Aditional Craft

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The Sunfury is a solidly built fighter designed to carry a heavy payload. It features removable ordinance pods can support a variety of missiles or bombs to fit different mission profiles. They can also be swapped out for fuel & oxygen tanks to greatly extend the craft's range. Three pairs of high caliber slug throwers (typically loaded with high-explosive, armor piecing shells) mounted in the nose, to either side of the cockpit, and one on each wingtip round out the Sunfuy's armaments.

The cockpit can be reconfigured for either one or two crew - depending on the mission. The standard cockpit configuration has two seats, though not all missions will call for a crew of two. Behind the cockpit is a small amount of additional empty space. If the cockpit is configured for a crew of two then this is simply a small storage area. If, however, only a single seat is in the cockpit then this space plus the space vacated by the second seat combine to form a tiny cabin - just high enough to sit up and long enough lie down in. Standard equipment includes a sleeping pad, a small food locker, and a rather awkward toiletry device. These amenities, when coupled with extended fuel tanks, allows the Sunfury to make very long range patrols or extended recon missions.
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