Cortex Search 张小刀 |


Found 张小刀 English: Zhāng Xiǎodāo
Birthdate: 2498
Birthplace: Pelorum, White Sun System
Mother: 张百合 English: Zhāng Bǎihé
Father: 张强度  English: Zhāng Qiángdù.
Education: Private tutelage.
Employment: 飞虎杂技团 English: Fēi Hǔ Zájì Tuán


List Criminal Record|


2514 - Vandalism. Resisting Arrest.
Sentenced to 1 month in juvenile detention.
2516 - Breaking and Entering. Eluding. Resisting Arrest.
Plea deal for community service and house arrest.

Other History:  From a young age, X's life plan was laid out before her in vivid, excruciating detail. Every step, every path, every choice had been taken out of her hands and set to paper by parents who thought they knew best for a child they knew nothing about. At a young age she was placed in the Fēi Hǔ Zájì Tuán, (Flying Tiger Acrobatic Troupe) alongside her mother and father. Based on Pelorum, a resort planet for the rich and famous, X grew up 'wealthy', disciplined, and repressed.

Her family appeared wealthy to the average onlooker, wearing a couple fashionable ensembles while under the public eye and between shows. Her mother was glamorous and her father steadfast. Growing up, X was dressed up like a doll for photos, presentations, meetings with potential clients, and well to do parties. At home, life was simple. Clothes were taken care of, kept clean and repaired for several years and X rarely received new things. After every event, her fancy clothes were washed, pressed, and put away in preparation for the next event. She grew up eating only during scheduled meals and asking for nothing from her parents. Almost all of their time was spent rehearsing, practicing, learning, and performing. When X had time to herself, she was left home alone to fend for herself while her parents promoted their troupe in the hopes of more engagements and higher pay.

X never complained, doing as she was told, playing the perfect child, but inside she was screaming. She needed attention, affection, and fun. There was no way she'd find that with her troupe, so she looked elsewhere. Everywhere has an underbelly, a dark side, especially when the residents and visitors were exorbitantly wealthy. At first, X was invited to personal parties and get togethers as a novelty, but soon, she became a regular part of the rebellious, illicit youth underground. They vandalized resorts, moved drugs, broke into high end hotel rooms just to see if they could, and raced vehicles handed over to valets. Her new group of 'friends' used X's abilities and flexibility to get into just about anywhere, and one secret boyfriend in particular taught her how to play with, create, and break into most current tech toys and systems.

Through her boyfriend, who happened to be the son of a very influential Core World Baron, X found her way into more complicated adventures. And soon after, she started getting a cut from every job. Breaking and entering, cracking systems, giggling her way into tricky situations and generally making a mess, she earned a place in the Contact List of Crime.

Early into her adulthood, after a performance with her Troupe and on the tail end of a job she was working with her boyfriend, she was approached by one dashing 'Trick' and his intimidating sidekick Kruger looking to borrow her talents for a much more interesting heist. She had a choice then, stay and be stuck in the same cycle with the same people, for the rest of her boring life. Or leave and find out what other ventures awaited her out in the 'Verse. Suffice it to say, she no longer has a boyfriend.

Skills and Strengths:  Due to the rigorous training with the Troupe, X is remarkably adept at contortion, acrobatics, sword play, balance, and all things required to put on a good show to the paying customer. These skills, of course, could be used for more nefarious purposes but X is a good girl and why would you even insinuate otherwise? She's quite adept at cooking for herself with minimal ingredients and working with what she has. Lying was a tricky skill to obtain but after practicing it for a while, she's become quite skilled at playing dumb and/or innocent.

Weaknesses:  Brute strength has never been X's forte. She's never been able to properly engage in a fist fight, despite her best attempts to do so. Guns are meaningless to her. While she's versed in sword play, she never picked up the art of gun showmanship. Driving is still something she's been learning with her friends, but piloting any space faring craft of any sort would surely end in a fantastic explosion and the death of any crew to allow her to try it. She's never been good at dealing with letting someone down, being shouted at, or put under any sort of spotlight. Most of the time she will find herself wildly depressed and might even cry.


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Ropes of varying thickness and material.
Several skin-tight unitards.
Katana and Wakizashi, worn and well-used.
One elaborate black Kimono and one gold and black Cheongsam, clearly only used for special occasions.
Data pad.
Pocket tool kit.
Two handmade dolls.


Medical Records


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