Barnaby Goodweather

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Barnaby Goodweather
Player: noseatbelts

Age:  53
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Captain of the Transport Ship "The Darling"
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Smuggler

Appearance:  Tall and barrel chested, Barnaby has an imposing silhouette, But then you see that "aw shucks" grin, kind blue eyes, and a face creased with laughter lines and you realize that he's more teddy than grizzly. His clothing is simple and practical, though with his wide brimmed, tan felt hat and neck kerchief, he accidentally strikes a dapper figure. Wild curly hair and a generally clean shaven face completes his look, though he's been known to grow a beard or mustache when the fancy strikes him.
Faceclaim:  John C. Reilly

Initial Personality:  Barnaby is a good natured fella with a heart of gold and a pragmatic way of looking at the world. He's quick with a smile and a helping hand and can seem like an easily manipulatable rube, but he just likes leading a simple life without grudges. "Enemies ain't profitable." As his pappy was fond of saying.
Underlying Personality:  His benevolent disposition aside, Barnaby is a cunning businessman who knows every in and out of the 'verse. He doesn't suffer fools or braggarts, and is fiercely loyal to those that have earned his trust. But there's no deep dark secret in his heart, which he wears openly on his sleeve. Barnaby is a good man who aims to take care of he and his by any means necessary.

Known History: 
Born: 2465 on board the ship Darling Francine (commonly referred to as The Darling)
Parents: Jeremiah and Francine Goodweather (both deceased)
Siblings: Ignacious "Nate" Goodweather (MIA War of Unification, presumed dead.)
-Anna-Maria Goodweather (née Iglesias) (Deceased)
-Tamara Erasmus (Divorced)
-Autumn Crocus (Annulled, assumed pseudonym)
-Geraldine Potter (Falsified, never legally married)
Academic records: none
Occupational records: Listed as crew hand on The Darling Francine since 2466. Took over as Acting Captain in 2499. Ownership was transferred to his name in 2510.
Military Records: His ship was commandeered periodically by Alliance forces to assist in supply runs.
Criminal Record:
-2490 Darling Francine and all crew was held by Alliance blockade and charged with illegal smuggling. Charges were dropped.
-2499 Darling Francine was briefly impounded after an extended altercation that included the members of two other ships, 八十八 (the 88) and The Vaquero, both of which were indicted, and Alliance vessel IAV Lancaster. Darling Francine was listed as a bystander and released.
-2511 Captain Goodweather was questioned regarding the hedonistic cult Acolytes of Aristuppus, who were wanted in connection to theft and lewd behavior.
Other History:  Jeremiah Goodweather saved his money. He worked long and hard on board other men's ships so he could one day buy his own. There were many pitfalls and false starts, but he never gave up hope. He called this dream freedom and wouldn't give it up. During this time he met a young lass by the name of Francine, and they quickly and passionately fell in love. Jerry, as he liked his friends to call him, would refer to the week in which he finally got his ship (which he named for his beloved wife) and Francine announced she was pregnant as his Emancipation. His first son, Barnaby, was born early the next year and became The Darling Francine's first official crew member.

Barnaby grew up with grating beneath his feet, going planetside often but only for short periods of time. His younger brother, Ignacious, was born, economically, ten years after him and once they each got to a certain age, they were fast friends. The Goodweathers were happy, but by no means wealthy. They made ends meet, sometimes literally in that a large portion of their hauling came from passengers going from A to B. As with most vessels of their type, the Darling Francine also did its fair share of smuggling, the legality of which was sometimes questionable but when it came to providing for his family, Jeremiah was never particular.

When Barnaby was nearly twenty years old, he met Anna-Maria. A long time crew member and friend of his father, Jorge Iglesias, brought his wife and daughters on board during one extended furlough on Paquin. The eldest, Anna-Maria, immediately caught his eye and they began courting almost immediately. Married soon after, she joined the crew as much as she joined the family. Tragically, she was killed a year later due to a malfunction in the fuel line. Through a series of incredible circumstances, the engine room was engulfed in flame with her and her father inside, though her efforts saved Barnaby and the rest of the ship.

What resulted was a series of ill-fated attempts to recapture the love that he felt for Anna-Maria, including one con-woman who discovered that owning his own ship didn't make Barnaby a wealthy man, a federal agent using Barnaby to get close to his fugitive first mate, and one amicable divorce from a hard to know but otherwise lovely woman.

For nearly forty years, Jeremiah captained the Darling Francine and many adventures were had, but in 2499 there was one adventure too many for the old man. Hired to smuggle some goods, the Darling Francine was to deliver these to another ship, The Vaquero. While unloading, another ship, The 88, swooped in to steal the shipment. An extended standoff ensued, with threats, and gunfights, and damage to all of the ships as none of the three would give up. Finally, the conflict attracted the attention of an Alliance cruiser, in which all surviving crew members of each craft were held and questioned. The goods in question were confiscated and, while the Darling Francine was cleared of any wrong doing, despite the illegality of the goods themselves, they missed out on a very important payday.

Jeremiah could take no more. He announced his retirement and gave command of his ship to Barnaby, taking a more advisory position on board. Barnaby, who considered it his birthright, could not have been more excited. He had worked his way up to XO over the previous forty years, and considered himself ready for the challenge. And things were good, for a time.

When the war broke out, Ignacious enlisted. While the rest of the family didn't want to see him go, he could not be dissuaded. He was listed as Missing in Action and presumed dead several years later. During the war, the Darling Francine, being a ship without any outstanding warrants, was commandeered on several occasions to assist with Alliance supply runs. Barnaby, who didn't want trouble with the Alliance, agreed each time, and, besides, it was a paying job, no matter how small. One such run, unbeknownst to the ship, was a shipment of chemical agents. One of the cannisters leaked and made the crew very sick. The resulting illness killed both of his parents, who were quite elderly at the time.

Since then, as sole owner and captain of the ship, Barnaby has tried his best to stay out of trouble and do the work that needs doing to keep his boat flying, which he shortened to "The Darling" out of respect for his mother's passing, but also because "owning and sleeping in a boat with the same name as Ma is just kinda weird."

Skills and Strengths:  Barnaby knows the Darling backwards and forwards. So he can pilot, mechanic, and crew her better than just about anyone. He's a sociable guy with a big heart, and his manners never fail him. He's fair with a gun and in a fight in general, but would rather go the other way if it can be helped.
Weaknesses:  Outside the metal walls of his beloved ship, Barnaby is not nearly as capable as he is in the Black. He calls it his land legs, but there's something about being dirtside that leaves him a little off (he also met ¾ of his wives with ground beneath his boots, which is a whole thing on its own). Otherwise, his good nature can be easy to trick and he doesn't hold much in the way of grudges or ambition, so even though a lot of his smuggling is of suspect legality, he makes for a terrible criminal.

Barnaby Goodweather


When off of his ship, Barnaby carries with him a travel satchel with short range coms to the ship, coretx reader, and personal, paper journal. His sidearm of choice, which he wears cross holstered, is an old Webley mk. IX, modified from its original design with a custom grip. Everything else he needs is on his ship, and he doesn't leave it often.
Dialogue Color - LightBlue

Barnaby Goodweather

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