Rian Carpenter

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Rian Carpenter

Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Security/Gunhand
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Cook

Appearance:  Rian is not out of central casting for his line of work. He's not particularly tall, not particularly imposing or menacing. He retains a boy-ish handsomeness despite his age. He is more wirey and thin than muscular but the muscle he has is very functional. Earned in a life spent working with his hands and his fists.

He keeps his dark brown/black hair tidy and short, his light brown/hazel eyes can be oddly piercing when you look close. He bears more than a few small scars scattered across his arms and legs from life in the mines and a few larger knife scars on his chest and arms from his time fighting.

He often is dressed slightly more formally than his compatriots. Shirt and tie with a gun strapped to his waist is his most comfortable attire. But as of late, work and life bouncing from ship to ship has him usually clad in basic black pants, and t-shirt and his waist length black jacket, just long enough to cover his holster.
Faceclaim:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Initial Personality:  At first impressions he always comes off reserved. Even laconic at times. He usually doesn't open with a joke but he might make a dry quip to cut the tension or make an important point land the right way. He exudes a certain feeling of calm and thoughtfulness that makes you think that even if he has almost nothing to say, there's a lot going on behind his eyes and he chooses his few words wisely.

His intelligence and levelheadedness comes through quickly and are likely his most ingratiating qualities. He quietly resents his line of work and that subtle feeling of being above it all does come through sometimes. Not in that he feels he's superior, he'd just rather have been born on another world where he could have been an artist or an intellectual, but somehow found himself wandering the 'verse with a couple guns and a spatula.

One the job he stays in the right gear, focused. He's not prone to small talk, even when it might be helpful with a client or trying to sweet talk his way out of trouble. When dealing with his superiors he makes a point to take a deferential but firm tone. He states his opinion once, and repeats it only if he thinks it means life or death. It takes a great deal of prodding to rile to him to anger but it can be explosive and take you by surprise if he's pushed past his limits. This is a part of himself he's never cared for and does his best to suppress, and only the unlucky few have seen it.

Underlying Personality:  When you get past his almost stoic exterior, there's a fiercely intelligent and charming man. When he relaxes he has a big smile and an infectious laugh. He cares deeply about his fellow man for somebody who sometimes kills them for money. It's a conflicted worldview where he sees himself as the perpetual and embittered populist, stealing from the rich and vile to often still have to share a cut with the criminal rich and vile. His loyalty to his immediate crew-members supersedes that to any captain or higher authority figures and it can show at times, sometimes to the chagrin of those that employ him.

He's a man who's had to leave all he once knew behind and hasn't formed too many bonds out in the black, but to the few friends he's made along the way so far, he has an undeniable "ride or die" attitude. Even though he's had one or two stab him in the back along the way. He'd never admit it, but his underlying need to belong to something is what led him to looking for a long-term assignment on a ship's crew. Maybe with a small band of compatriots, he might finally find someplace to call home again.

Known History:  2481 - In a small mining town on a small mining planet (Regina), Dolores Carpenter died giving birth to a child she never planned on bearing. Within days he went missing, snatched from his crib by his own father. Notorious thief, highwayman, and stoney eyed killer: Jimmy Russo. He files false adoption reports listing the boy as his adopted son. Not his kidnapped natural heir.

2505 - Jimmy Russo retires as the leader of the not-so-creatively named Russo Gang. It's a big enough deal it makes a few cortex headlines at the time when he cashed in his many decades of ill gotten gains, for a mine on his son's planet of birth: Regina. Most of the planet was spoken for, and their mine once written off, but he had brand new equipment from the core nobody else could compete with, and he found deep deposits of rare earth minerals and platinum. All vital for the technology their little 'verse ran on. He went from crook to magnate nearly overnight.

