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Started by Joakim Soong, September 08, 2018, 06:54:24 am

Joakim Soong

Jo might have been flustered by the way Melody crouched and stared up at him like some curious blue-eyed woodland critter, if it weren't for the fact that the gears in his head were now in full rotation and he wasn't really registering his surroundings, or fully paying attention to what she was saying. Instead of meeting her gaze, he stared vacantly somewhere around her collarbone area -- or more accurately through it, into the vast distance of his own thoughts. Then he got up from his chair abruptly.

"Well, I suppose the first thing you need me to do is to track down this ship," he began as he started to pace around the room. He wasn't nervous per se, there was just suddenly all this extra energy buzzing through him, and it was making it difficult to communicate his thoughts if he wasn't moving. "Find a way to keep tabs on it. And then there's the actual theft part -- I suppose you'll need me for that as well. Forging some ownership records wouldn't be a bad idea. It's not going to be foolproof because I'm sure the Alliance's going to be keeping close tabs on a nice ship like that if it goes missing, but hey, might come handy in a pinch with a careless bureaucrat--"

He suddenly remembered Melody mentioning something about wanting a concrete answer, stopped on his tracks and turned to look at her.

"Sure, I'll do it, but I do have one condition," he said. "I want the names of everyone involved in this operation. For background checks."

Anticipating a protest from her, he quickly continued: "It's not just for my benefit, you know. I wouldn't want any moles compromising your mission. Would you?"

He stared her down with a look that told her there wasn't really much room for negotiation. He knew his worth. He reached out his hand for a handshake.

"Do we have a deal, Ms Turner?"


There was a silence that hung between them when she'd finished speaking, and although Melody wasn't known for patience and considerate behavior, she gave it her best shot and let him ponder all that she'd said and think over what she'd put on the table. Still, she couldn't help her brow from twitching with the effort it took not to get up and invade his personal space to speed this along.

She grunted when he stood suddenly, the pilot standing as well and crossing her arms over her chest, struggling to keep still and let him go on his thought journey. Instead, Mel curtly nodded her chin downward as he listed off the things that she'd need him to do, her gaze narrowed as she watched him with barely contained annoyance, her lips pursed into a firm line.

Another almost startled grunt echoed in her throat when he turned to face her mid-sentence, her body rocking back on its heels just a bit in instinctual preparation for a fight.

"Sure, I'll do it," he began and one corner of her lips looked as though it might begin to creep upward into some semblance of a pleased smile. Then he continued: "but I do have one condition. I want the names of everyone involved in this operation," he added. Melody opened her lips to protest, pausing when he clarified, "For background checks."

The pilot rolled her eyes and shook her head once before turning around to glare at the wall in thought. "It's not just for my benefit, you know. I wouldn't want any moles compromising your mission. Would you?" he asked and she had to glare at him over her shoulder. He was frustrating when he made good points... An uncomfortable sensation slithered down her spine and she rolled her shoulders back to try to rid herself of it. When that didn't work, Mel turned back to the tech genius and cocked her hip to the side, her chin lifting so she could look down her nose at him.

She looked his face over, recognized the expression, and raised a brow in what might have been pleasant surprise. Mel hadn't been sure if he could put his foot down about anything or If he was as flighty as his constant pacing had just made him appear. Then again, she was judging him harshly because he was about to get what he wanted and that irritated Melody. With a sharp exhale, her hand extended to grab his and shake it once, a little harder than she needed to before turning toward the door. "I'll send you the names, I should have them finalized tomorrow night," she agreed, glancing back at him when she'd reached the door, "Welcome to the crew, Jo," she said, grinning impishly.
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