Caden Wan

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Name: Caden Wan
Age:  30
Gender:  Male

Occupation:  Writer
Secondary:  Millionaire heir

Appearance:  Caden stands at 6'2", tall and slim, with dark brown hair and light green eyes. He has refined features and a soft, flawless complexion that immediately betrays the fact that he's as core-bred as they come and hasn't done an honest day's work in his life. He's very pale, sometimes to the point of looking unwell. He puts great care in his appearance and wears expensive cologne, and his dress sense is that of casual elegance: the man loves his suits and vests, but he may roll up his shirt sleeves or leave the top buttons unbuttoned. Sometimes he dons a paper umbrella when he has to spend a long period of time out in the sun.
PlayBy Name:Matthew Goode
Equipment:  • Top of the line laptop and datapad
• Medication
• Painkillers
• Cigarettes
• .25 pocket pistol
• Books
• Oil-paper umbrella
• Clothes, toiletries, other personal junk

Initial Personality:  Caden is something of a modern-day dandy, stylish and nonchalant. He seems to operate on two basic modes: completely disinterested or vaguely amused. He floats above the lesser beings around him, observing his surroundings with what appears to be a patronizing curiosity. He's very deliberate with his words and has a dry sense of humor which he uses to keep other people at an arm's length. He can, however, also be very charming when he wants to. He has a history of womanizing and decadence, and while he's calmed down from his wilder days, old habits die hard.
Underlying Personality:  Caden is a man who's lived his life like there's no tomorrow, only to find that it might be all too true in his case: he's been diagnosed with an incurable disease that severely cuts down his life expectancy even when properly treated. He keeps this illness a secret. He's decided it's best for everyone if he doesn't get too attached to other people and merely observes the world from the sidelines without taking an active part in it – which is easier said than done. He gets lonely, but would rather not admit it to himself, let alone others. He likes to play up his haughty rich boy persona in order to get a rise out of other people and gauge their reactions, but in reality he's well aware of what an incredibly privileged life he's led. He enjoys reading, philosophizing and writing, but is very critical of his own work.

Known History:  Born Caden Wan III on Londinium, October 31st, 2488.
Parents: Caden Wan Jr. and Isla Wan (née Driscoll)
He has two younger siblings, the fraternal twins Alistair and Aster, born in 2494.

Caden Wan III was born the heir to the Wan Luxury Hotels empire, founded by his grandfather Caden Wan Sr. It was initially based on Londinium, but the chain now has firm footing on other core worlds as well, and Unification has opened even more new expansion opportunities, allowing them to start building hotels on select border worlds. The company's stocks have been on the rise over the past decade, and business is doing better than ever.

None of this is thanks to Caden Wan III himself, who's only ever been known for his wild parties and scandalous affairs. He's made a name for himself as the black sheep of the family, and the Londinium tabloids love – or love to hate, in some cases – him for that. It's a well known fact in the business circles that his younger siblings, Alistair and Aster Wan, are the ones actually running the Wan Luxury Hotels with their father. Caden is the heir in name only, and perhaps in the amount of expendable income he has in his hands.

In 2515 he unexpectedly got engaged to soprano and socialite Sonia Deriviere, whom he had been dating for a little over a year, and a little less than a year later the couple called the wedding off just as suddenly as they'd announced it. The reason behind their separation was never officially disclosed to the press. Rumored reasons ranged from a dispute over the Wan family fortune to speculations of Caden's sexuality.

Soon after the incident, Caden stopped giving interviews and gradually shrunk away from the public eye. Eventually the tabloids forgot about him, finding other, fresher celebrities to focus on.

Other History:  Caden has always been a disappointment to his parents. Then again, their expectations were set incredibly high from the word go, and even as a child Caden was never quite able to fulfill all of them. It wasn't for lack of trying, at least not initially. By his late teens, however, he was rapidly losing interest in pleasing his family. He grew rebellious, indulging in a decadent lifestyle that shocked his parents, but titillated the public. While the younger, more business-oriented twins started taking more and more responsibility for the hotel chain, the official heir was squandering his share of the family fortune into extravagant parties, booze and women.

Things changed when Caden was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that hadn't manifested until his mid-twenties. The progression of the illness could be slowed down with medication, but it was clear he wasn't going to live to a ripe old age. The diagnosis sent Caden into a shock, but also made him reflect on his lifestyle so far. He broke off his engagement to Sonia, an engagement that had been a bit of a sham in the first place, a result of pressure from his parents and environment.

The Wan family pride was wounded by their eldest son's malady, which they saw as a blemish on the otherwise pristine image they'd built of the Wan bloodline. His parents and siblings did all in their power to sweep the matter under the carpet and not let the press get a whiff of it, and Caden didn't object: he had no intention of using his condition to gain fame, which would only be based on pity or schadenfreude anyway. Instead, he retreated from the spotlight, suddenly disgusted with himself and the way he'd been spending his youth.

After getting over his worst bout of depression and making a truce with his situation, Caden decided to set out into the black and see the verse – not the verse he knew, which was occupied by rich socialites, but the Rim, where people struggled and suffered and faced real hardships. He wishes to write about his travels and the things he witnesses and dreams of eventually publishing said writings and leaving his mark on the world.

Skills:  Caden's parents gave him an upbringing fit for a well-bred core gentleman, including academics, fencing and horseback riding. He's familiar with core etiquette and knows his way around fancy balls and parties. He's also an all-around smooth talker and his charisma can work wonders on certain people. His family is well-connected on the core, although not all of their acquaintances are fond of Caden in particular. He can handle a gun and has done some target practice, but is no gunslinger material. He's a writer, but how good of a one remains to be seen. Last but not least, he's filthy rich.

Weaknesses:  Because of his illness, Caden is physically rather frail. Despite his medication, he suffers from an assortment of symptoms, most prominently fatigue, weakness and photosensitivity; excessive sun exposure can cause his symptoms to flare up. It doesn't help matters that he's a smoker. His illness works in flares and remissions: on some days he feels better than on others. He's not familiar with ships and generally lacks a skill set that would be directly useful in the black. He can come across as conceited and condescending, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose to provoke people for his amusement. Either way it doesn't make him the most endearing personality to deal with. He's a complete tourist on the rim and doesn't have any actual experience with how things work out there.

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