2511 - The workers at Russo mine start agitating for medical coverage and access to stores he doesn't own. He borrowed straight out of a playbook from centuries past but out in the rim, nobody was really gonna step in and stop him. Rian was sent in with what once was his gang, but was now a prod crew, and the local "sheriffs" (more hired goons) to end a "riot" others called a lively protest. What wasn't up to debate was the 7 people that died in the ensuing confrontation

2513 - Rian Russo officially ends his employment with Russo inc. He promptly is voted in as the President of the Regina Miner's Coalition. But again, the senior Russo prevailed, no unions were formed, no concessions given. Those who didn't like the term's of employment were strongly advised to find new employment. After they finished working off any debt.

2514 - Rian Russo disappears from official records, and Rian Carpenter seemingly rises from the dead, his credentials being scanned at the space-port of Regina. He accrues a sizeable medical debt at the nearest way-station. The attending physician flags his file for Alliance review as his story didn't pass the smell test and his wounds looked like he'd been in one hell of a fight but its dismissed by local law enforcement.

2515 - Rian Carpenter is interrogated in the investigation of a robbery on a small mining outpost on St Albans. He is released after several weeks having divulged no information and them failing to find any further evidence. Rian's lawyer, curiously, disappears the same year after being retained by Russo inc.

2517 - He is questioned again while working as cook aboard a ferry that ran between Jiangyin and the core after it is robbed and despite listing his primary occupation as "security consultant" on identity papers.

Other History:  2495 - Rian tries to express his desire to become a famous chef and start his own restaurant. The conversation ends before he can finish talking about how much he loves to cook. His father quickly points to it as being one of his "more feminine talents" and not worth the time he put into it. Food was for sustenance. Useful men are to make change in the world and take what they want from it. Taking time to feed others was anathema and the conversation never arose again.

2499 - Rian "Russo" kills a man for the first time. His father put the gun in his hand, tied the man to the chair, and played a tune into the man's skull with his fists until he felt it was time for Rian to put the man out of his misery and earn his stripes. Rian didn't sleep for 2 days. This day would come to haunt him as the day his life took an irreversible turn. Any ideas he had of what man he may become went out the window. His father had decided it, and it was his judgement that the world needed more men like him out there to separate the weak from the strong, the quick from the slow, the smart and the dead.

2500 - Rian joins the family business, no longer just riding along or watching, he helps with crowd control during a train robbery. They make off with 10 tonnes of component material for mining explosives, feed and protein mash.  A mighty bounty for their crew. Dad didn't need to know he let several panicking children out a side-door and hide under the train 'til they left.

2503 - Rian becomes the defacto right hand to his father after planning the long con of a bank in a small town called "Promise". The most well secured facility on the whole planet, they first hijacked the empty truck they sent to pick up the weekly deposits, and then showed up, for a month, impersonating a new security team and even making fake drops at the space-port. Nobody caught on until the widow of one of the security guards started petitioning the company at higher levels for her husband's pension.

2510 - Rian secretly weds one of his father's employees. Rian and Maya Carpenter try and quietly start a family on a house just outside town, but the double life catches up with them quickly. His father catches on and her low simmer of a case of Bowden's malady got worse quick. Russo sr refuses to bring in doctor's from off-planet or at least help send her to specialists in the core.

2512 - Maya Carpenter dies of Bowden's Malady. She is laid to rest at a small ceremony attended by five people.

2513 - Rian puts behind his years of quiet protest, and subtle attempts at comeuppance. He starts openly recruiting his father's labor force to rise up once again and demand better treatment. It took some convincing, many could well remember what happened in the short years before. Rian made it seem like this time something was on their side, and maybe fate would deal them a better hand. They were all wrong. Protests didn't work. Work stoppages didn't work. Sabotage didn't work. And last, armed insurrection didn't work. Dozens died, and Rian Russo forever tarnished his name at home. To the miners he was a false prophet. A snake oil salesmen selling miracles and bringing nothing but pain.

2514 - No longer able to bear facing those he'd failed, and the father he'd betrayed, he took the last pocket full of coin he had to get a ticket off world, and with his original identity papers in tow, he had an opportunity for a fresh start. He could be unburdened of who he'd been and what he'd fail to be. He wasn't in love with the idea of running with thieves and crooks, but a man with no official history and no official educational history, he was certifiably unemployable.

