Tabitha Haemish

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Tabitha Haemish
Player: Lomari

Age:  27

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Medic

Secondary Occupation:  Holistic Healing/Metaphysical

Appearance:  Tabitha has bright golden hair in naturally occurring curls that she often does nothing about. Her eyes are a changing hazel, shifting between a deep olive and a lighter green. She stands at an adorable 5'2'' and is slender from life out in the Black. She is almost always seen wearing the absolute least fashionable ensembles to have ever been arranged on a person. Mismatched clothing layered onto a small body, pieces worn because each one is deemed pretty to the woman although none of them go together.

Face Claim:  Mia Wasikowska

Initial Personality:  Tabitha is a whimsical sort of magical creature who seems to interact with the human world in short bursts. Always ready to laugh, have fun, and lend a hand, she is a whirlwind of positive energy and joy. Personal space is a bubble whose existence she is unaware of and has been known to hold hands with strangers. She is always ready and willing to give more of herself than there is and to put everything she has into her endeavors.

Underlying Personality:  Guilt and the fear of failure plague her dreams. With such a compassionate and empathetic heart, failure in her field of employment means letting down someone she's sworn to protect or save and she has a hard time forgiving herself for losing patients or finding herself unable to cure their ills. When she's alone, she sometimes cries for those she's lost, and hopes to save more to atone for her failings.

Known History:  Born: 2492 on Athens.
Parents: Bartholomew Haemish and Marianne Larson.
Siblings: Emily Haemish (younger by 7 years), Jeremy Haemish (older by 5 years).
Spouses: None
Academic records: General schooling at Athens. Further medical schooling/apprenticeships on Athens.
Occupational records: Urgent care nurse, local midwife, traveling medic.
Military Records: None
Criminal Record: None

Other History:  Tabby lived a very simple and wholesome life with her parents and siblings on Athens. They made enough money to be reasonably comfortable and she never knew hunger or hardship. Her parents were well respected in the community as healers and in her mother's case, as a 'witch'. Not to say she had any special powers, but when a woman comes to heal your son's fever with chants, waved smoking sage and an herbal remedy she prepared herself, people tended to assume she was a witch. Her older brother found a joy for working with his hands and took on apprenticeships with local carpenters and masons while her younger sister assisted the town's clothing makers and fabric manufacturers while Tabitha herself followed in her parent's healing footsteps.

While she was never classically trained on any Core planets, Tabitha learned her craft through apprenticeships and hands-on situational education, picking up both traditional medicinal procedure as well as the more out of this world and naturally focused healing that typically blooms from life away from modern technology and futuristic civilization.

Tabitha was eventually hired on by the Captain of The Darling during a particularly nasty illness that had been wreaking havoc aboard his ship, with unknown cause. She wasn't a fancy Core doctor, but she was educated and well-liked by her peers and would do just fine. Tabby did her best, but in the end she was only able to successfully cure the younger crew members of his ship, ultimately failing at saving his elderly parents. All she could do was make their passing comfortable and served as what essentially became a live-in caretaker for the couple. Upon their passing, Tabitha meant to leave the ship, feeling she'd failed it and its crew, but was instead hired on by its new owner and current Captain.

Skills and Strengths:  Very medically inclined, even if she doesn't know the technical term for what everything is called. Can read and write. Has been known to be acceptable in the kitchen. Knowledge of holistic medicine rivals that of her official medical knowledge. Can carry a basic tune and use a sewing kit.

Weaknesses:  Has no piloting, mechanical, or martial skills or knowledge. Can shoot a gun, if it's light enough and her target isn't moving. Can throw a blade if no one minds where it ends up.

Tabitha Haemish


Basic Medical Kit.
Tons of New Age tools.
Prayer Flags/Maps.
Crystals/Crystal Balls/Cloth Tablecloths.
Dialogue Color: Pink

Tabitha Haemish

Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
Dialogue Color: Pink

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