2515 - While he didn't like being a crook, it turned out he was still pretty good at it. It turns out being handy with a gun, a knack for planning heists, and being able to make something edible out of cultured protein rations, white rice and whatever is leftover in the pantry got him a few short term jobs aboard a few ships. Most flew on the wrong side of the law, but they finished their jobs and got paid. He usually moved on once they completed a score. Not wanting to risk his luck with any one particular bunch for too long. He learns this lesson quickly after being detained right after his first successfully planned job. Rian didn't like spending all his newly gained funds on legal counsel, but it sure as hell beat staying in that god-damn space station packed in with child molesters and other criminals he found outside his own code of ethics. He was a crook and a thug but at least he only took from those that had plenty and didn't deserve it, and only put down those that'd harm him or at least had it comin'.

2516 - Rian finally got his first job as a chef. Under the table on a ship manned mostly by trigger happy ex-alliance that liked running jobs that varied from violent and messy to even worse, it was a short lived arrangement. He took an escape pod off their ship while a rival crew assaulted then ransacked it with a large sealed up container of that night's dinner. They hadn't paid him for weeks and they were alliance so... them's the breaks.

2517 - He takes up with a new crew aboard "The Falconer". Yeah, he thought it was a weird name too. The captain was really into birds, and books about birds. To the point he brought birds up in conversations about other things. It wasn't the main reason he didn't make it past his year contract serving in a duel role as cook and head of security. But the 45 minute conversation about the different types of sea-gull certainly didn't help keep him there. The next shipp he took employ with was again robbed, but this time he was purely the cook, and paid meagerly for it. He had a pistol tucked away under his shirt, but the stickup crew that boarded their ship at port made it away safe and sound. One of his few official entries on his employment record and a it didn't exactly come with any glowing references.

2518 - Rian is now in between jobs, hitching rides from planet to planet trading meager coin or edible food for the transport. He's looking for a change. He'd prefer an honest job, but a man with his shadowy past and an uncertain future can't be turning up his nose at anything if the pays fair.
Skills and Strengths:  Smart as whip. Mostly home-schooled and minimally at that, he reads voraciously and relishes learning something new. He might fail a standardized test, he knows his business, and he knows it well.
Skilled in armed combat, he's been in more gunfights than he has classrooms and he comports himself accordingly in the field of battle. Calm, measured, and able to emotionally detach himself, he is a force to be reckoned with a long gun. He's all right with a pistol, but he prefers to keep some distance between himself and those looking to end him.
If he'd been born son to another father, or maybe if he'd run off as a child, he could have been the best cook in town, maybe even run its most popular restaurant. But fate didn't deal him that hand. He's only been able to refine this talent in his spare time, and rarely with the actual ingredients in his recipes. A man has to make with with what he's got, and thankfully he's a talented improviser.

Weaknesses:  Minimal formal education: While he's got oodles of "on the job training" and practical experience as the member of a notorious gang, leader of an equally notorious "security team" he's got little familiarity with military tactics and little discipline to put up with what those in the military have been trained to endure. He has years of cooking cultured protein and fake vegetables under his belt, he may well find himself daunted by trying to cook with proper ingredients or trying to prepare food for those of higher station and more refined palettes.
He doesn't know a damn thing about how the human body works other than where food goes in, where it goes out, and what you use the bits down south for. If there's a medical emergency he'll try and put a bandage on it and then wait for somebody who knows what the hell they're doing to help
Do not ask him to fly. Really. Don't even bring it up. It really embarrasses him how bad of a pilot he is. You're better off turning off the auto-pilot and aiming for an asteroid, at least that way you know it will be a quick death.

Rian Carpenter


A semi-automatic rifle with a collapsible stock and short-range sight, a standard issue unification war era Alliance Officer's Pistol, a digital assistant/com link, a worn old tri-fold wallet, a small fold-out pocket knife, and a chef's journal full of recipes. He brings an ammo crate full of cooking knives, and a few cooking utensils from ship to ship. 

Rian Carpenter

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